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[NERD] Its hard to get excited by coding

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TRA, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. This week I am forced to code in c#. c# is a great language, but its a tough language for a c++ person who is a bit of a purist. I learnt to code in ASM on hardware platforms that have next to no processing power, so its hard to get your head around that you dont have complete control. Of course java is essentially the same. No pointers, no phsyical addressing. Its odd.

    Anyway, I try to avoid coding where possible these days, because I find it innatley boring just like computers themselves. But today, by mistake I discovered Linq. Man that shit is cool. I really detest working with datasets, but this shit makes in really really easy. I like.
  2. Which hand do you code with first?

    PS: assembler all the way. Anything else is cheating.
  3. Always the left.
  4. Wait till you use PLINQ :cool:
  5. Hah! Back when my wife was programming - a long time back before she studied social work and moved over to the dark side - she had a job programming for Litton Industries, in binary using machine code!

    She still considers assembler is cheating.
  6. A real purist would use C.

    And yes, coding is shit, debugging is where it's at. The best part of it all is that I'm a fairly average programmer so I get to do a lot of debugging.

    EDIT: I am debugging as we speak
  7. Zapping code in hex FTW.
  8. HTML... :bolt:
    Nah. I like scripting languages. PERL is pretty cool. I haven't touch coding in ages though.
  9. They'd never make a movie about assembler.

  10. #12 kma_jg, Aug 10, 2011
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    I do some stuff in Python. Very easy scripting language that can do some funky shit too

  11. Assembly... the assembler is what assembles the assembly code...

    Semantics aside, I agree. Tried C# a while back, hated it. But that's because I had already used Java and hated it. I spend most of my time these days in a mix of PHP, Java and Apex, which is the salesforce language - based on Java, but worse.

    I still love C though, it was always my favourite out of any I've used. Also have a soft spot for assembly, but never took the time to actually use it well.
  12. lol apex isn't that bad

    visualforce is the devil though
  13. +1 to that...
  14. Only Assembly programming I've done is Z80 ... not all of it was that long ago either :)

    I currently do a mix of Ruby on Rails & .NET, starting a new pure RoR role at the end of the month :)
  15. How does the RoR compare to the new ASP.NET MVC 3? RoR is more like a benchmark in the MVC world but having spent the best of last decade in the .NET world, I find ASP.NET MVC much easier to use.