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Netgeeker question: Colour printer recommendations?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Loz, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. I know there's a few boffins out there, perhaps somebody might be able to help me out here:

    Suade does quite a lot of printing - posters, letterheads, letters, cds, sheet music etc etc. We've just got a quote of $250 for a min run of full colour letterhead and realised we can get a pretty good printer for that sort of money ourselves.

    I'm pretty picky about print quality (I do all the designs myself and I like 'em to look great on paper) so I was wondering if anyone can recommend a reasonably cheap printer that:

    1) Prints photo quality full colour well
    2) Prints text nice n crisp
    3) Goes right out to the edges of the paper
    4) Doesn't cost a million buck to refill

    What are peoples' opinions on some of the lower end colour laser printers out there? Do they do the bidness? Are they worth owning? Or should we continue to use a service like www.worldwide.com.au which deliver good results but generally take a week and cost a decent clip.

  2. By the sounds of it, look at a Laser Printer definitely...



    There is some information about printers, but I think they are talking about printers that are slightly more pricey than what your looking at. But for crips clear printing, the InkJets struggle in comparison to a Laser Printer. When/If you go shopping, ask for a test-ride and see if they can help you, and then maybe try and find a cheaper place online to buy it from... I just googled for these links and this info... hope it helps :)
  3. We have a Minolta Magicolour 2300DL at home. It's a colour laser priner and i think it cost around $1000 when we bought it. It prints top quality, photos and text come out crisp as can be. However, i think if you care going to be printing regularily using a printing service is goig to work out much cheaper for you.

    The headache of formatting, making sure it's always working, running out of toner, refilling toner ($200 for the colour; $150 for black) and paper cost will work out more expensive, straining and a down right pain in the arse. I think we will find a printing service will be better for you, especially seeing as though you claim to be very picky.

    Here's an article with a example of cost breakdowns




    EDIT: Speak to Hornet, he's your man.
  4. My SPECIALTY area, Loz

    You won't get a laser that will do edge-to-edge; all lasers have an unprintable border of about 2-4mm.

    Best value colour laser in the market today is the Samsung CLP-550N colour.
    5 ppm in colour
    PostScript level 3 and PCl
    Ethernet, USB and parallel
    128mb RAM
    DUPLEX standard
    3 year on-site warranty Australia-wide
    $899 inc gst.
    Around 18c per page for a 5% of four colours coverage.
  5. Loz, I think Hornet's the man you should be talking too... and N1GH7-R1D3R is probably right, do you want the head-ache of doing it yourself, especially if your picky?
  6. ericsalo.com the dood is in Perth and quite often needs to fill a print run and sends out "distressed space" emails.

    Tell him I sent you and he will look after you.

  7. Interesting question

    there are several inkjet printers that do what you are asking. Personally I recommend Canon printers.

    Colour laser printer do deliver the sharpest image quality, that much is definately true, but when the photoquality inkjet printers are putting out as many dpi as they are, it's hard to knock them back based upon quality vs price.

    for most inkjet printers now days, especially ones that print photos, you will only see line smudging under a magnifying glass. That's how slight it is.

    In the end though, you're much better off taking a design into a printer place and asking them to print it out on several test machines, if they think you're likely to buy, they'll probably let you do this, otherwise they can print off standard things to show you.

    Canon also sell ink cartridges at $20 a pop. though you'll need to buy 4 at different rates, red, blue, black and yellow.

    I am the network admin for the FCC in NSW I work on a volunteer basis.

    Good luck in your printer shopping.