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Needing learner legal bike to rent

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gregellas, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, Im Greg, looking to rent out a Learner Legal Motorcycle. just for a weekend, thats all. Willing to pay reasonable amount for a couple days of usage.

    If any damage made, will cover. Only require to get a little extra experience bike riding without the comitment of owning one.

    Just THINK ABOUT IT..... Instead of the bike just sitting there this weekend, why not rent it to me for a couple days, make a few bucks and help someone out.

    ONLY IN S.A.

    Give me a call/sms on 0430499185 or send an email on let_us_race@hotmail.com

    Let me know guys.

  2. or reply on this guys
  3. my reply to you is, please dont write in big blue letters, its annoying
  4. ok if your not going to reply to the request, then seriously why reply buddy? Cmon
  5. righto mate, spose youll learn the hard way then
  6. there! just to keep the peace. Thanks for the advice i guess.
  7. sure, $5000/day.

    Go Hire a scooter.
  8. Not bad, never posted here before then you get on looking to hire a bike from someone for a weekend. How do you guarantee payment for any damage? What about insurance?
  9. This is the funniest request I've seen since that guy on Gumtree who wanted people to pay for him to get his pilots licence.
  10. that email address won't be doing you any favours mate
  11. My thoughts precisely....
  12. I can't believe nobody's posted the obvious reply, thusly:

    Yeah mate, no worries! I'll rent you my fairy-blade, just leave your wife/girlfriend/sister as a deposit, and while you're out riding my bike, abusing the engine, clutch, gearbox and no doubt, tyres, I'll be.... well, I'm sure you get the picture!

    Dude, nobody lets a complete stranger ride their bike, particularly a Learner. Follow the link in post #9.
  13. Nah it's all good, I can help you out with that. All I'll need is an address to ship the bike to, a small non-refundable deposit*, and you can rent the bike for $50 a day. You'll need to organise your own insurance obviously, but other than that it's all good.

    * a non-refundable $15,000 deposit is required to be cleared in my account prior to shipping the bike. Bike will be supplied without registration, insurance, or fuel. Oil will be included providing you're nice.
  14. What a shame you're in SA I would have let you ride my VTR250 for free unfortunately I'm in Melbourne. :---)

    When you finally own your own bike do you think you would seriously let some inexperienced stranger ride it for a weekend.!!
  15. Suggestion: Go to a place like Honda Australia Rider Training (obviously there isn't one in SA but surely there are good schools there) who will allow you to practice your riding on their tracks.
  16. could we perhaps register his number on some telephone marketing database ?
  17. It's posts like this that beat the boredom.
    Thanks Pal !

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