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Nelson, leader of opposition

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by russ, Nov 29, 2007.

  1. lets forget "politicians are corrupt" arguments here, lets forget partisan arguments too.

    this man is the most incompetent person ever to have graced the stage. from the AMA through education to defence, he has buggered it all up.

    Of all the choices - even Abbot- Nelson would be the worst. perhaps the thinking is he is expendable and won't be around when the next election occurs.
    but how could you bring yourself to elect him leader.

    discuss ... :LOL:

  2. Well someone's got to lead the party to inevitable defeat at the next election.
  3. Exactly. Why send a good leader to the gallows? They'll save him / her for the election after that, when they think they might have a chance of regaining power. :wink:
  4. That seems to be the theory going round. Turnbull would have seemed the better option to rebuild the party I would have thought.
  5. turnbull would have been best choice IMO. perhaps they're saving him for closer to the election.

  6. a fish would have been a better option.

    A dead one.
  7. i reckon start grooming joe hockey for the election in 8 years time...or worst come to worst the next one. but that will be hard to win

    discus.. :bolt:
  8. Apparently he's a pretty cool guy.
    The industrial relations history might hurt him though.

    At least he seems cheerful and genuine enough, in most of the interviews I've heard.
  9. there's too much of the kim beasly in him. He'll start using terrible food based metaphors.
  10. I think you're right. Let Nelson lose the next one and then it's Malcy's turn...
  11. Its a poison chalice who ever takes it. The person at the helm of an outgoing party is never in charge come election time. The libs have 2 years to find Mr X that will lead them to the next election.
  12. thats it he's the liberals answer to rudd. young, fresh, camera friendly and seems enthusiastic... but not as much of a nerd

    And yeah by groom him i mean get him out of IR and into another high profile portfolio, but less divisive
  13. Now Kim Beasley was the first person I thought of to compare Joe Hockey to... now I wonder;

    Has Australia ever elected an overweight prime minister?
  14. I see this liberal leadership battle like Australian Idol,

    You have to appear to want to win, buts it probably better coming second,

    Malcolm Turnbull is the Shannon Noll to Brendan Nelsons Guy Sebastian,

    I really cant see Brendan Nelson ever leading the country, this was not the battle to win
  15. Which reminds me, have Joe Hockey and Noel Pearson ever been filmed or photographed together? It seems unlikely, as I have come to the conclusion that they are one and the same person :grin: . Look closely and spot the similarities in appearance and speaking style.

    Well Menzies looked pretty well fed in his later years, and the population was thinner on average in those days.
  16. And what exactly are you basing this statement on?

    I'm in Defence and have been for a long time and Nelson has done a pretty good job as far as I'm concerned. Especially when compared to some of Labor's wasters like Senator Ray. And that is even before taking into account Nelson's approval of the Defence rider safety scheme.
  17. NElson


  18. Anyone seen the footage of him on the news back in Labour and Union days? Blimey :shock:
  19. Centerbet had Turnball at $1.10 and Nelson at $5.

    A few Liberals managed to work out between them that if Nelson got in, everyone went home in a new Porsche.
  20. Errr... defence is running quite well at the moment. Lots of projects going in overbudget, (JSF etc) but he's also made some good decisions, and retired some obsolete equipment earlier than he had to. (AS-1 Guntank, F88a1). The problem is the bloke doesn't have much of a personality. Strikes me as a good leader, but no-one would vote for him. Can anyone say "Peter Debnam"?

    I'm surprised no-one here has mentioned he's a biker, and has implimented some great rider training for defence members. He's officially cooler than Kevin Rudd, though thats not hard.