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Needing some help

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by neilo, Oct 5, 2011.

  1. Hi all - I'm hoping for your help

    I have 7 entries in a competition with my safety videos which need voting on. Please can you go to the following site and vote for moi (Neil Wiltshire). You don't need to leave your email address or anything :)


    Heaps of thanks
  2. Also done.

    How are the headlights on that bike for night riding?
  3. thanks heaps guys :)
  4. psst, riders (as in about or belonging to, riders), is spelled rider's :LOL:
  5. Done mate, and from what I can see you are in the lead. Good vid too, short and sweet.
  6. i voted for you , i dont know why tazmin is a lot sexier and at least she shows us her arse ............... good luck with the comp
  7. Voted :biker:
  8. thanks heaps all. I found out yesterday that I won. Wooohooo down to the Island this weekend. I'm being interviewed for TV this Friday but I'm not really sure what thats all about yet... Maybe a good opportunity for me to get the bike voice heard though..

    you haven't seen mine yet =D> I may have to include it in a vid soon \\:D/
  9. Congratulations on your win. I think it's the perfect opportunity to get the bike voice heard. Would you be interested in wearing this while you're being interviewed?


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  10. hey chef, i will wear one, everytime we go for a ride we make the newspaper .........lol
  11. Lmfao.....that's not such a bad idea now that the TAC don't want to interview the OP.

    Do you think I should start a SMIDSY patch club?
  12. <deleted irrelevant>
  13. Would totally wear that shirt..
  14. Casual friday would be a great start for all to wear one of these t-shirts!!
  15. Wasn't there only 2 contestants?????

    congrats :)
  16. The OPs clips are win worthy, need to post some links.
    The clips show riders are very good at riding around problems drivers cause.
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  17. yeah, third prize not required.... hahahaha
  18. Was a little disappointed with that too... I am currently wearing 13 yr old leaky Alpines so I nice new pair would have come in pretty handy... boooo
  19. Post up a link to your channel neilo, there's some good stuff in there.