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Nerd help please Set Top Box > DVD recorder

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by scooter, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Purchased an LG hard drive dvd recorder on the weekend and aren't sure how to hook it up in tandem with the STB.
    At present I have the co-axial cable going into the STB and then through the LG to the TV, but the LG DVD recorder doesn't seem to recognise the STB and the TV no longer recieves any signal from the STB either now....HELP!!! :?

  2. did you try putting the digital signal, eg the AV out from the Box into the DVD recorder? Does your STB have multiple tuners?
  3. Don't know Gazza will have to take another look.

  4. take a look and pm me if you still need help. Ive done this a few times for myself and family members.
  5. Your STB should have A/V (audio video) outputs. They might comprise a yellow socket (video) and red/white sockets (left/right audio). From there you connect the cables to your LG HDD/DVD unit's AV input. You might have a few AV inputs. Mine has 4. Look for those that have the corresponding plugs.

    If your STB has an s-video output use that if the LG has s-video input to any of its AV channels. It gives a clearer picture.

    Then from the LG recorder, you should have an AV output, usually AV 1 which will connect to your TV. If you have a stereo, connect the audio leads to its AV input if it has it for a better sound.

    Remember, to get the better quality digital signal on your TV or LG unit, you need to use the AV outputs from the STB. Otherwise, all you'll do if you use the RF outputs is to get the normal analog signal.

    Hope my explanation is easily understood.

    For more help, check out the digital broadcast website. www.dba.org.au
  6. Thanx MJT, My current thought is do I have to split the RF to go to both the STB and the DVD HDD, instead of passing through the STB.
    At the moment the DVD HDD is only recognising the free to air regualar anologue channels.
  7. And that's all that its tuner will do, too. In order for you to view and record digital transmission, then you need to connect the AV out of the STB to an appropriate AV input on your LG HDD unit.

    Probably the best way to split the signal would be to loop through the STB. It will have an RF Out. That then goes to your LG's RF in. And take the RF out of the LG to the TV's RF in. That way, each unit will have its own independant RF signal if you can't be bothered firing all the gear up in order to say watch the news or whatever.

    But with the setup as I described then when you turn on the STB, the LG and the TV, you select the TV to AV1, and then when you view the LG's screen, you then change the channel to the appropriate AV channel in order to view the digital TV broadcast, or you can watch analog via the LG's tuner.

    It's a convoluted way of doing things, I know. But until the manufacturers get up off their dead arses and start making DVD/HDD recorders with digital tuners in 'em, then this is how it'll have to be done.

    An alternative is to purchase what they call a "PVR" or Personal Video Recorder. It has a digital tuner, sometimes 2 of them, and a hard disk. Unfortunately they don't have DVD recorders built in. The only way that you'd be able to record to disc off the PVR is to watch the show, or set it to play and then connect the DVD recorder to the PVR via its AV connections and record it in real time. Of course, while it's doing this you can be going out for a ride somewhere...
  8. Buy a tivo.

    Hook tivo into your network.

    Copy shows from Tivo to your harddrive. Burn from there.

    Tivo automatically records shows for you, once you set up season passes. Auto connects to the net to download the weekly program data.

    You don't type in times for shows. You type in show names. It does the rest.

    I've also got wishlists set up. For example it automatically records any show with the word "Poker" in it's title or description, as long as it doesn't clash with a preset show.

    Check out http://www.oztivo.com for details.

    Just remember, it's a hack job to get the US tivo to work in Australia.

    I've had my tivo working here for the past 2 years now, perfectly. Best geek toy I ever bought.
  9. All well and good for you "geek" types. As for the rest of us who just want to buy a machine, unpack it and connect a coupla cables and start using it, it's probably a tad extreme.

    But now that you've mentioned it, I'm investigating it. Something that I'd like is one of those network media players which I can plug into the TV and stereo and watch videos stored on our networked PCs.
  10. I run a PVR with dual SD digital tuners built in makes life easy.

    I then use the USB2.0 to my laptop, soon to have my linux server permenately connected to my PVR with mount points to the HDD in the PVR.

    THis will allow for me to transfer when I feel like it too and from my pvr. :)
  11. Silly moi, sleep deprivation is worse than DUI or so they say and in this case shielded me from the bleedin obvious.
    I hadn't selected the AV channel on the LG DVD HDD that is all, too easy.

    Thanks for all the sujestions anyways.
  12. LOL it happens :)