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Nervous rider again

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by cleric, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. Hi all, Im back to riding again after a break for a couple of years and am still finding my feet (or my wheels). First bike was a CB250 and now i have a XVS650 Classic, so not only bigger, but heavier and prettier...
    Dont have any friends that ride so thought i would rejoin this site and find some fellow enthusiasts again to ride with.

    Hope to see you on a ride sometime...ill probably join a beginners ride or something though :)

  2. welcome back to 2 wheels & Netrider :)
  3. Hi Lisa. Welcome to NR
  4. Hi Lisa

    Good on you for getting back into it.

    Stay safe.

  5. Hi Lisa.

    Like you I took a break (7 years) but am now back on two wheels and can't for the life of me work out why I ever stopped!

    Have fun and stay safe.
  6. Hi,

    Yeah similar to phojomark... I took a break and now that I'm back on, I can't believe at all that I stopped riding for a while!

    I was pretty nervous about riding again... but that dissapeared as soon as I was out the driveway and I was having too much fun.

    That said, I am easing back into it relatively cautiously... there are some nasty pastie roadworks on my way to work at the moment and I'm getting very scared going through there! (Not dirt, but not fully sealed very slippery bit of road with lots of grooves and stuff... still not quite sure what to do there).

    Enjoy riding again Lisa!

  7. Welcome (back) and to Netrider, all of youze :LOL:.

    I took an even longer break; twenty years!!!

    Confidence in riding is ONLY gained by riding; but I would also recommend any one of the advanced riding course available.

    Come along to the Netrider Coffee Night in your area, though; you won't learn much, but you'll meet some nice people :).
  8. Hi cleric, welcome back to riding and welcome to NR!
  9. thanks all, yes two of my main issues im trying to get over is taking off on a hill (stalling it) and doing a u-turn (scares the crap out of me)....

    but youre right, it'll only get better the more i ride...

    and yes i think i DEFINITELY need an advanced course / ride...
  10. Starting on hills and U-turns are both things that are slightly tricky at first but like most things in riding it gets easier with paractice.

    Car Parks are a good place to practice U-turns away from traffic. There is lots of info in the forums here so just use the search function.

    It's usually a bit harder to find a hill in a car park so you may have to use the road, so try to find a quiet street with a hill so you don't have to worry about traffic.

    With the bike in first gear, left foot down and use the foot brake to stop you rolling backwards. Give the bike a few more revs than a normal take off, not too many you don't want to rev the tits off it and gently slide clutch out to the release point. You'll pick this by one (or both) of two things - either you'll hear the revs start to drop or will feel the bike struggling to move forward against the brake. At this point your bike will be effectively held from rolling back by the clutch and engine. Just release the foot brake and continue gently feeding a few more revs while slowly letting the clutch all the way out. Remember its all about gentle movements of clutch and throttle.

    It may sound like a bit to think about the first few times you do it (which is why it's good not to have to worry about traffic as well) but with practice you will just automatically give it the right amount of revs and slip without even thinking about it.
  11. If you haven't developed good clutch control on the flat yet practice that, then do as GreyBM suggests :wink:
  12. hi lisa
    welcome back as you live were i work i may bump into you some were
  13. Hi Lisa

    Welcome to NR.

    I'm a newbie but absolutely loving riding and this forum has soooo much great info.

    I don't live far from you, so if you want to go for a ride sometime and don't mind riding with a learner, let me know.

    Stay safe and enjoy.

  14. I started riding about 15 years ago but stopped too.
    I got back on the bike a few years ago ( barring an unfortunate interaction between my leg and 1 tonne vehicle ) and also am enjoying my time back in the saddle. There's plenty of rides going now that spring , summer and autumn are here and the ride calendar is going to be chockers with rides just about every weekend so you'll have plenty of riding with other likeminded two wheel grinners to choose from.
  15. Hi Lisa,
    Netrider is a great source of info, I have learned heaps from these good people in my short time here!

    I had an old Suzuki 250 a LOOOONG time ago....and then couldn't afford a bike for almost 25 years! That all changed last year when I bought myself a Honda Shadow for Xmas! The Shadow proved a little small for me, so I now own a Honda VTX 1300 cruiser. Absolutely love it!
    But before I picked up my Shadow, I did a license and rider refresher course. Here in Qld it's called Q Ride. I learnt heaps on that course! U Turns and hill starts were included in the tuition, as well as many other topics that have proved most worthwhile over the last year. So if there's a refresher course near you, I can thoroughly recommend attending. From my experience, once I learned how to do certain manouvres, practicing made them easier and that leads to confident riding.

    Enjoy your bike and ride safe!