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negligent workshop? updated with pics pg 3

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Paulstar, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    Just want to get some opinions from you guys on what you think about this situation.

    I took my bike to get new tyres which was not too bad, there was a bit of a wait while they were ordered but fitting was free and i was in no big rush.

    When i got my bike back, after about 120kilometers of commuting i heard a slight rattle each time i accelerated from traffic lights at a normal speed, nothing excessive. I thought hmm somthing is loose never mind ill get it when i get home.

    Got to work, parked bike finished work get on bike, warm up, gear on, take off with some throttle and bang! the rear chain has slipped off...

    Now the chain and cogs were not brand new, they looked fine to me but now it is binding in certain areas and its making alot of noise.

    The mate that came to help me pointed out that the locking nut to the nut that holds tension on the chain is missing on both sides so the chain has come looser and looser (must have been that rattle!) and now so loose it has popped off under load.

    I don't know if there were ever any locking nuts on there i never noticed, should the bike shop have noticed and advised me / replaced these nuts in this situation? Now the bike is not usable until i get a new chain and cogs ($200 plus the time i take to fit it or $100 for the shop to fit it)

    Was the shop negligent in this case?
  2. Reason i asked is, they would have had to remove those nuts to get the wheel off to change the tyre.
  3. Yep. The shop is at fault and should make good with replacement sprockets and chain.

    Having said that though, how worn were the sprockets and chain?
  4. Thanks for the reply Vic.

    I dont want to go down there all guns blazing, i might ask for a meeting with the manager first.

    Instead of speculating of the condition of the chain and cogs ill add pics in the morning or tomorrow afternoon.
  5. It happens sometimes.. Lock nuts sometimes just don't get done up tight enough and you should always check them yourself after the rear wheel has been off.

    The shop should've done them up tigher (maybe they thought they were tight enough but your bike viabrates more then usual) but you can't claim the cost of the chain and sprokets.

    When you notice a problem with workmanship you should seek to minimise the damage in case you want compensation. In this case you heard the rattle and knew something was wrong but you did nothing to fix it. When you heard the rattle (for your own safety if nothing else) you should have stopped, found the problem and done up the nut.

    By continuing to ride when you knew something was obviously wrong you have caused the damage yourself.

    The shop didn't do a perfect job but it was you that broke it so you should pay to fix it. Why would you think the shop should have to pay for damage that you could have prevented by spending 30secs to take the spanner from under your seat and tighten a nut? :shock:
  6. Hey. Although I am a noob at bikes, this is a service issue and doesn’t matter if it was a car or something else. Both parties are at fault. Yes from what I understand if he noticed something that was out of the norm for his bike he should have checked, which could have prevented the damage. However he also paid a business to provide a service which was not carried out correctly regardless of his actions, the nuts should have been there/ tightened correctly. I would speak with the manager and maybe suggest a 50/50 on the repairs, since you are both at fault. Good luck!

  7. What a crock of sh!t. Whats the point of taking his bike to a repair shop, to have things done for him if he has to check over it all again? When I pay for something, I don't expect them to have half arsed it and make me do it myself. ON top of that, this is a really serious issue. When I get my bike back from a mechanic, I generally expect to find things such as, say, wheels attached to my bike properly. In summary, you have a pretty spastic view of this situation, and Paulstar, please, go back to that shop, and show the mechanics the meaning of passionate anger.
  8. Loose nuts

    Was the noise there before you took the bike in for the tyre change?
    No? Take it back and demand it fixed.
    I had a similar problem when a new set of tyres were fitted & the clown doing the job left the valve core loose in the front wheel. Scrubbed in the new tyres & wound up the throttle as you do to test them out & promptly ran off the road as the bike would not take the corner like it did a few weeks before. Stopped without incident & found the efing front tyre flat!
    Words were spoken to the management of the shop & the tyre fitters ar*e was kicked. I was lucky, you were lucky, but what would have happened if the chain jumped off & locked up the back wheel?
  9. Tell the shop you want a replacement chain and sprockets or you'll take them to small claims and get the $ from them anyway.
  10. He paid money for someone to swing the spanners so he wouldn't have to. If it was (for example :wink:) a little decrepit old lady riding the bike would you still claim she should have stopped & tightened the nuts?

    For that matter, how do we know the OP ISN"T a little decrepit old lady?

    I doubt they HAVE to provide you with a replacement chain & sporckets, BUT the $100 or so plus labour it will cost the business will be more than made up for in good will & good word of mouth. Personally, if someone f#cked up, was mature enough to admit it, & took steps to fix it, they would still get my business. If they're smart they won't do that again (to me at least!)

    Good luck mate, state your case clearly & calmy, there is no need for threats at this stage, let them know exactly what you want done & see how they handle it.
  11. You pay for a service, they should deliver.

    If I forget to do somethign vital in my role, I can't say "Oh well it's your network therefore your responsibility to fix it". The network has been given to ME to maintain, therefore I am wholly responsible for doing so.

    You gave them your bike to maintain, they are wholly responsible for doing so. If they forgot to tighten/refit a nut, they are liable.

    Calmly ask for the replacements from them, and if they refuse, it costs like 60 bucks or something like that to raise a case with small claims court which you will likely win.
  12. Re: negligent workshop?

    I know of one in Brisbane. Not happy because it was one of the contributory causes to my accident. 1) they siliconed my seal to the fork
    2) some f***head noob sh*t put my right handed spring in the wrong way.
    3) it started leaking
  13. Climb off your high horse champ.

    Lock nuts come undone by themselves. I do all my own servicing to save myself these issues but I still find myself re-tightening lock nuts every so often. Fact is, all riders will at some time have to do this. If you haven't had to, then your time will come. The movement of the bike will undo them unless locktite is used. Most people would choose not to use locktite because it makes it harder for the owner to adjust the chain. Checking lock nuts should be a weekly job for all riders, it's basic maintainence.

    He paid for a service and he got what he asked for. He then heard a loud rattle and (by his own admission) decided to ignore it.

    If he's stopped and re-tightened the lock nuts when he heard the rattle there would be no problem.

    Would I day the same if it was a little old lady? Hell yes! I'd say the same if it was my own Nana. These nuts have to be undone to adjust chain tension which is a regular part of all motorcyclist's activities. Logic suggests that anyone who rides should be familiar with these nuts and know how to tighten them.

    As far as I can tell the shop did the job they were paid for. By taking the bike instead of asking them to tighten the nuts, the OP demonstrates that he was happy with their workmanship.

    The OP heard a noise he thought could be a significant problem but chose to ride the bike. At that time he should have stopped riding. On finding the problem he could have....
    a) fixed it,
    b) called the shop and have them come out and fix it, or
    c) arranged a tow for the bike back to the shop to fix it on site.
    All of the above would be fine (the last two would make him look like a wanker) but he chose to keep riding when he knew there was a problem.

    The chain and sprokets are rooted because of the rider's actions. All he's entitled to do is replace them and have the shop re-tighten his lock nuts when the job's done.
  14. ^^I don't agree with any of that. The fact that the OP admitted he heard a rattle doesn't mean anything. Hearing a rattle could mean a multitude of things, and if your not mechanically minded you wouldn't know where to start looking. The chain coming off was a direct result of the mechanics negligence, not because of the OP's failure to identify the problem.
  15. Look they come loose by themselves,\
    If u read your bike manual it will say check chain tension before every ride.
    This is the equvalant of checking your tyres are not flat in a car.
  16. ^^I don't agree with any of that.

    The fact he heard the rattle does mean something.... By his own post it suggests he knew there was a problem. :wink:

    This is a lesson for him and anyone reading this thread.... An unusual rattle that wasn't there before means something is wrong!

    If he isn't mechanically minded he could have stopped riding and had the shop fix it. instead, he chose to keep riding and make the problem worse... in that moment he made it his own problem.
  17. Its YOUR views which is a crock of shit, & cross ya fingers it doesnt bring
    you undone one day.

    When someone has touched ya bike, you should always be checking it before
    hopping on, & as soon as you see or hear that something COULD be amiss,
    bring it back straight away. You don't keep bloody riding the stupid thing :roll:

    You can call that COMMON SENSE n00b. You'll get more of it as you get older.

  18. ye but he dosnt have to tell the workshop he didnt stop, he just told us, id be telling them, i was riding, all of a sudden there was a rattle, i slowed down and the chain popped off :)
  19. +1

    Commonsense.. once again :grin:
  20. This could be the first time I've agreed with Zbike. I'm sure kishy will check the records to make sure. :LOL: