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Nervous newbie from Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by LumberjackMac, Apr 26, 2014.

  1. Hey guys, how are we all?

    I've been interested in getting my motorcycle license for months now. Was always into cars but figured motorcycle riding would be a way to have fun without doing anything highly illegal. I did a little bit of reading on the subject and began watching videos and visiting forums to try to garner up as much information as I could to prepare me to go for my license, figured I'd join Netrider in the process so I could get involved amongst it!

    Only thing stopping me from going for my license are my nerves! I've never operated a motorcycle before, so aren't too sure what to expect. I was going to do a single day learner course through HART, is there anything I should do to prepare and to settle my nerves before hand?

    Anyway, that's my little intro for now, although it wasn't exactly much of one. Hopefully you guys go easy on someone looking to learn and join the brotherhood that is motorcycle riding. ;)

    Thanks guys!
  2. Welcome to NR ! Plenty of good people in Melbourne to offer advice and help. Can you ride a bicycle and drive a manual transmission car ? If so you should pick up the very basics of riding relatively easily. Learning to ride WELL though takes time and practice but is so worth it.
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  3. Welcome :)
    Do a "familiarisation" course if you want to. They're usually a couple of hours duration and fun. I was hooked by the end of mine.

    "Have fun without doing anything highly illegal" BAHAHAHAHA. I'm a granny in the car, but definitely a bit more 'spirited' on the bike! To the point my 26yr old son calls me a hoon and says my motorcycling friends are a bad influence!


    But seriously, your penchant for doing illegal/stupid/dangerous/whatever stuff is totally dependant upon what's between your ears, not what's between your legs.
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  4. Welcome to Nutrider!
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  5. Cheers mate!
    Haha, speeding is one thing but to have fun in a car is a whole other thing entirely I think. For me I always wanted to own a Japanese vehicle which I'd modify, but the laws of which are so hard to follow that it's near impossible to do to the book. On top of that, Police officers seem to pull modified Japanese cars over with such frequency that I couldn't imagine enjoying owning one. ;)

    Plus there's the stories of "This X is illegal, here's a defect" when the item in question is legal/stock.

    Thanks mate.
    I can ride a bicycle, and used to spend many hours of the day riding one around (only 23 years old, so it wasn't too long ago that I used a bicycle as my main means of transport).

    As for manuals? I can drive them if I spend enough time with them, although currently drive an auto. I've spent enough time to know the ins and outs, it's just a matter of getting used to the individual clutch.

    Thanks for the words, guys!
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    Welcome Ljm.
    If you can ride and drive then the guys at Hart will sort everything else for you. I hadn't ridden for nearly 20 years when I did my L's course with Hart, and my partner had never ridden at all.
    You'll be fine.

    Let us know when you do get them and when you pick up a bike. 8)
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  7. Welcome mate

    Are you really a lumberjack?
  8. I'm a lumberjack and I'm ok... ;)
  9. Yes he's a lumberjack and he's ok.
  10. Welcome to NR...
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  11. Damn, beaten to it..
    I was going to say that if you're a lumberjack then you'll be ok!
  12. If he's a lumberjack and he's ok, then logical deduction says he wears dresses. If he wears dresses and rides a bike, then he has to be hot, so we don't need to ask him the initiation question. :p
  13. I cut down trees but I don't wear high-heels, suspenders AND a bra. ;)

    Thanks mate!

    Did you end up doing your course at HART Kilsyth? How'd you find the blokes there?
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  14. So you're not hot after all... Good-o... Less competition for me... ;)
  15. But danny_tb, you said you were the lumberjack.
  16. They were there when I showed up?
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  17. welcome aboard mate :] I too recommend a familiarization course or similar I did one at DECA Carrum downs. It was great, its a 4hr introduction to motorcycling for anyone with little or no experience.
  18. Hi and welcome to Netrider! I'm a Melbourne newbie too, just got my first bike not too long ago. :) As a person who rode pushbike a lot but never drove a car, I can say that for me learning the very basics of motorcycling was reasonably easy with the exception of clutch/gear operation. Had to spend get an additional training day just to familiarize myself with this kind of stuff. After that I was sort of on the same level as other "learners in training", who came to the learner permit train-and-exam day and got my learner's with no real troubles. So, if you feel a bit hesitant about your abilities, you can get a pre-learner's lesson before booking a normal train-and-exam session.

    BTW, I did my exams at Ride-tek and would highly recommend it to anyone. Have no personal experience with HART but heard that it's probably the best riding school out there, if only a bit expensive.
  19. Oops... I forgot the quotation marks when I quoted the song... Dammit! It looks like my dirty little secret is out! :ROFLMAO:

    Edit: LJM, welcome to netrider! ;)
  20. They were really good. Happy to help with everything and answer all of our queries. There were 10 of us on my L's course, some with experience and many with none. If there's anything you're not happy of confidant with after the Sat. session just mention it and they'll go over it again for you at the end of the day, or make sure they cover it Sunday morning.