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Needing a little help, please.

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by lowercase, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. My brother is looking for a scooter that's 150cc or below. He's looking for something cheap, good quality, and has a LOT of storage room. He's 23, a uni student, will only need it for short distances.

    He's currently checking out Hyo's, and I'm not familiar with scooters, so I just need some help so:
    A. He doesn't get ripped off
    B. He gets something practical and easy

    Thanks heaps

  2. Depends on what u call cheap! And if you want new or used.
    My Bolwell VS125 is good quality for the price (2,999) and heaps of storage.!
    Half the rego of a car, Instead of $50 a week in fuel to get to work it costs me $5.. but i spend more coz its just too much fun to leave in the shed on the weekends :grin:
  3. another vote for the VS125.

    Its a great scoot, amazing value and from a trusted brand in OZ.
  4. I'll look into it, thanks heaps guys :)
  5. He's looking at the Yamaha Majestic.. Which is $6000 or so...

    He's such an idiot sometimes *shakes head*...

    Okay.. Struggling uni student, works his arse off to maintain costs...

    *tutt tutt*

  6. I thought he wanted a <150cc??? Majesty is what....400cc? Bit of a jump up there hey.

    Sounds to me like he's already been bitten by the bug and now theres no stopping him! :)

    If he's really a struggling uni student, he'd be looking second hand. Lets be honest here, the fact that he's considering spending $6,000 on a scooter means he's not exactly on the bones of his arse, eating out of a dumpster.

    Anyway, you need to consider what he wants from the scooter. What sort of
    riding will he do? Short commuting to uni? Freeway stretches? Country roads?

    If he'll be spending time on a freeway or any road above 90km/hr then i'd say he's going to need something bigger than 150cc, in fact i would suggest at least a 250cc scoot. If on the other hand it will be 99% city hooning then 150cc would be great.

    Second thing is the style of scoot. Theres the retro Vespa look, the generic sporty ones, then theres the maxi scoots. Will he want to carry lots of files and text books? If yes then a maxi scoot might be better than the slimmer sporty ones. Although if he prefers the sporty styled ones then he'll have to factor in the cost of a top box to carry stuff.

    Another thing, make sure he factors in the cost of some proper protective gear, which being a bike rider yourself you would insist anyway.

    As i'm sure you've realised, scooter buyers are spoilt for choice so you really have to get him to narrow down the field a little.
  7. I just bought a Yamaha Vino for $4300, no idea how much for 2nd hand,but obviously less. Its only 125cc...you did say he wanted under 150cc's :)

    It fits a full size helmet under the seat, you can get them with a set-top box and it also has a luggage hook, so you can hand a bag under your knees next to the seat.

    I've been told it can go upto 95km without any probs, have yet to find that out :) but for city riding this should not be a problem. Insurance for me (I'm 40) was only $154 from QBE

    The Yamaha vino 50cc might also do if its only around town and no freeways or highways involved...its cheaper too

  8. Well, technically, he could spend $6000. Because he is selling his car... But REALISTICALLY, he should be spending no more than $3000 on a new scooter ( he might go second hand but he's annoying like this... he wants a new one I think ), and then if it doesn't come with a top box, he'll be looking at another $200, licences and all other gear, maybe about $500 - $600. So really, catering for everything ( and making sure we overstep the budget so there's no way he can be short of money ) should say about $4000.

    Then the left over money can go to rent or food, or uni supplies etc...

    But who knows... It's Rohan after all... He does his own thing.

    Kudos to him, but he has a long way to go...

    Yamaha Vino sounds good...

    He wont be doing any freeway riding as far as I'm aware. He's really only looking at uni, home, work and friends houses etc.

    And I told him the Yamaha Majestic is a stupid choice. And walking past UTS and Ultimo Tafe or whatever it is, there's a long row of bikes there. I walk past every day. Anywho, I called him up, and made him write down the names of the scooters I approved of for him :rofl: Now he might actually get something decent.

    Keep some names coming, as I'm going to make sure he does not get ripped off, and doesn't bite off more than he can chew!!!!

  9. Go the Bolwell 125cc.