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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by incitatus, Nov 24, 2005.

  1. In my time on this forum I have been fortunate in having access to some pretty specialized knowledge. I now know a great deal more about chemistry, metallurgy, progressive rock, the manipulation of gas mixtures, interstate road rules, insurance, radar, lasers, etc, etc, (not that I knew much about these to start with). It occurs to me that we have a pretty good mix of expertise on this forum that encompasses and goes well beyond, motorcycles.

    I am interested to know where some of this knowledge comes from. I suspect we have some members with pretty diverse and interesting expertise to tap into when the need arises. How about a ‘who does what thread’? Strictly voluntary of course, as some people understandably just want to keep themselves to themselves. I don’t just mean old farts like myself with long careers behind them either, but youngsters just starting out as well. My stepson is an apprentice bricklayer and I am amazed at what I have learnt from him already. I’ll kick off myself and see who bites.

    I have a confusing sort of working life which divides into three distinct areas.

    1. I still fly charter aircraft when the opportunity arises, to keep my skills (and ratings) current. This constitutes about 25% of my time.

    2. I give flying instruction. Not so much these days ‘ab-initio’ training, but tail-wheel endorsements, type conversions, and aerobatic training. This too constitutes about 25% of my time.

    3. I am the Chairman of a group of companies comprising a licensed telecommunications provider with a 155MB STM1 microwave backbone, seven small ISP’s specializing in secure networks for large corporate clients and the mining and TV industries, two data centers, and a producer of multimedia for museums and art galleries. This is the other 50% of my time. I should add that my expertise here is largely managerial, not technical, although I do have a reasonable ‘executive overview’ level of technical knowledge.

    Ok, that me, any more takers?
  2. Once I finished school I was put on full time in a bottle shop I had been working at for about 2 and a half years. I then got sick of working weekends and gained an apprenticeship as an electrician.

    I had been installing car stereos since about 1999 so this was my motivation to get into the industry. After 9 months of shlt money and being treated like shlt :evil: I gave it in. Had some cool jobs though like installing poker machines, video roulette and security cameras at the casino and working on the new adelaide airport terminal.

    While on the apprenticeship I was offered a trainee position in the Government which I accepted as I was sick of the apprenticeship by that time. This lasted nearly a year until I won my current position still with the government in accounts.

    Now I am bored shltless and I spend most of my days looking at Netrider. Currently applying for my bosses old job as a district office manager 8) Fingers crossed :D
  3. I worked at one of the biggest security wholesalers in Aus and around the world as the melb storeman for about 7 months out of school.

    I then went overseas to visit an old friend for a month, unfortunately wasn't able to keep my job. Now i'm back working casual at safeway.

    hoping to get into some sort of construction/building management course next year.. does anyone do project management that can offer me a traineeship ? :D
  4. Ye Gods, Inci, you make us seem boring by comparison!

    I work in marketing and promotion in an IT company in Sydney. I have been in the IT industry full-time since 1990.

    Before that I was at once or concurrently a professional chef, a pastor of several independent churches, a speedway promotions officer and track announcer, free-lance motor-racing photographer, club-based motorcycle racing promoter, speedway journalist, Army Chef, labourer, student, blah blah blah etc.

    Along the way I had the huge good fortune to marry Mrs Hornet in 1973 and father two wonderful children, one now 26 and still living at home (don't ask about her ROOM) and my son, married last year and living nearby.

    I got back into riding bikes (although I maintained my interest right through) in March this year, after a 20 year break (read above, do the maths!!!) and have found Netrider to be an endless source of edification, amazement and amusement.

    I'd like to thank God, and my mum and my budgie Bruce and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  5. Boring! you gotta be kidding, I'd kill to have done some of that stuff.
  6. You are very kind, sir :D
  7. I doubt that I've mentioned this before, but I have a masters degree in chemistry. Currently I am doing freelance work on designing a drug that will cure humans of their fear of dying. Work is slow, but I think I've made some progress. When you take this pill you will no longer fear death, and I think that it will be a great selling product. Clinical trials will begin soon, so if you would like to participate, please e-mail naked pictures of yourself, or if you are male, a naked photo of your girlfriend or wife will suffice.
  8. DuHAST do you need any help with those clinical trials? :D
  9. So, let's get this straight; it doesn't do anything about the actual DYING bit, just the fear thereof???

    You didn't happen to consult to Zaphod Beeblebrox for his Peril-Sensitive Sunglasses, did you, by any chance? :LOL:
  10. what if i wear a bra and panties? will that suffice?
  11. Let's see, I completed an Honours Degree in Metallurgy, spent a couple of summers working as a mineral processing plant operator, also worked part time at a flour mill. After finishing Uni spent a couple of years as an R&D Food Technologist, now currently working on a PhD in Metallurgy.
    Edit: Oh should also probably add I spent a month working as an exploration Geologist too.
  12. Have been out of high school for approx ten years.

    Went straight to uni and started a Commerce degree which after to years got put on hold so I could go live in the US and play softball on scholarship for a few years.

    After a couple of years, decided it was time to grow up and come home a start a life for myself. Finished my commerce degree whilst working part time at a not-for-profit organisation in accounts. Then moved careers to a public chartered accounting firm. Have been in the profession ever since. Finished the commerce degree, moved onto the CA program which I have hopefully just sat my last exam - fingers crossed!!
  13. Hmmm ok... I've just turned 45. I was originally trained as a systems operator (on DEC PDP's & Vax's which will date me), with a minor in accounting. Most computing was for financial or government purposes at this stage and accounting/IT was a common mix.

    But my father was killed in a car accident near the start of my course and after realising that the family businesses (2 small bus companies) were suffering increasing losses under the 'managers' that had been hired I went into the family business (along with my mother and sister).

    We closed one bus company and consolidated the buses at one depot and returned the company to profitibility and achieved about 95% of the local bus business (for the local area) over a period of about 15 years in this country town by purchasing a couple of owner operators and the other local bus company.

    Currently chairperson the BAV - NC branch and sit on the State BAV training committee and am the BAV delegate to the regional transport initiative commitee in Central Vic.

    Looking for expansion oportunites we branced out into property investment and have since bought an even dozen houses (4 of which, having some acres adjacent, we've kept), the others were sold at various points through the recently tailed off property boom.

    Along the way we started and ran a computer business (which we subsequently sold), and an aircraft hanger/ultralight flying school (4 Jabirus) at Ballarat airport (that was fun and led eventually me to owning and flying my own Jabiru).

    My mother recently was diagnosed with cancer and now cannot work and lack of time led led us to sell the hanger and school and all but one plane. Too much to do and not enough people to do it (and a reluctance to use managers after what happened earlier!).

    Along the way the use of CB radios and later HF two way radios in the buses and VHF in the planes coincided with an interest in radio communications and early on I studied for an obtained an Novice and later Full Amateur radio licence.

    My other hobby (besides motorbikes) is amateur astronomy and I have a slowly growing collection of various telescopes (which I struggle to find time to use... but the kids enjoy using).

    Married once then divorced (no kids), but now with another lady (who has a 2003 GPX250 and 3 kids) we had a child together which makes 4 kids in the house... and a need to drive a people mover not a car (at least I've got the bikes!).

    Experiences of a lifetime for me?

    The Isle of Mann TT races and screaming around the island on mad sunday... 250kph and no speed limits... crazy... but I'd do it again in a flash :)

    The first time I went solo in a plane, the first time I did an extended trip in a plane :)

    Being there for the bub to be born (I think my fingers are still recovering from being crushed!).
  14. I figured taking up motorcycling meant you didn't fear death. :)
    But seriously, what interesting, if not strange, research you are doing.
  15. I have been thinking about taking flying lessons for a while now but the cost is the only thing putting me off. Is getting your people worth it if its going to be mainly a pleasure activity, not a source of income? incitatus you may be able to help me out here as well.
  16. Flying is fun... it is the _only_ thing that 'involves' my senses in a similar way to motorcycling.

    It's got similarities to riding a motorbike and to running small boats through the swells feeling the ocean underneath you.

    But with a plane it's all around you...

    If you want to try it the go up for a Trial Instructional Flight... they aren't that expensive and if nothing else you'll almost certainly enjoy yourself :)
  17. Careful what you wish for DuHAST... There's an excellent reason why there hasn't yet been a "men of NetRider" nude charity calendar.

    I'm currently working as a business analyst for a software consultancy, at the moment on a pretty cool search technology project for Sensis.

    I'm a singer in an a cappella group that's probably one of the best in Melbourne (I'll organise a NetRider discount to a show one of these days), and I've done a fair bit of national and international touring as part of different groups over the years. The group was a big part of the X Factor show on 10 earlier this year, which was a thrill to be a part of however embarrassing it is. I'm producing the group's first CD at the moment and working hard in the studio ofter hours. We're looking at a launch in March/April.

    I'm also a pro-level drummer with a few good bands and CDs behind me, but the drums are in storage at the moment while I plug away at a new CD for the singing thing.

    I used to run a copywriting and journalism business. I wrote a few STA travel guides and did about 10 reviews for that "Bar Secrets of Melbourne" deck of cards you see around the place. I'd love to do more writing, it's good fun.

    I was a basketball addict for years until my knees exploded but at last check I could still bomb them in from three point land. I used to like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and watched He-Man videos well into my secondary school years.

    I'm sure there's other things worth mentioning but that's the main stuff.

  18. I began my working career at a go kart track in year 10 which lasted about two years when I discovered my weekend time could be spent recovering from parties with my mates. I then began working at a bus company cleaning and parking 30 or so busses after the daily routes which was kinda cool since I only been driving a car for a year or so. I then started a Tafe degree in accounting straight after high school which forced me to quit the bus cleaning job :( Which restricted me to centerlink payments for three years until I finished my degree. I then got a job in a small accounting firm which is where im still working. I have since completed a uni degree in commerce and I am just about to start my CPA course. :x About a year ago I got the urge to get my motorbike licence and then only a couple of months ago I purchased my pride and joy rgv and havent stopped smiling since. :D
  19. i work at vandelay industries, before that, I worked on the pensky file

    me? I've been bludgind behind a computer pretty much outta school. I'm a SQL/.Net programmer at a large organisation. I've thought about packing it in and actually doing something I enjoy, like bike mechanics. But I realised that I used to enjoy computers too, until they became my bread n butter... now I hate them - and bike fixing doesn't pay as well. So for now, I'll leave my hobbies as hobbies...

    better get back to those latex and latex related products
  20. Snce 19 I've worked as a Maximum Security Correctional Officer
    & Personal Protection Officer (bodyguard).

    Lost my Private Agents License couple of years ago for 10yrs, so
    I decided to start somethine else all over again. Left prison
    service & for the last 3.5yrs I've worked for Victoria's biggest