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netbook suggestions

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by smee, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. Hi folks I want to ask the combined eggheads as to what would be a good suggestion for a netbook for my wife.
    Must have decent video graphics like in this model
    toshiba nb200
    All suggestions will be appreciated but please no linux suggestions etc. just something she can use straight up.

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  3. Almost all 10 inch and 9 inch Netbooks run the standard Intel 945 integrated graphics solution and use an Atom 1.6GHz single core processor chip and most have a screen resolution of 1024x600.

    That limits the ability of Netbooks to lighter use programs.

    Having said that I find my MSI Wind U100+ (which has won several awards for best netbook) useful and very very portable.

    Note however that I use it for checking emails, browsing the web, typing a quick letter or looking at a spreadsheet or pdf mostly.

    I don't use it for games, photo editing, video editing or dvd ripping.

    My personal opinion is that the Dell Mini 9 and the MSI Wind U100+ are currently the pick of the true netbooks.

    There are also available some very light laptops which aren't really netbooks (although they are often as light) but they have more powerful CPU's (dual core) and higher resolution screens.

    Examples of this type of machine are -:

    Lenovo ThinkPad X300, Asus U2E, Toshiba Portege R500 and of course the MacBook Air.

    These machines are more capable and versatile than netbooks but significantly more expensive.
  4. I bought an eeepc, 9" white, 512mb ram I think, has a 4GB & an 8GB SSD in it. It came with winblows but it ran as well as an athlete with no legs.

    It was useless and unusable.

    That was until I blew winblows away and installed Ubuntu Netbook Remix.

    After much mucking around, I've managed to get the BT internet tethering to work with my iPhone and it flies.

    UNR is a nice OS specifically built for the netbooks. They are easy to use, Tina will have no trouble using it.

    And at <$500 you can't go wrong
  5. Lots to look at, thanks folks.
  6. it really does depend and what you want to use it for, I have had a 10" eeepc for close to a year and I love it, but it's not my main machine. I only use it for travel and when I am out of the office / not home.

    It's got a 64gb SSD, 2 Gb Memory with the Atom cpu (yes i upgraded it a little) but it runs my desktop apps like office, vlc, winamp etc just fine but I wouldn't think of using it to use photoshop on etc.

    for me it's bloody awesome for remote systems administration when out and about and it fits perfectly in saddlebags or in my tank bag.
  7. Mainly innernet stuff and watching movies (divx) as well as some educational games for the little guy.
  8. I'd go with the MSI Wind such as what G-S has. It is getting so called "Best Buy" ratings in the PC mags and are relatively cheap.

    Some of the major brands are flogging "net tops" for around a grand. If you're gonna spend that sort of dough then you're better off with a proper notebook, say, 12" screen with a Core2Duo processor.

    I had a play with a couple of Eepc netbooks, both of which had SSDs. Not that flash at all, I thought, particularly the original ones.

    Asus may have kicked it off, but like many so called pioneers, they have pretty well dropped the ball.
  9. the Samsung's 12" screen makes movies more viable on it than all the others.

    and speaking of viable, it has a VIA chip, not an Intel Atom...
  10. If you want to play games or movies, then a netbook isn't really going to be suited for the job. I have the newly released 1101HA Eee PC and even it struggles with simple facebook game graphics, although obviously thats not why I got it.
    Maybe a smaller laptop?
  11. I'd agree with the games comment but my MSI Wind U100+ plays standard definition movies from iTunes (or elsewhere on the net) and ripped DVD files perfectly well.

    It doesn't handle HD very smoothly and it can't handle Full HD at all but with the screen resolution only being 1024x600 I really don't see the point in HD anyway.

    Stick to widescreen SD and it works great for video playing on the go (much better than one of those cheap dodgy DVD players).
  12. I've got an Asus EeePC 1000HA and I just spent 6 weeks on the road with it in Europe and loved using it. I did install another 1Gb RAM (2Gb in total) when I bought it. Perfect for what I use it for on the road which includes nerd stuff like coding etc.
  13. A Netbook is a compremise between performance and ultraportability, all low end notebooks around $1000 with 12" screens etc are rubbish pure and simple imo and won't last.

    The netbooks are made to take a bit of a beating and be extremely light, you wouldn't even notice the weight of an eeepc etc. I play movies just fine on mine, and wouldn't get the wind just for the "msi" logo on it but thats a personal preference. You just need to go into it understanding they a made with their main focus on being ultra portable and not grunt.

    I'd look at the mini 9's from Dell as well, the HP looks good but it really does perform badly.

    If budget is not a contraint and you want small with grunt get the Dell 4200 or 4300.. but fully kitted will run around the $3200 mark with discounting but give you the best of both worlds.
  14. How!?!? I've wasted so many hours on this (I don't have an iPhone, but it'll be the same method). Is their a guide I should look at?
  15. Smee, I did some research in netbooks about one month ago. The Eee PC 1000HE seemed to be the way to go to me in that segment. The MSI Wind seemed to get good reviews but for the same spec as the Asus it costs more. The HP Mini 2140 looks better, is cheaper and has lower battery life and performs worse but price seems to make it popular. From everything I read, the other brands seem to be making up the numbers at the moment in that segment.

    Computers and Parts Land here in Melbourne had good prices for them. I have no affiliation with them but the little bit of searching I did revealed them to be around about the best priced.

    A point of interest is that it seems like the successor to the 1000HE has lost some features (e.g. they put in lower spec webcams now and I can't remember what else..... I think they've dumped bluetooth on the successor as well) but maintained the price so I don't know what Asus is up to.

    I'm either going to get an EeePC (similar to a 1000HE) or a runout laptop in two months time. I've seen a comment above saying that the cheap laptops are rubbish. I don't know if anything more expensive is really much better, if at all. Late in 2006, I threw out rather than try to repair a $2,100 IBM ThinkPad R51 that I bought in January 2005. IMO, the computer will go in the bin eventually so there's no point spending thousands. Since throwing out the ThinkPad, I've been using my work Toshiba laptop. It was pretty good 3 years ago (2 GHz core duo and all that stuff) and was about $3k. One drop at the beginning of this year and now it is temperamental (the weirdest blue screen and message / memory dump I've ever seen) and my IT guys can't work out its problem.

    Here's a review of netbooks that you might find useful:


    From what I've read, the 10" Eee PC packs good punch for what it is.
  16. CPL is pretty competitive. There may be some online stores that sell stuff cheaper but there's nothing like taking something that's broken back to the store and saying, fix it or replace it.

    Anway, the MSI Wind costs $499 at the moment. The Eepcs are about $40 dearer.

  17. Good thread, thanks all, looking at buying a netbook myself.

    Question for you experienced ones however, on board 3G cards, the one's you place a sim card in (Acer D250, not available in Oz with 3G card), are they any good? I've heard they are weak and loose the signal more then those USB dongle thingy's... Anyone care to share their experiences or knowledge? Thanks.
  18. Brownyy I've hacked my eeepc and added a usb 3g dongle (ebay china special) and I think it performs better then the inbuilt one in our dell 4200s, but it could provider related as a lot of the inbuilts are linked to a provider and you have little choice over it. Ie you can't use a Telstra sim in the Dells from my experience.

    I find the usb dongle with a Telstra sim works just as well at 7.2 as if I was tethering my smartphone to it like i used to. When it comes to 3g data I find Telstra and 3 the best providers and have had shocking results with optus.

    With that said I find the build quality of the usb dongles pretty piss poor if you are using them a lot, I've had about 4 replaced now here at work.

    It's really a coverage issue i think more then a hardware issue for drops outs and poor signal.
  19. I'm hijacking Smee's thread but I have a follow up question and didn't think it should get a new thread.

    I need to buy a laptop or netbook within the next month. In terms of the performance I need, anything with the equivalent or better than a Centrino 1.6 GHz processor (not dual core) running XP would do me. I need to run Word, Excel 2003 (or have that compatibility, including equation editor) and all the other usual email, internet stuff, plus burn dvds (I have an external usb DL burner so an onboard drive isn't really necessary). I'm looking at either an EeePC1000HE or low end laptop (say Toshiba Satellite Pro L300 03T002 to be precise). The bigger screen (15.4" WXGA) vs 10.1" (WSVGA) may be about the only issue I'd have in that the 10" may be a little small/annoying. The bonus about the netbook is that it has a long run per charge, is really portable and that may be important considering I'll be doing a lot of very short-term interstate commuting for the next two years. I'll be taking carry-on luggage and a computer with me during that time.

    My question for those in the know.... will the Atom 1.6 GHz give similar (or better) performance to 1.6 GHz Centrino (single, not dual core) powered ThinkPad I put in the bin 2 years ago? What's your opinion on the better option out of the EeePC and low end Toshiba laptop?

    I'm going cheap ($800 max then buy a warranty extension to 3 years) because whatever I get will most likely go in the bin after 3 years or I'll want an upgrade by then.