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Nerd help urgently needed!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by scooter, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. I still use outlook express (yeah I know it is supposed to be crud but hey), now I am going through tidying things up, deleting old messages etc and organising folders.

    Now the problem that I face is that there is about 1800 messages in the deleted folder but I wish to retain some of them (600+) from a couple of different sources.

    Now the time consuming method is to individually transfer each message but can someone tell me if you can transfer all messages from a particular address or particular subject on masse to a new folder? :?

    Thankyou in advance. :)
  2. Mate, click on the "from" column header.

    That will arrange the whole folder alphabetically by who sent the message.

    You can then select the first of the person's messages, then shift-click on the last, and it will highlight them all for you.

    Click on the "received" column to re-order it by the received date.

    You can also probably do a search.... bla bla bla.
  3. Scooter, I'm in Melbourne, would you like me to pop round and fix it for you??? :grin:

    Your mail lives in a file with the extension .dbx, the first thing I'd be trying (after backing up the original, of course), would be to see if you can open this file in excel or word. If you can, edit it there, save the result and open it, should only have the stuff that you want....

    edit, Loz's idea is better :LOL:
  4. Thanks Loz you are brilliant, now is there any way of recovering items deleted from the deleted items folder or are they permanently deleted?
  5. Thanx for the offer Hornet but I am out of town myself.
    Maybe you can answer my other question?

  6. scooter: Look for a "Recover deleted items" option. IF it's there, it will help.

    If not, then there's no way to recover them (that I'm aware of)
  7. AFAIK you're correct, sonja -- the "Recover Deleted Items" option is, unfortunately, only available in the 'full' version of Outlook (and is actually independent of your machine -- those items you can recover are actually on your Exchange email server).

    So, short answer -- you can't get them back from OE.
  8. data recovery software? norton has one that i used to recover some files that my lovely daughter deleted for me. dunno if it would work for OE
  9. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but unfortunately OE does not store emails as individual files. Rather, they are part of a proprietary database -- this means that tools like Norton's won't help you.

    Theoretically, if you could interpret the format of the file and figure out how to view the raw file system, you might be able to reconstruct the data. But that's serious Computer Forensics, and it ain't cheap, nor likely to get you your data back.