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Nervous when stopped

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Two Tone, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. Hi.

    Not a lot of riding these days, just generally the burbs.

    So I used to have a 1998 Shadow for about 7 years and very happy with it....only dropped it once. That was turning into an uphill street and in the middle of the turn the bike just cut. First and only drop. Found out the tank was full of rust.....anyway thats another story.

    I recently bought a demonstrator Suzuki Boulevard C50 (800cc similar to my Shadow).

    Heres my problem....actually more like real fear. When moving the bike is beautiful. My problem is when Stopped...yep stopped.

    I sit there at the lights, left foot down but the bike feels funny, like its rocking a bit from side to side. Really hard to describe. Naturally I feel like I'm not stable and I'm going to drop the bike. It's so weird... in 15 years of riding I have never felt this.

    Got to the point I'm almost sweating bullets when stopped at the lights. Now I'm about 5'8 not tall but can just flatfoot the bike. Even on a road where I can put both feet down, I feel like I'm going to drop it. Never had this on the Shadow but the seat height was about 30mm lower.

    Btw no slow speed stopping wobbles or take off it's just that stopped position that has me really really worried.....never noticed this on the brief test ride.

    Any suggestions or anybody had similar ?

  2. Can you stand on one foot and not feel this? What about when stopped wiggle the bars, does that give you a better sense of the bike under you.
    Sounds more like a perception thing on the new ride since you can flat foot it.
  3. OK yeah, been thinking this too but far out it feels real. I go my head up looking straight ahead but the bike just doesnt feel stable.

    Yeah 1 foot both feet makes no real difference it feels unstable......maybe perception. Not sure if the bike is more top heavy than the shadow.
  4. Are you sure they didn't jam the v-twin in sideways ala moto guzzi?
    That would explain the side to side:hungry:;)
  5. That's pretty wierd, Don't have a balance issue inner ear thing going on do you.
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  6. My Boulevard feels the same, not to the point of dropping if but a bit unsettled none the less, I just thought it was a bit of v-twin shake, I'm your hight which is one reason I bought a cruiser so I could flat foot. There's no sensation with the engine off, just stopped in traffic, I'm use to it now and you will too, get on and use it as it was designed for - eating up the miles, they do an exceptionally good job of it. Where do you hail from?
  7. Get the carby balance (synch) checked.
  8. Hey thanks for the replies.

    Balance issues....not that I know of.

    Rus Ler... so you feel a bit kinda the same. Just real funny because I never had this on other cruisers . Also I find it a much harder bike to park than my Shadow but funny thing is there isn't much of a weight difference. Will be taking it out tomorrow again and will take much more notice when stopped, maybe I'm too tense.

    Also will need to practice right foot own, then right hand brake & clutch release...never bothered before because always have managed with left foot down.
  9. I'm not riding in much traffic in a rural town so usually right foot down first, no big deal, just ride and enjoy, had a 3300km trip a month ago, through the Snowies - see my Epic Alpine Adventure, great bikes.
  10. I don't ride a cruiser and have only been riding for a little under 2 years but when I upgraded to my latest bike I had a similar feeling and in the end came to the conclusion the new bike had a different centre of gravity/balancing point and a slightly different weight and height to my previous bike. Height wise it was a little higher and I could have both feet on the ground but only on the balls of my feet and this was when I would experience what you are talking about. Slowly but surely I would lean to one side and flat foot on that side and the sensation would not occur. But really in my opinion it was just time that I needed to adjust to the feel of my new ride and now it's not an issue even on the balls of both feet or flat footed to one side.
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  11. Hi Two Tone.

    Are you, perchance, a fairly light weight person?

    If so, it might help if you can adjust the suspension to suit your weight.

    Unless you know you have some weakness in your left leg, please don't do this. It's not going to fix whatever problem exists, and it will just add complexity right when you don't need it.
  12. I'm not a light weight but have the same sensation, it feels like a rotational force, just a little unsettling when stopped, I'm use to it now but it took a while as I hadn't ridden in a long time, you'll be right Two ToneTwo Tone, just might take a bit of time, maybe just a quirk of the bike design
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  13. Just a thought.... is the idling set a bit low ? that makes an engine sound lumpier but also you feel a lot more of the rotational forces. Sit on the bike and just twist the throttle very slowly and see if its smoother at a higher idle.
  14. Thanks guys for all the replies.

    The bike is injected so not real sure about idle speed.

    Andrew>>> could be what you are saying, different bike set up that might just take time ?

    Rus>>>>>>could be right about it being a quirk and just need to get used to it, only done 700km this far so maybe. Up and riding though its a nice bike to ride.

    Want to go out today and take notice of whats going on, so bracing myself to do lots of lights and seeing if I can be clearer about whats occurring.

    In the garage, I dont have this feeling as much, only on the streets......could be psychological or maybe stiffness in the arms .....I take more notice today.
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  15. No worries Two ToneTwo Tone keep us up to date on your findings
  16. At 700 km everything might just be a bit tight, including yourself - don't want to drop a new bike, when it loosens up it'll be smoother, just done 195 kms of country roads, when I stopped at intersections I took note of any abnormal feeling but there was little there - got 17000 kms up, should smooth out over time
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  17. Bike probably has a high centre of gravity which means slight movement may make it feel unstable. You will eventually get used to it.
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  18. if you have no balance or vision issues then it's probably just a different riding sensation caused by seat height or vibration and maybe some nerves/excitement due to your new ride.

    I think you will probably find that it will be a non-issue once you have ridden it a bit more. how often do you ride, daily/once a week/once a month? that could have something to do with it.

    easy to say but try not to stress about it as you could be causing yourself to have mild panic attacks.
  19. Chillman, I think you got in in 1. Yeah, causing me to have mild panic.

    I used to ride daily on the Shadow, on this bike its kinda daily and only about 20km per day to the hospital to visit mum (on leave atm) as I'm the only carer in in Aust.

    Maybe everyone is right and just need to get used to it. Tried increasing the RPM in neutral a bit to see if that helped but no. What I did notice is that when the motor is off to me the bike feels more stable not as wobbly when stopped.

    Also tried googling but didnt find anything specific, except all the hundreds of reasons people drop their bikes when stopped.....eyeopening.

    When I get more cash I might look into a different seat (pricey) which can reduce the seat height by sometimes 1 inch.
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  20. Next time it happens try easing off the foot brake and use the front brake instead. This has happened to me as well and I don't have any fears of dropping, and my ride is fairly light. I'm betting too much pressure on the right foot is making you compensate with the left and causes a bit of muscle hysteresis (wobbles).