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Netrider 2013

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Mouth, Apr 1, 2013.

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    We have been on a long and often eventful ride and I'd like to share with you all some of the highlights of Netrider history:

    Oct 1999: Netrider website arrived on the scene. It was just a 'stub' of a site (as were many/most back then) with links to some businesses - the beginnings of a fully fledged motorcycle links directory for Australians.

    June 2000: Netrider website really started to progress with a large number of links to businesses, clubs, websites etc. We also started to produce technical tips articles and bike specifications listings.

    July 2001: Site design changes. News and event listings are added. Online chat (irc) and mailing list (yahoo) is pushed heavily. Links database is huge.

    Aug 2002: Site design changes (being the first iteration of similiar to what you see today). Memberships, sponsors, merchandise, preferred suppliers are added.

    Sept 2002: Classifieds are added.

    May 2003: Site design is changed, looking very much like what you see today. It also becomes a dynamic database driven site. Forums are added/launched. Advertising begins.

    2004: Netrider registered with Hitwise, an online measurement company who monitor website activity and moderators are introduced for the first time.

    March 2005: Original Netrider domain is stolen and Netrider re-appears with a different domain.

    2006-12 Netrider grows into a valuable resource for the motorcycling community ranking continuously in the top 5 motorcycle related websites in Australia, the biggest motorcycle community in Australia with only Bikesales, Bikepoint & MNews (non-community sites) ranking higher.

    2012: Decision made to completely redesign the website to what we have today.

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  2. April Fool?
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  3. We have been discussing this over in the 'Mods' forum of late, and as I have asked over there ... just what is Hornet going to do now ?
    Also this has been the reason for the difference in Modding as well, some of us
    just didn't see the need, others have said f*** it lets piss em all off as quick as we can.
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  4. April Fools Day joke surely.
  5. Good one mouth.
  6. I've got $20 in my pocket I'll give you for it.
    I have a vision that starts by renaming the site Mouthbook and then harvesting all the personal info which I'll sell to the highest bidder.
  7. I always thought you couldn't call April fools gags after midday?
  8. You know it's a joke because mouth didn't mention the date of when I joined in his history of important events.
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    I don't believe you. Why would you do that after you just implemented the new multiplayer gaming server today?
  10. blabbus toolicus isn't a mod - so not true...only that would be a true sign of the end of the netrider world.
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  11. The 14th April is ATGATT day.
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  12. Allowing for time difference, a good one, Jason.

    (Some years ago Imposted that Netrider was being bought out by Yahoo (as I recall).

    It was a bit obvious, though......
  13. B-b-b-b-but I just got 25 nods... NOoOOOoOO
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  14. Now you've got 26... Ok, shut 'er down....

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  15. Just too clever you lot :)
  16. Make that 27.