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Neglected CD250U won't start... Troubleshoot?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Loz, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. A mate of mine has left his CD250U garaged for about a year and now it won't start. Jumpstarting turned the engine over nice and quickly but it wouldn't go.

    One of the plugs looks a little corroded, we'll replace those. What else should we do to get this thing moving? It's sort of stuck out in the open, far from a toolbox.
  2. There won't be many reasons why that bike won't go Loz. I'd be inclined to think either spark or fuel was the problem. :) See what happens with the new plugs then look at wether the fuel"s actually getting that far. :)
  3. Agreed. Crank teh engine over with the starter, and check teh spark by earthing a plug lead to ground, or pop the lead on a sparkplug earthed to ground.
    I'd bet on bad fuel in the carbs. I'd take tank off, put a few litres of fresh fuel in teh tank, slosh it around like a bugger, drain tank and put back on bike.
    Then I'd put some fresh fuel in, open fuel tap, open carb bowl drains, and let the carbs drain fresh fuel through for a while.
    Then drop a tablespoon or so of engine oil down each plug hole and crank for a few seconds with plugs out. The oil wil help rings seal, as teh bike has been outside and probably has surface rust on bores. Also, it wil probably take the oil pump a good while to get oil to teh bores.....
    Put plugs back in, fill carbs with fuel via fuel tap, and crank with light throttle or no throttle and full choke till it kicks, then partial choke till it starts. Run bike til warm, and dump oil and change filter.
    Change oil and filter again after 500kms.

    Regards, Andrew.