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Netrider at Work (and other frolics of your own)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by JtS, Jun 22, 2007.

  1. NIL: When I'm at work, I'm 100% focussed on the job at hand.

  2. VERY LITTLE: Only on coffee/lunch breaks.

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  3. MODERATE: I've been known to surf the net now and then

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  4. HEAVY: I hate it when work interferes with Netrider!

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  1. Apologies if this has been done before in the recent past.

    What's the 'Netrider Effect' on the economy?

    Do you leave the site open for most of the day, or come back when you have a coffee/lunch break?

    Find yourself Google-ing whatever comes to mind?

    :shock: I'm scared to comment!

    In my role, I have hours/day/weeks of absolute bedlam...followed by long periods of surfing the net.[/b]
  2. I try and keep up with Netrider and news.com.au thoughout the day, although in my present role in IT support for the NSW Education Department, Netrider is usually blocked, so access is flaky at best.
  3. at least i am home today so i can respond truthfully without any risk of the work filters finding out.

  4. Being in IT support, you should (easily) know how to work around that block, which it is easy to do my friend :grin:

    With me, I get paid, umm around $50Kish a year "to sit at home" (it's 740/wk after tax whatever that works out to be) by the T.A.C. Albeit it is a lot less than I was earning at work (50%ish) but the attraction of not having to "work for the man" is great. I can't see myself having (so far) 10 months off paid holiday even through I kinda can't move my right arm and in pain 24/7 and therefore needing lotsa pain meds for my medium to heavy severe pain I suffer from. heh

    So, I guess I can say I work at home and have full control over the network which I usually do anyway when I (did) work. \o/

    :deal: is far less exciting as :biker: for a day to day "work life" ;)
  5. I don't have a problem with the NSW Education Dep't filters in my IT office... usually because i go around the proxy :LOL:
  6. none cause i don't have a computer at work and i'm outside on two wheels :cool:
  7. its a panacea for my addiction.. :roll:
  8. Hi am new to netrider but work from home and am on the computer a fair bit at the moment- about 4-6 hours every day. Am pretty disciplined re work - it helps that I love what i do -but some days check in a few times as I can access a diverse array of stuff from trivial lighhearted crap to some interesting technical stuff and get some querys answered. I'll check in on this site when I'm having a break which is pretty much when I've finished what I'm doing or feeling a bit brain dead and need diversional therapy. I'm still at a stage where I just cannt get enough info re bikes and riding - sometimes my business partner looks worried about my new interest - but then actually so do most of my friends!! Cheers twid
  9. I have the sort of job where I'm either totally flat out with not enough time in the day (about 4 days a week on average) or it's totally dead and I'm twiddling my thumbs (or browsing the web to fill in the dead time after I've caught up with my work).
  10. I always knew that we were a lot more civilised than NSW... :LOL: :p
  11. Who are the 2 liars so far that said "Nil"? :LOL: :p
  12. :LOL: +1

    Perhaps I should have added another option:

    *#@*@: I would if I could, but I can't, so I don't.
  13. I give it a fair nudge at work.. :grin:
  14. it is too hard to post & drive. i have tried though.....so 100% work for me :grin:
  15. No access to internet, but definately not 100% work.
  16. until i quit, i worked outside all day, had a lunch and morning tea break. and tat was a room with a fridge a microwave and a table and chairs. so no netrider at work.
  17. None for me...I'm flat out while at work....people always seem to want to eat :LOL: (rude bastards :LOL: )
  18. I have limited internet access at work
    so unfortunately I cant
    BUT if i could I would have it open all day

    now flex days are a different story.... I love flex days

  19. I run construction sites and the computer is always on!
    I hate it when work gets in the way :twisted: :LOL: :LOL: