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Nespresso Machines - $490-540!

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by ad91on, May 18, 2011.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I've come into a couple of Nespresso machines.

    Brand new, in the box, never used, colors are exclusive to the Nespresso boutiques/club service so you can't buy them anywhere but Nespresso itself.

    I have 7 x Red Citiz and Milk machines and 2 x Frosted Aluminum Citiz and Milk machines as well. They all come with an Aerochino 3 (milk frother)

    Red machines are $490, Aluminum machines are $540.

    All come with a set of two cups and two sample packs of Nespresso coffee.

    You can order the Capsules online/over the phone or in a boutique near you (bondi, sydney city, chatswood, brisbane, melbourne, chadstone and perth) if you are worried about that.

    They are great machines, have minimal fuss and there is next to no cleaning.

    Help a brother out and buy these off me!!! Pick up preferred but i can easily arrange delivery/meeting. Would rather not get involved with postage.

    Any questions please PM me!


    (will post pictures soon)
  2. Hey dude, i hate to bust your balls, but they are cheaper in the shops, like $100 cheaper.
    I was considering one for work just yesterday.
  3. I know they are, I just finished my employment with Nespresso.

    I think you'll find that these two particular models are never below $499 in the shops, and don't come with cups and extra capsules.

    If you want a shitty Pixie or Essenza machine, go and waste your money on one, the Citiz range is where it's at. For an extra $100 or so, they're way more stylish and are much more stable.

    And they only use 1 powerpoint as opposed to 2 for all the other machines.
  4. I think it's the colours that make them more expensive?

  5. So...can I get a legit invoice for them with an ABN and all that? o_O
  6. Derp? Nah trust, all you do is register your machine with Nespresso, tell them when you got it, give them the serial number and that's your 2 year warranty right there. If you really wanted I could get you a legitimate invoice, but it's simply not necessary as it's all electronic with Nespresso anyway.

    And yes the colors make them more expensive.

    I would be happy to answer any more questions you might have!
  7. Pass
    If they are available cheaper then the cheaper option it is, seems like you are maximising your profits and to me although you are entitled to it's pointless. when all it is is for the colour.
    If you came onto them at no cost to you then even worse.

    ps delonghi make them for nespresso as well and they are cheaper.
  8. Yes delonghi make them for nespresso, infact, they all use identical parts and do the exact same thing just are made at different factories (delonghi in china, nespresso in switzerland). The delonghi machines themselves are branded differently depending on country (krups, magimix etc) so yes, very good, you've read a harvey norman catalog and saw the word 'delonghi' with the price $429 next to it, we're all sooo proud of you.

    The amount of stupid questions i've had to answer about 'the delonghi' nespresso machine...

    No one is forcing anyone to buy anything, jeeze. I have to offload them somehow, thought someone on here would be interested in one. And the price IS cheaper for these particular machines. And i'm throwing in extra stuff. And i'm willing to give you much more advice on them than a sales rep at harvey norman or david jones is. And you're helping out an individual, not a corporation.

    I just thought someone on here might like a decent coffee is all. :deal:

    And i'm willing to negotiate.
  9. You got them for nothing and are trying to maximise them by trying the hard sell on NETRIDER members.
    We are not mugs and can see through this charade for what it is.
    I'll give you $150 for one delivered since you still make 150 % on the sale.
    Take it or leave it.
    btw harvey norman is persona non grata in my neck of the woods.
    My alarm bells are ringing considering you claim to be in trouble with the law.
  10. Yes I like decent coffee which is why I would completely steer away from a machine that can only use nescafe coffee. Way too many coffee variaties not available in pods to consider one of these.
  11. A very expensive way to have a coffee. Limited suppliers, limited range, too.

    I'd rather spend the extra dough, or less, as the case may be, go into say, Gloria Jeans or Grinders and purchase my favorite flavors of coffee.

    Here's an interesting article on the business of Nespresso machines.


    If it wasn't for the fact that both the machines and the consumables are so expensive here in Australia I'd probably get one.

    I'll save my pennies for the occasional trip out when we will have a coffee at a cafe. Per cup it may be more expensive, but it's an outing, something to look forward to.
  12. Zackley. Even if you gave it to me, I'd pass it on to someone else.

    these things still make the best coffee and cost $20-30. I've got a more upmarket machine too, but the old italian coffee pot goes on first thing of a morning on the weekends.

    Attached Files:

  13. Actually i bought them to sell on to friends... seeings as everyone, in my last week working there, seemed to want one i bought a whole bunch of them so that no one would be disappointed.

    I wouldn't even be close to breaking even if i sold them for $150.

    And it's a good product; i'm as big a critic as anyone and, while the capsule system is more expensive per cup than grinding your own beans, the consistency and convenience are worth the extra 50c or so.

    I'm not trying to convince anyone that this is the way, just trying to sell some of these machines i have left over so i'm not out of pocket.

    And i would appreciate it if you didn't bring my recent legal issues into this, you don't even know me and while i have spoken about them on here, i think making such personal judgements is perhaps a little out of line. Please refrain from making assumptions about me as a person.

    Now if someone would actually like to buy one instead of just insult me...
  14. Actually they are very relevant as no one knows you personally yet you are flogging coffee machines, and previously mention you are in trouble with the law according to you.
    There is no insult but one following from the other tends to ring alarm bells.
    You never mentioned in your initial post that you bought the machines did you? do you have receipts?
    All very important questions all very relevant to the sale.
  15. Yep, exactly what I use. I have a coffee machine in a box in the storeroom. What is the point when these are so simple and make a fantastic espresso. I've had those pods before and was less than impressed, plus they are incredibally wasteful. However I can see the appeal for a workplace tearoom.
  16. Nope, it is definitely the Citiz With Milk. $398
    Caveat Emptor - Let the buyer beware.

    Sooo you just came across 9 of these machines after you stopped working for them... Sounds really legit. If it is online serial numbers, and these arent as legit as you make out, theyll be straight onto that.

    Where would these invoices be originating from? Would it be a proper Tax Invoice with an ABN from a company, or just an invoice on one of those invoice books? If it doenst have an ABN and chargeable GST component, then the Invoice is useless to me.
  17. Sorry if that came off a little aggressive.
    Just raising a valid point, and regardless, still too expensive, even before all that claiming back via a company thing.
  18. I challenge you to find a RED DELONGHI citiz and milk and an ALUMINUM DELONGHI citiz and milk. Go on, do it.

    These are NESPRESSO branded, not DELONGHI. They are DIFFERENT. You can't buy these at places other than NESPRESSO.

    Yes, i bought 9 coffee machines at the end of my employment, what's it to you?

    Yes, i have a receipt, whats it to you?

    Yes i can get receipts for all of them from NESPRESSO where the ****ing machines were bought, on NESPRESSO paper, from a printer at NESPRESSO, but if you're not buying one then WHATS IT TO YOU?

    Get over it, if you're not interested don't ****ing waste my time and argue with me over specifics.

    And i'm not in trouble with the law, i have had legal issues and i'm not a criminal. You are being unnecessarily accusative and it's ungrounded. **** off if you have a problem, i don't care if you are a moderator smee it's a public forum for selling stuff that is on a public forum for motorcycles that is on a thing called the internet which anyone can access. I put something on here to sell to people who might be interested, not to be accused of criminal activity. You have no right to make these accusations.

    I will post the receipt on here if you want proof. In fact, my manager at Nespresso was the one who said i should sell some machines. They are very, very legitimate.

    I've done nothing wrong. So stop treating me like I have.

  19. Can you expand a bit on this feature?
  20. #20 ad91on, May 19, 2011
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    You shove your capsule in the hole
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