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net&road rider newbie..HELLO!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by reze, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. Hello netriders! I'm new to the 2 wheeled chariot and Loving it - Ive been riding a 2007 ct110 Postie for past 3mnths, which is an ex Aust Post model and being only 100cc odd, you can imagine the challenge a bike like this presents commuting approx 250km's a week round sydney roads.

    I realised in the first week of riding from north west to alexandria in downpours that this bike Wasn't up to the job i set it but it's been "Educational" and it's probably the best stepping stone- being seriously limited in power and speed- I'm due for P's test any week now so I'll reward myself with new bike after test. Nothing brute- some 250 within budget- Prob part finance a new 2011 cbr250r?..something like that.

    Its taken me a while to get round to joining netrider but i have browsed past it many times cuz of all the useful info and I'm keen to pick all your 2 wheeled brains!..Cheers!
  2. Welcome mate ct110 who needs more than that.
  3. Welcome aboard reze and as Trent said, who needs more grunt ?
  4. I DO!!!..Mighty fanx for the speedy welcome!
  5. Nobody. Who wants more than that? Me!

    Hello Reze - welcome along.
  6. Go the Postie!
    Welcome reze.
  7. I know- I did spend at least a couple of hours browsing for the Postie Bike culture around town and the globe and these bikes really have a following!! Al kinda mods and rebuilds that are pretty cool and I think if i was living inner west or east sydney i couldnt fault the ol Honda CT110 as the commuter of choice but it Aint happy past 70km's and it takes planning to get there..Its like a paddle steamer or something..Alot of fun to ride on a nice day and without a clutch-Dead easy! But I'm wittling down my 250cc next choice..Ive been bitten by the bikebug thing for sure-Heading for Motobike Traggic!
  8. Hi there and welcome to NR.,=D>

    You have definitely caught the bug like everyone else on this forum. I am pretty sure all the NR members can answer any queries that help you with your next bike. I for one own the 2011 Cbr250, and i love it. Very easy to ride, very agile, very great on fuel $10 full tank,very smooth to ride and a great bike for learner..

    Good Luck and stay safe...Cheer
  9. Cheers camshaft! ...Mate I'd love to hear your opinions/experience with the new cbr- I'm pretty sold on it- Just depends on whether or not something cheaper comes along at that time of purchase (like a vtr250/ninja) Is it your 1st bike/250? and how does the build quality look etc...cheers