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Negotiating when buying new

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by gorfuin, Aug 14, 2016.

  1. When buying a new bike from a dealer without a trade, is it customary to negotiate on price? What about where they're quoting a "ride away" price that is already slightly discounted from the RRP+on-roads?

    I've bought used from a dealer before and negotiated, but their ticketed prices were so inflated it seemed like the obvious thing. I've bought a car new and negotiated too, but unsure if it's the done thing with bikes and how narrow their margins are.

  2. Don't ask, don't get.
    Absolutely negotiate for a better price. And be prepared to walkaway, especially if it is a less popular model. Make sure they have your details and go grab a coffee not too far away in case they call you 10 minutes later to accept your offer or at least talk a better price.

    You may even discuss throwing in or discounting some accessories like tank protectors, luggage options, exhaust etc.
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  3. next time I buy something I may need to use your expertise - I am the world's worst negotiator and get screwed all the time, sometimes I think I'm the only one that pays retail.

    I did get $500 off the Ape which was listed with a rideaway price but not sure if I actually got a discount on the accessories and labour.
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  4. Depending where you live and the dealer network for the brand of bike you are looking at don't be afraid to shop the price between different dealers in your area.
    They all pay the same invoice price to the manufacturer/importer for their stock so it's really who's prepared to sacrifice their margin the most.

    Dealer demonstrators and previous year leftover stock they will be more willing to discount, obviously.
    Try your luck around the end of the month as they might need to sell some stock to meet their quota or to get into a higher commission bracket depending on the number of bikes they sell that month.
    Also depends if the bike you're looking at is a volume seller or a "niche" bike.

    If you're intending to finance the purchase negotiate on final price first, they'll try to get you on the repayment amount (eg. oh, it's only going to cost you $60 a week) rather than discounting the actual price of the bike.
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  5. Usually advertised ride away prices are full retail plus on-road costs.

    Never take what the dealer offers. Offer them the upper limit of peanuts, watch them shake their heads and then walk away lacing your number in case they change their minds.

    I normally email 20 dealers or so with my spec and ask for their best price, tell them not to ring you just quote their best price. Tell them if they are just going to quote full retail that they shouldn't bother and give them a date when you will make the decision. Ask for the quote to be without on-road costs for dealers outside your home state.
    I have bought 4 cars and 2 bikes this way and the differences in price is scary.
    Some dealers ignore you and try to call or are stupid enough to email back asking you to call them-disqualify those straight away. Other dealers quote full retail, disqualify this also.

    Remind them that it's the easiest sale they will make as you know what bike you want, it's just a matter of price.
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  6. This^.

    And it's astonishing how many of them cannot grasp this concept and run with it.
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  7. I'm of Italian heritage, I never pay full price for anything that is open to negotiation lol. If you pay full retail on any vehicle, then they are laughing at you as soon as you drive or ride out of a dealership!

    My Z300 I bought brand new, I negotiated $600 off the ride away price. I just bought a new used car on the weekend, I tried to negotiate and the guy almost refused saying they lowered the price as a sale already to get rid of some stock. I told him if I buy at that price and went to sell it tomorrow, I wouldn't even be able to sell it for that much, I could buy it cheaper privately and started mentioning various issues that weren't really a big deal with the vehicle. Ended up getting a further $1,068 off with extended warranty and to be honest the full advertised price was pretty close to private sale price. They would of given the older 1 lady owner that originally traded it in peanuts for it.

    My fiance always shakes her head with embarrassment when shes with me but admits I have balls lol. Even bought a new pair of shoes 2 weeks ago, last pair in my size, I complained a little bit of stitching looked out of place (it was fine) and they gave me a further 10% off haha.
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  8. Thanks all, some great info and tips here. I'll go in ready to talk them down. I've already sussed a few dealerships with the bike I want so will shop around.
  9. So I actually was wondering this a few years back and spoke to a mate who works for a dealership. Apparently dealerships are getting these cars (and I assume bikes) for just under what they sell them to you, and in some cases LOSE money by selling them to you. Why? Because if they sell a certain amount the owners of the business will get a huge bonus from the manufacturer.

    If you were to buy a jeep grand Cherokee for full price, the dealership would be losing $5000 - but if they hit their quarterly sale target, the owner would get some ridiculous bonus that would make that totally negligible.

    So it's definitely a good idea to negotiate on price, however sometimes the dealer is limited to what they can do... I talked my bike down $500 when I bought it, but when my mate went to buy a KTM RC 390 (from the same dealership) they literally said "we're selling it at a loss already, we can't drop it even a dollar"
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  10. Yup, too true. I had a mate that used to do this old school style, he'd fax (lol) a bunch of dealers with same sort of request as TWEETTWEET , and didn't add any contact nr, only the fax return - so saved having to deal with the muppets that wanted to "talk" further.
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  11. To add some detail to this;

    A while ago I had a work van that was coming to end-of-lease, and I decided to replace it (the van) with a new lease. Decided which van I was going to buy. Manufacturer was offering a widely advertised special fixed-price deal I wanted to jump on. So, I did my homework, organised prior approval with the lease/finance company, researched what the trade-in figure was for the old one, researched fair pricing on the extras I wanted on the new vehicle such as aircon/towbar blah blah etc, and visited three dealers on the same day with the same approach.
    "I'm buying a new van TODAY. Here's the old one, I don't want or need test drives or any of that crap, I don't need to talk finance bullshit as I've arranged my own, here's the figures I've come up with, do us both a favour and don't bullshit me and I won't bullshit you, all I need from you is a yes or no on the total deal as I'll lay out and you'll make the quickest and easiest sale you've had in a while.

    Dealer one:
    Oh, we haven't got anybody around at the moment to put a valuation on your tradein, can you come back next week?
    Me: Today's Monday. Next week? Yeah right, not. CYAH!

    Dealer two:
    Oh, we can't make that tradein figure, all we can offer is 1/3 of what you're asking, we couldn't possibly do the extras for those prices, yada yada yada. Mucked me around for over an hour and I left saying; "You've got my number, and you've got about 1 hr max to ring me back before I do the deal elsewhere."

    They rang back 3 weeks later with; "Oh, we've really tried hard for you with the amount for the trade-in, and we can squeeze it to 1/2 what you were asking. Can you come in later and we'll sign the paperwork." Me; "fcuk off idiot, I'm already driving around in the new one, I told you I was buying that day, not weeks later."

    Dealer three: (Darryl, good bloke)
    Listened to what I had to say and said; "Help yourself to coffee and biscuits from over there, give me five minutes to run over these prices for the extra's and I'll come back and see you."
    Five minutes later; "Yep, that's all good, we can get the paperwork done now and the van will be ready for you Tuesday next week."
    Me: "Awesome." Twenty minutes later I'm out the door.
    Monday at lunchtime the phone rings; "Hi, it's Darryl, your van's ready, it's arrived early, you want to pick it up today or tomorrow?"
    Scoot over to collect it, Darryl says; "I could only get one that had factory power steer fitted. No charge, I hope that's alright?"
    fcuk yeah.
    Good bloke that Darryl.
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  12. I've dealt with lots of dealer number 2.

    I write very specific instructions on my request for quote.
    ** Call me and offer any spec lower than my requirements simply because you have it "in-stock" (most stock controllers can reserve whats in Aus from their desk) = disqualified
    ** Call to tell me you will beat any genuine written quote (the trick here is they beat your best quote by $50, essentially everyone else does the legwork) = disqualified
    ** Call me to ask me to come and see you in person and we can talk a deal (code for get me in front of you on my time hoping I'll take whatever you offer because I'm there) = disqualified
    ** Quote full retail or anywhere close to it = disqualified
    ** Call to ask if I need finance = disqualified
    ** Try to sell me a different vehicle because that model is on sale = disqualified
    ** Return my email without a price and the availability = disqualified
    ** Call/email to ask what price I already have from others = disqualified

    I have no mercy on vehicle salespeople.....piss me off = disqualified

    When buying new, there is no bs about comparing Apples with Apples, all the new ones are the same, not a case of mine is better quality vehicle than the next dealer etc.
    I have ended up buying 6 brand new Toyotas (1x Prado, 1x Kluger, 2x Rav4, 2x Landcruiser 200 series) from one dealer, same salesman on 6 separate occasions because he gave me the best price, sourced the vehicles asap and didn't try to sell me anything, he just quoted his best price straight up and understood that I'm an informed buyer who will buy it wherever I get the best deal.
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  13. I've bought five BMW bikes from our local dealer, three new, one demo and one second hand as a stop gap while deciding which way to go, the three newies were all discounted from retail and all had some goodies thrown in, the demo was ex Melbourne and I paid the Melbourne asking price, local dealer wore the freight cost, the second handie was knocked down so much that I actually later traded it for more than I paid for her lol. Always negotiate, if you don't ask you don't get!
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  14. +1