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VIC Neil Mitchell wants to know if filtering is legal

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jdkarmch, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. Heard Neil Mitchell talking to a rider on 3AW this morning about an experience the guy had seen when he was filtering stationary traffic. Evidently the rider is seeing a lot of cars having rear enders while on the phone as he filters on Bourke Rd and other places in the city.

    Neil immediately seized on the subject of filtering and question the rider on its legality, to which the rider said that the Cops had told him it was legal in stationery traffic.

    This may be a good time for riders to contact Mitchell - or for VMC, MA etc to get this subject back into focus. Got to admit, I'm a bit disappointed that it still hasn't been resolved....

  2. Don't let this turn into an anti-bike diatribe from cagers and VP. The rider in question was probably lucky to get those words in, but if Lay or someone comes on and (incorrectly) tells everyone that filtering is totally illegal we'll be the worse off.
    If anyone gets on there they need to have some authority to quote the legislation and be believed.
  3. Its a media opportunity. Agree 100%. Just posted it here to alert people to the opportunity. I'll be listening in the morning. He will more than likely get the cops point of view........

    I just emailed the MA paper to him and encouraged Neil to speak to Rob Smith - who is the official spokesperson for this sensitive subject.
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  4. As long as you don't speak it'll be ok John.
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  5. Happy with that. VP carry weight in the public mind and they have been on a campaign to have the interpretation tightened up.
    This requires a qualified response, and he's the man.
  6. No I will not be speaking to him. I hope he speaks with Rob Smith. All we an do is add weight by maybe emailing AW and recommending that they speak with Rob.
  7. Don't put petrol in the fire. Just leave it burn. We know its illegal and you can be done for it in most cases if the cop wants to. Just don't say anything and keep low, the less attention on this the better. If you had to sit through traffic everyday to work you would spend an extra time on the road, you can only lose in this situation.
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  8. #8 Ljiljan, Jul 25, 2012
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    Or you could educate yourself about things which you do nor know. 141 part c I believe it is.

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  9. Agree with you that low profile is better until there is a favourable clarification. But Mitchell is hostile and looking to stir things up. If he gets VP to comment, someone will need to point out the contradictions in the laws.
  10. Just bought the new Australian Motor Cycle mag, which has a feature about filtering and lane splitting. I'm still really confused with it all not very black and white. From what I read it is illegal but the police use their discretion to book you or not:-s:-k.
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  11. It depends on which law they decide to apply. It is theoretically possible to do it without breaking any law, but some of them depend on the opinion of the police officer.
    Let's not debate that here - lots of existing threads for that.
  12. The outcome we are after is for it to be legal, explicitly sanctioned, and actively encouraged.
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  13. Rule 141(c) specifically allows you to pass stationary traffic on the left.
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  14. But it doesn't allow you to:
    * not ride in a marked lane
    * perform an unsafe overtake


    If they're having a bad day, they can book you. Or maybe that's a good day for them.

    What we want is for the police to be pulling over the cars who are deliberately blocking bikes from filtering. IMO FWIW YMMV
  15. I understand that. My comment was in relation to the person who said it was illegal.

    What we want is exactly what you said "The outcome we are after is for it to be legal, explicitly sanctioned, and actively encouraged."
  16. Maybe refer Mitchell to the outcome of the NTC's failed attempt to make filtering explicitly illegal?
    There is no better evidence that the laws do not rule out filtering. For the moment, that's the best we've got.
  17. Yes and tomorrow morning Ken Lay and Neil Mitchell will tell all the drivers in victoria that it's unsafe 'dangers 'riders are risking their life's ' and putting all the life's of road users and their children in danger . Job well done .

    Mitchell and Hinch are risk-averse liberal conservative .this will end badly

    But I appreciate your passion
  18. yeah sorry b12mick, I went off half cocked while trying to multi-task.

    and failing.

    As you were...
  19. =D>
  20. There is also that current affair article a while back where a traffic cop did state it is legal in certain circumstances ie rule 141 (c)