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needs advice on buying bike (NSR250) ... thanks

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by bmxer, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. G'day everyone. We are lucky here in Australia to have such nice forum.
    Many thanks for those who are responsible to keep it up.

    I want your advice on buying a bike. I saw an NSR250 MC18 1988 model.
    The bike shows 48,000Ks on the clock. The fairing is in critical condition with
    lots of scratches and some cracks. Obviously bike was dropped by previous
    owners. The bike starts and engine idles ok. I offered $2,500 with rego and
    RWC on bike. Is that reasonable? good price?

    The only thing that worries me is whether I need to rebuild engine. The guy
    does not know when was recent rebuild carried out. I presumed worst case
    is to end up doing top end only without bottom as bike has not done so much
    really. Correct me if am wrong?

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. Welcome to the Forum

    Depending on where the bike is located, get an inspection done or take it to a local mechanic, and you should get peace of mind for around $100

    48,000kms may or may not be plenty of KM's depending on if the bike has been serviced &/or looked after.

    Don't know much about the bike, but an interesting article here;


    Good luck with it all, looks like it would be an OK bike but also check out www.redbook.com.au for an indicative value of various models
  3. well these peformance 2stroke bikes need top end about every 15k and bottom end approx 30,000.
    U would hope that both had been done. So i agree with toecutter and that u should get it inspected.
    Cause u get a top & bottom rebuild it will cost in excess of $2500. Thats serious $$.

    Well good luck with it
  4. Thanks guys. I was searching through the Net and came across something

    "How often do I need to rebuild?
    In road use, R P Racing replace rings every 30,000km and pistons, rings,
    circlips, pins etc every 60,000km. Ring groove should be thoroughly
    inspected when replacing rings and any sign of wear should result in
    piston replacement regardless of km. A 'flapping' ring will break and
    do a LOT of damage.Top-end is exposed by seperating at the cylinder;
    thus a base gasket will also be required. Removal of the head is
    un-neccessary. Cylinders do not require oversizing. Cranks should last
    180,000km, but it pays to do a visual check each time top-end is
    being attended to. ..."

    This is taking from NSR250 mailing list FAQ. The link is: http://www.micapeak.com/lists/NSR250/FAQ
    What do you think?

    Also, am not sure where would be a good place to take the bike for
    mechanical inspect in melbourne.

    Many thanks.
  5. Welcome to the forum.

    A couple of things i'd point out.

    The Km's, forget what the speedo says, it may or may not have none that amount. Look the bike for what it is NOT what speedo says.

    Any list of what is 'normal' for rebuild is a load of crub without qualifying a LOT of things.

    Thake the rings, every 30,000K based on what??

    what fuel/oil ratio? what sort of oil? what revs? how big a fat ass was it hauling around how big a hills??

    As i said judge the bike on what it is, if you want a second opinion pay the $$ to get one, it COULD save you $$$$ in the future
  6. I personally wouldn't offer that much. If the last major rebuild date is unknown, you would have to do it yourself (or get a mechanic to do it). That would cost up to $1k.

    If the fairings are fairly damaged then you have to fork out for the plastic welding , painting and stickers.

    I'm also assuming you have checked the basic mechanicals for the bike (brakes, chain and sprockets, forks etc) and have also test ridden it and it feels fine?

    If you could talk it down a fair bit more and you are willing to spend time and money that you may not recover then it could be good.

    Food for thought.

  7. Thanks for all replies guys. Very appreciated.

    Am going to try to bring the offered price down. I just want to know precisely
    the cost to do a full engine rebuild including labour (am no mechanic) here
    in melbourne.

    One more thing I have heard that honda stoped manufac spare parts for
    MC18 ... is that true? Does that mean if the bike goes faulty u'll end up
    throwing it into the garage until u find something suitable from the wreckers?

    Thanks alot.
  8. Have you checked out the NSR forums and asked the same questions there?

    You will have a fair amount of problems getting a bike store to work on your NSR, being a grey import. I know there is a whizz in Jap import bikes in North Melb somewhere. The best way is to pick up the yellow pages (and phone) and start dialling workshops to see how much it costs.

    I Honda stop making parts, you'll have to do some research and find out who makes aftermarket parts, what non genuine gear fits in etc etc.