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neighbour problems escalates to violence

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Ananda22, Feb 11, 2006.

  1. last night about 12:00 my mate was riding his CBr250RR down the street, he rode it about 2 times up and down 2 times, was going pretty fast but being responsible at the same time, anyway, a guy comes out swearing his head off tells my mate to stop, the only reason he stopped because he thought it was my mates dad (the house we were at ). Anyway he slowed down doing approxmantly doing 10-15 km's per hour, and the guy grabs him by the arm and throws him off..

    his bike hits the deck, and my friend (yutaro) gets thrown to the floor.. he starts pushing him swearing his ***kin mouth off, complaining about his being doing it for the past hour, however my friend had just got there, ive run down quikly to seee what the problem was (because i saw the guy throw him off) i started trying to calm him down then he tried having a shot at me, put his face around 2cms away from mine (ps he needed some tick tacks) but anyway my friends bike didnt start for a while, we had to kick start to make it go again, and he had a heap of scratches on it, to make matters worse the next morning the guys tires have been slashed... and im not sure if it was my friend or not, but nobody else had a motive...
  2. Um yeah, people don't like it when you scream up and down outside their houses at midnight on a high-revving race rep 250cc.

    I can see where the grumpy old fart was coming from. Still, what he did was unacceptable and you would have had a great case to put forward to have him pay for repairs to the bike...

    Until your idiot friend slashed the guy's tyres. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Slap yutaro upside his moron head and I hope he enjoys paying to have his bike fixed, because in that one single action, he went from being a silly kid that didn't deserve to have his bike wrecked, to a tyre slashing vandal that will get no sympathy from anyone.
  3. A normal night in Doncaster?

    Can I dare ask why your friend needed to ride up and down the street, TWICE??? Let me guess, at a sedate 16,000 rpm?

    give me a break, please......
  4. mate i dont know for certain he slashed his tires, but im guessing he did, and for ripping it up and down i rekon he went about 2 times, the guy should have had at least told him to stop or tell him ***k off in other words, you dont throw somebody off a bike, and my friend could have smashed this guy if he wanted but he didnt want to, he handeled the situation pretty well, i agree he shoudnt of been riding up and town 2 TIMES< but it isnt against the law and could have even been just looking for somebody's house??

    i just hope he didnt do it, cause my friend now has to dob in the guy who did otherwise he has to pay for it...

    but i still argue that it wasn't that bad.. he was the only neighbour that complained, and the guy claimed he had been doing it for an hour.. honestly was there for about 4mins..

    but meh i guess you learn from mistakes..
  5. To be honest not sure why he rode twice, but sometimes you cant help yourself just to go for a quik ride up and down.. anyway there was heaps of hoons around that night, doing burn outs in the SS"s and doing drugs up the road.. he basically just let all his anger out of my mate..
  6. I'd say if your mate slashed his tires then it's a fair deal as is.

    However, what you should have done is called the cops straight away and said "Some guy just reached out and dragged my freiend of his motor bike, and now he's beating the shit out of him."

    Dragging someone of a bike is a serious assault with the potential to cause untold injury and damage to property. Letting the cops think someone could be killed should get them there fairly quickley.
  7. =============================
    there was heaps of hoons around that night, doing burn outs in the SS"s and doing drugs up the road.. he basically just let all his anger out of my mate..

    you just answered your OWN question

    Yes your friend paid for it but surely he could have gone out of the street ?
  8. Your mates a d1ckhead, but he didn't deserve to be yanked off his bike :? I would have gone straight to the cops if someone did that to me and pressed charges....or worse, dunno.

    But he's stuffed that up.

    As for what he was doing...I live next door to nuns in a church, they have a yappy little dog which has a squeaky toy, it takes every bit of my will power on some nights to refrain from going over there and doing my nut, so yeah I can appreciate what the guy was on about.

    Those 250s are insanley loud and revvy and I wouldn't tolerate someone ripping up and down my street on one. Why not take it out away from residential streets???
  9. Everybody would side with your mate until he slashed those tyres like a punk idiot.

    Your neighbour was WAY out of line and he could have been charged with assault and all sorts of things, I'm sure he would have ended up having to pay for the bike.

    But retaliating outside the law when you've done nothing wrong up to that point is the dumbest thing you can possibly do. Idiot, idiot, idiot.
  10. yeah the only reason my friend didnt go the cops was because he didnt wanna casue trouble for my friends family, cause they were his neighbours and everything, i just got a call whoever did it, got the wrong car.. they got his sons car.. lolz
  11. its a bit more complicated than that man, he went for a quik ride man , just kinda happened you know, just felt like going up and down, again maybe he shoudnt, but he didnt know it was 12:00 at night, and he probably wasnt aware that he was disturbing people cause if he knew im sure he woudnt do it.. was an innocent mistake which iscalated, but tell me with all the bike gear on you could be stoped? he had the gloves everything but still didnt push the guy back, he could have fought back claiming self defence..
  12. fcuk upsetting the family, clotheslining someone off of a bike is serious assault! and if he didn't want to cause trouble for your friends family/neighbourhood he wouldn't have been screaming up and down the road after midnight :roll:

    Remember just because its a Friday night doesn't mean its ok to dis-respect others, some people work Saturdays and some people have young families...

    A valuable lesson for your friend, I hope he learns from it ;)
  13. yeah deffinatley.. poor kid was pretty shaken.. was feeling pretty upset, small mistake though, but escalated alot..

    PS they are a weird family.. always crackin the shits over small things ..
  14. to be real... its not the best thing to do... screaming up and down the street at midnight but then again
    it dosnt give the right for a person to do what he did....
    as for the tyres though im not sure if it was a good move he could of taken it to small claims for assault and most likely would of gotten the bike fixed.....but after the tyre slashing business im not sure
    good luck and hopefully a good lesson learned
  15. PMSL..

    Let me get this straight..

    He dosent involve the cops bc he didnt want trouble for ya mates
    family.. but then slashes the mans tyres??

    :LOL: :LOL:

    Forgive me for being dumb, but wheres the logic in that?
  16. I agree with Seany, Ananda22.

    It could have been avoided though if your friend had considered his actions. Riding up & down x2 on a cbr at midnight, mind you there people who are probably trying to get a good rest in prep for an early Saturday morning job/gig/appointment/who knows what and got waken up buy the musical sound of a roaring cbr250 & didn't like it, bang! It doesn't justify the bloke's harsh action though .... It could have been worst for your friend (& you) you know ...
  17. yeahh bit dumb, but then again not certain he did..
  18. ya i see where ya coming from, but you gotta move on, tell him his being an idiot and its frurating the hell out of u, you should tal kto him and let him know its annoying you so then he probably woudnt do it again.. not throw him off while moving on the bike. the guys an idiot, his an alco
  19. Hehe..

    oh well..

    ya mate wont be going there again now that the guys tyres
    were slashed.. he just made it personal :LOL:

    may as well have made it worthwhile then & poured brake fluid
    all over the car as well :LOL:

    *Kishy smacks himself*

    :oops: :oops:
  20. haha yeah well whoever did its gonna have to pay i rkeon about 2000... for the tires.. it was for a 4WD