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NSW Negligent driving penalty. Help!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by miya, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. hey

    I got a notice for offense 3661 for losing control over a very steep curve... i did not get hurt but a parked car got hit & the fence got damaged a little... the guy whose car i crashed into called the police now i have been charged for negligent driving...

    No one was hurt in the accident... the insurance took care of all the damages

    I wanted to send a review letter to SRDO... i have worked very hard to get my license & i wanted to avoid atleast the demerit points...

    can any one tell me if you have applied for a review earlier... how does it work & what should i mention in the letter?

    PLEASE HELP!!! :(
  2. normally it is polite to introduce yourself before asking for help. There is a specific forum for this. Go speak to a traffic lawyer. Welcome to Netrider, we like to be asked for help by random strangers.
  3. geez Thera... does this poor guy need to put up his RSVP profile too before he asks a question!...

    anyways to the op hope u sort it out... spk with a traffic lawyer.. thats ur best bet!
  4. Re: negligent drivin penalty... help!

    Once cops are called, someone gets charged - as there was no other party involved, you're it

    Let us know how you get on....three years ago Haggis, from here, hit a Roo near Wauchope and still got a neg driving :evil:
  5. nope! I said it was normal, not necessary. The last sentence is to be taken tongue-in-cheek. :)

  6. Thats funny

    But I do understand where Thera's coming from.

    I would suggest that you don't start your plea letter with 'Hey'

  7. lawyer is best bet. Obviously you can argue that your a learner, u were unfimilar with the road (even if you travel there on a car, diff feel on a bike etc) and you left details, insurance etc. Once the police involved, apprantly they have to charge you for negligant driving weather your at fault or not or some stupid thing. most likely you can write a letter of appeal and get it dismissed, as my neighbour did. he manage to flip a 4wd on its side comming outa his driveway. Always say there was gravel, oil slick, debris on road too, the steepness of the curve, obviously thats the whole point of being a learner.

    Get a lawyer to help write a appeal letter.
  8. Re: negligent drivin penalty... help!

    Cop it on the chin, you fvcked up, take responsibility for it. You always get a fine from the cops if you've lost control of your resulting in hitting someones car (or fence), doesn't matter if anyone was injured. What are you planning to appeal? Doesn't seem to be anything to appeal?
  9. sorry guys did not know the code to start off a discussion... i am new to the forum thing also a little zapped on why i got fined...

    anyway... i am maneet... in sydney... working as a real estate agent...

    thanks for the replies... will try to get hold of traffic lawyer...

    would you know if the demerit points might get cancelled in such cases...
  10. I didn't think that cops got involved unles someone had been hurt! :? Can't see the point in calling them unless the guy was out to get you!! :roll:
  11. may be the guy was so upset that he thought i should also do some running around...

    his neighbours also mentioned that there was no need to call the police...

    my insurance has covered his damages including is fence repair...

    anyway... bad luck!
  12. If an insurance claim is made, generally a police report must be made.

    As for the demerit points, learner/provisional/full license or whatever, you lost control of your vehicle, without any external forces at play your chances are slim of getting off the fine.
  13. No way out of it unfortunatly, maybe if you had the chance to speak to the bloke before he called the police just to reassure him that everything would be taken care of, that you have insurance etc, you might have got out of the fine..

    You win some and you lose some I guess.
  14. cmon everybody.. all join me in saying...

    "HI MANEET!"
  15. well, i did try talking to him... he was one of those adamant kinds... couldnt convince him...

    ye.. like you said... win some lose some!!
  16. I don't think you'll get out of it.

    If a certain amount of damage is caused, the fine is automatic.

    Good luck, but don't waste too much time and money fighting it.
  17. Buy a new rear tyre.
    Then telll them how when you were approaching a corner, you noticed oil/gravel. Whilst braking gently, your rear tyre blew out, making you slide. You disposed of it at the tip, as it came completely off the rim.

    I dont condone lying. If this is what actually happened surely they want to know. don't forget you have the right to appeal even if it does go to court.

  18. Fines

    If there was "gravel" on the road then you shouldn't get charged. Speaking from experience
  19. I think if personal injury or private property is damaged, they have to charge you with something in order for the relative insurance to pay out ie TAC or whoever............. maybe
  20. Here's your guy - advertises in bike mags

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