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Net Rider Supercoach League

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by craigrider, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. Net Rider Supercoach League AFL

    Hey guys,

    I'm sure there is a few other riders out there that get into the supercoach fantasy football thing, so I figured a netrider league was appropriate!

    To join the league just go to..


    and register, then join the net rider league using this code

    THE LEAGUE CODE - 913338

    Places are limited to 16 so first in best dressed but I can start another one if there are more takers!



  2. Easy enough to follow the link, but you haven't actually stated that it's AFL - I'm pretty sure there's an NRL equivalent, and no location on your details as a clue!

    Anyhoo, I'm in. Do you DreamTeam as well?
  3. Im in guys.
  4. There is football other than AFL [-( i fixed it in the title anyway

    Nah one time consuming fantasy league is enough for me dark horse

    Ahh awesome we have 4 now!

  5. If we come up short for numbers there's a few guys here at work I could rope in.

    We're all DreamTeaming as well. Not so much work happens on a Thursday night during the season...
  6. Yeah I could pull in a couple of guys too.

    Nobody else interested?
  7. Yeah its still looking a bit empty! recruit away!