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Netrider 10th Anniversary Photographic archive.

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by cjvfr, May 11, 2013.

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    Post your Netrider 10th Anniversary Photo here.

    One photo per post ONLY! Post as many photos as you like, but use a different post for each photo.
    We can only count votes against posts with single photos! Any post with more than 1 photo will not be counted for the purposes of picking a winner.

    Please Note:
    By posting a photo in this thread you agree that the photo can be used for the purposes of inclusion in the production of a "coffee table" style book, produced by Netrider and made available for all to purchase.

    Thread locked until the Weekend of the 25/26th May.

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  2. Reserved post
  3. A neighbour took me out around Kangaroo Ground, Research and so forth to help with my riding. He's been riding 30 odd years and it was fantastic. I gained a lot of useful advice from him and my riding improved quite literally over the course of the afternoon.

    I think this was Research and I've used it because of the tin roof in the background (okay so it's not a tin can of beans)


    Happy Anniversary Netrider.

  4. Conga-line through the cones at Saturday practice, Melbourne..

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  5. The practice professors, graduates and class of '13..

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  6. Cake!

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  7. Looks complicated; advice being dispensed.

  8. Top work Gundy.. Moar!!
  9. Melbourne s Saturday Learners / graduates / future learners and Mentors !!!

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  10. 3 of us from BMW MCC Vic went for a little ride today, 930km with breakfast in Mansfield, lunch at Dinner Plain and home in time for dinner :)

  11. 10 hours of riding, 3 hours for breakfast, lunch and late refuel: nice average of 93kph including the twisties ;)

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  12. Brrrr! I'm cold just looking at that, Heli. Guess at least on BMWs you would all have had heated grips.
  13. Think I was saying "Don't cross the streams ... It would be bad.
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  14. At 6am it was 8C at home, so I was quite confident until 30km down the road and it was -2C at Lancefield 8-|

    The GS riders were better protected with their bark busters, my hands needed to get wrapped around the coffee at Mansfield ;)

    Either my bum's getting insensitive or the K16 seat is the best yet, I have no aches or pains from the 10 hours even with a 3+ hour session without a break :D
  15. The Sydney Learners Session @ Homebush with the Guys who makes it happen..
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  16. ...and our stormtrooper
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  17. Stretch has connected a few riders.. some might say a few too many..

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    @Greydog coudn't get to the cones so the cones came to her.
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  19. A friendly handshake...

  20. Streety's hugs are legendary (or so I'm told).. Not even a bike in the way can stop him..

  21. Bikes lining up at Elwood..