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Nervous noobie

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by roadrash0690, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. I am buying my first roadbike tomorrow 17/feb/2012.... I am very nervous about riding amongst the cages... I have only been on 2 road rides, 1 with QRide and the other a test ride of the VT250 I plan to buy...

    Just wondering if anyone knows of any bike clubs in the Townsville area I can ride with to gain experience and confidence...


  2. Is there anywhere quiet (estate, backstreets, carpark etc) you can get to easily to practice before you try and handle traffic? If you get the basic skills down pat and your confodence up it will allow you to focus more on roadcraft in traffic.
    Try a post in the "Mentors/Tutors to help newer riders " thread and see if there is someone local who is prepared to mentor/tutor you.
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  3. Thanks NSSherlock, I did post where you suggested. I'll wait now to see what comes of it. ;)
  4. if you have to ride alone, dont panic is the biggest thing, take your time and ride at your pace!!
  5. Thanks for that Goddie, I think that is what scares me is other people 'pushing' like tailgating, passing really close to put the hair up on my back etc because I am going too slow for them.
  6. Dont let them push you, 'own' your lane, if they want to pass they will, you make sure you keep your position in the middle of the lane!!
    The 'L' plates should be enough but cagers, well, some are arseholes, keep your wits about you, be aware of things around you. If you feel panic creeping in, pull over, do yourself a favor, get off the bike, calm down, then back on!! Just like a pushie, you aint now where standing still, best to get back on and move at your own pace!!
  7. Can't agree more with what goddie said. If you feel out of sorts, in a bad position, pull over and have a breath. I was riding in vietnam for a month in jan, there were some mental situations where the best option was to pull over and take a breath.
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  8. Thank you Goddie, that has put my mind at ease somewhat. :) I think mostly what I am lacking is the experience on the road which i do intend to rectify. ;)
  9. well to get road experience without having cars on your tail, find quiet streets and practise the roadcraft, as you gain confidence in your riding tackle a road is more challenging, and you can bet your bike that you will never stop learning..
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  10. If you are worried by traffic, don't ride in it until you become more comfortable. Find a quiet backstreet and ride around the block until your skillls improve. Then get out on a busier road but not in peak times. Build up slowly.

    Baby steps.
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    Hey mate welocome to the forums. I'm from townsville also and there is a forum called bikecrazyqld up here. They organise a Wednesday night ride everyweek and have the odd weekend runs too. Don't know if the pace is set much for a beginner though.. sadly I've seen a few just get left behind without much care/thought :-(
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  12. I just got my licence, so i can't give you much advice as such, but i treat riding a bike like how i use a 9" grinder at work. Confident and in control, but also with respect.

    Anyone who uses a 9" often will know you have to respect that tool for the amount of damage it can cause.
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  13. I would be wary of a group that simply leaves learners behind. It means they are not looking out for you and this in turn puts pressure on you to push your self to keep up.

    In a group you should alsways ride at your own pace and NEVER fell pressured to push beyond what you are comfortable with. Especially when you are a new rider.

    I am not criticising the group for this, they can do whatever they like, just saying that this may not be the group for you. If in doubt have a chat to them first.

    If you just want a social ride perhaps you two beginners could just get together.
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  14. I was in a similar situation, I thought I would not leave the carpark for a month, the day i got my L's I rode around my local area in the quiet streets, later that day I was in traffic and realised that most of the fear of riding I had created in my mind. I think once you get out there and get the feel of your bike and the roads you will feel better. Try not to let your thinking override reality. Our minds have a tendancy to make mountains out of molehills. Start out slow and build up as others have suggested. You'll be right. We all started at the beginning.
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  15. Yes. As a new rider your imagination can create all kinds of purely imagined problems where they don't exist. But if you're not so good on the controls, stick to the car park and back roads until you gain some, before getting into traffic. Riding in traffic and succeeding, has to be because you are competent - not just lucky.
    The first time might be daunting, and may not remember much, but get it done and revisit the car park often.
    Steer clear of clubs that leave you behind.
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    Appreciate what your saying but I'm not a beginner. Ive seen it happen to others i said. But I certainly agree the ride would not be for him until he has some more confidence, just was letting him aware of the only bike commmunity I know in townsville. As for the ride, yeah sure. To the OP: I got a bit of free time between now and Monday then UNI starts and life turns hectic... I can offer some time to go for a ride give you a few pointers if need be and you can work on your confidence out there
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  17. As a suggestion, why don't you book some more training with your local riding school?

    An instructor could take you out for the day, give you lots of professional feedback and I'm sure that would boost your confidence heaps. Good luck!
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  18. I think its healthy to be a bit nervous but not the point where it is really sapping your confidence - self analysis is hard but really useful, when you are in a quiet spot look to break down various aspects of your riding be it clutch control, throttle control, working your way up and down through some gears, turning or even really basic stuff like posture or head checks. What ever you think you need even if its just getting used to the indicators or finding the horn button quickly.

    The above might sound really dumb but when you really start to nail the basics you will have more confidence and more time to react to other distractions that become present when riding amongst traffic.

    There are no prizes for mastering skills in record time so just take your time, everyone is different, just relax and enjoy it. Take breaks when you need and know that the learning process is not always going to be moving forward, we all have days where we are just off our game and others where everything just seems to work.
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  19. From my own experience, my very first ride I almost went up a gutter after taking a corner at traffic lights .. oops, parked, had a cigarette, got back on and kept at it.

    We're bombarded with OMFG YOU RIDE A MOTORCYCLE?! BUT YOU'LL DIE! our entire lives and it rubs off, but it's all in your head. After my incident, I spent a few weeks in new undeveloped estates just getting the hang of it, and it was worth it.

    Good tip IMO is to not go beyond your comfort level, as this can easily result in disaster when you're a new rider.

    Just my 2c anyway.
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  20. Wow! Thank you to all of you who responded with hints and tips. I found some responses amusing, some entertaining and overall very helpful... Unfortunately, my bike didnt pass the roadworthy (needs 2 tyres which Rising Sun Honda didnt have in stock) SO I got to wait for monday before the tyres turnup or I can even pick it up to get it transferred. Damn it. But my Mrs has an opinion on this and that is that it's not meant to be yet. ;) Patience is a virtue I guess. :) But once again, TY to all! 8D

    BTW, I am not sure of the tyre dimensions for my bike (VT250 custom) but the price I was given was $460 for the 2. Damn, thats expensive! (THe current owner is paying for the new tyres).