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Neeeearly got booked

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jbray, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. Coming home tonight, I took off from a set of lights, a bit pacier than normal (after seeing and hearing a guy on a GSXR going the other way and hooning a bit - actually I think he pulled a mono - I heard that clutching up sound). Anyway I hit prolly about 100km/h before backing off to just over 80km/h. Looking in my rear view I see a bike coming up hard and fast behind me, as it gets a little closer I can make out the blue light above the rider and think uh-oh here we go. He pulled up in the lane next to me and points to the dials (actually I see his suspension on his bimmer bounce off as he releases the throttle!), I give him one of those I've been naughty kind of nods and off he goes, full blast, splitting like he's showing me how it should be done, getting back to the station (I saw him pull in about 2 minutes later).

    No wonder I didn't see him anywhere around me at the lights if his splitting through the traffic on Nepean was any kind of example. What a showoff! Ah well at least he didn't actually pull me over and write me up, I wonder if I'd been on a full on sports bike and without the ventura rack and bag if it'd be different?

    I dunno why I'm writing this here, is this a confessional perchance? Thanks for listening.
  2. You were lucky by the sounds of it. He was probably about to finish his shift and couldn't be bothered with the paperwork.

    Or he was one of those rare breeds of cops who is actually a real person and can use his discretion.

    Either way, it feels good when you have a close call like that and get away with it. Well done!
  3. Sometimes you just ain't the tasty target they're looking for.

    I got passed on the M5 (SW UK) in my car doing around 95mph but a police pursuit car doing at least 100+. As he went past, the passenger signalled me to slow down a little and off he went. That was a close one!
  4. sometimes you can be lucky ....sounds like you were
  5. I had one solo unit motion for me to slow down as I was bout to pass a greed camera. I though, "what a dood" and needed a bigger head to fit my smile.

    They all aren't that bad :)
  6. I was racing another car over Gladesville bridge once and looked out the window to see the driver. Turns out it was a cop car, he waved his finger at me with a bit of a tut tut and gave a grin then kept on going.

    Another kinda close one was years ago when NSW learners were allowed ride RGV's. Was 4 of us all on RGV's flying around Lane Cove River park area. We fanged along Lady Game Drive and then we were heading up Delhi Rd towards where Channel Ten used to be.

    Last corner before the straight we came apon a car and had to slow down. We rise over a crest in the road and come across a daytime Blue Light Disco doing Rbt or something, set up to get cars going the opposite way to us but it didn't stop a bunch of cops walking out into the middle of the road and staring at us as we now cruised (thanks to the car that slowed us down) passed. We got about 200 metres away from them and then opened up the gas again hehe.
  7. It's the ones that you DON'T see that get ya......
  8. yes the one on the eastern are very sneaky as well
  9. Just be glad he let you off, it doesn't always happen. I have been let off three times but booked many more. I sometimes feel that we are little fish in a pool of sharks waiting to be taken out at any time , man I am starting to get paranoid. Where at there mercy on the road.
  10. It might be just me but….
    Could someone please assure me that this theory isn't as whacked as it sounds.

    I over the last year have seen a very minimal show of force during peak hour traffic times (6-9 and 3-7), I can only assume that they don’t want to waste their resources sitting in 3 lane car parks.

    The only force I've seen in action are the ones booking people in the transit lanes.