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Neon's and alike

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by MrNinja, Nov 25, 2004.

  1. Ok, I have been asked this question by a few people and want to know my self. Is it legal to have neons under the body work of your bike, are some colors/locations ok, also running to 20cm bar neons directly of my battery, could this be hamfull, As i ride a newer bike with efi and a computer coluld these be affected? any help would be appreciated.

  2. Not illegal unless the taste police catch up with you!
  3. Hey Joe, I saw your running neons as it got darker during the ride tonight (I guess it was yesterday now but I haven't slept yet so it doesn't count) looked alright but not my style and Glen is right, you are going to cop a bit of flack over it unless you leave coffee before it gets dark.

    As for adversly affecting the electrical systems on the bike, I doubt it would be a problem, I wouldn't think the neons would draw that much more power/amps so the only effect would be slightly higher draw on the battery/generator so unless there are a whole lot of them under there so they draw too much power. However, I'd say it would be a good idea to remove thier load during engine ignition so the alternator gets as much power as possible.
  4. From what I remember all Under Car neons are Illegal. There is no color, space, or location that they are OK if you want them visable.

    I am in Deyagos class of age, but of a different opinion.

    Neons look crap, LED's look great if done well.
  5. i used to have my cbr6oo with neons,i never got pulled over or questioned about it.matter of fact my bike won a comp @the melbourne showgrounds in 2002 for best jap bike.the judges for the www.showoff.com.au
    loved the lights.
  6. Neons in cars are iilegal in QLD NSW and VIC.

    You don't get a fine you get a defect fine, and the copper or a defect station could render your bike un-roadworthy simple as that.

    You'd have to remomve then then take your bike to get it checked out then you'd be ok again, not the greatest thing to have happen.

    I've seen an AD in a USA bike mag that made special bike neon kits that looked real smick, about 10 or so different colours and you can do some pretty trick stuff with them.

    If you were going to really trick out your bike say extra long arms etc and use special paints then they could pick out special bits / places on the bike for people to look at.

    The AD had a bike done up in neons and it looked pretty trick in deed.
  7. Could you name the Mag and the edition for us.

  8. Now I've read it all. The "ricing" up of motorbikes........