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Needed - Room to Rent?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Miss_dj, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. Hi All,

    Due to the ever depressing rental market here in Melb, I'm finding it quite difficult (and expensive) to find a place to rent on my own.

    I have now decided that my only option at this point is to share..

    I have trolled the net for days looking but nothing is jumping out at me.

    Does anyone know of a share house situation with a room to rent?
    I'm looking to be within 5-10kms of the CBD..

    Any help would be appreciated...
  2. You can share my bed or you can live in the spare room.

    I promise to turn off all the spy cams off ;)
  3. i was wondering who was gonna be first in with a comment like that ^

    no help here jamie, but i know how you feel, i was looking for ages for a place, its realy tight in the market at the moment.
  4. LOL I knew vic would be the first to comment - I know him too well :p

    Also I said 5-10kms from the CBD, not country vic :p hahahaha
  5. Stop being a precious lazy biatch.

    10 mins, 30 mins, same shit really ;)
  6. Not in your bed it ain't :LOL:
  7. I know what thats like...
    I rented out my room now I'm sleeping in the lounge room...which works out for me being quite close to the fridge when i have midnight muchies.
  8. :eek: VIC! You are supposed to be the responsible admin of an internet forum and you shouldnt be making comments like that. Shame on you!

    Nah, just fcuking with you. lol. that was the first thing i thought of when I saw the OP as well. haha.
  9. By god I've had a couple of f*cking doozies from flatmatefinders...

    Cheng and I have just given notice on our place here in Yarraville, otherwise maybe you could've come and lived here for a while. We have a special vic-proof window on our bathroom. If that idea appeals, maybe we can extend our lease here. The neighbours don't want us to go!
  10. Your neighbour is going to be pleased :)

    After we've had one almighty F*ck off fall down vomit fest of a going away party, which will include a burnout competition whereby first place will be awarded a gate! :grin:
  11. Would You buy a used car from this man ?


    Let alone share a bed with him :shock:
  12. Vinnie, with a head like that, I 'm sure he could get into places that we mere mortals couldn't... :-k


    Good luck Jamie. I've been hearing mostly negative rental stories of late... I don't get it.... house prices have been going up like nuts because of all the investors buying investment properties to rent out... where are all these places??????? Wasn't it just a couple of years ago that CBD apartment projects were shelved by the truck load due to an oversupply of rental??? I don't geddit?
  13. The problem is that nobody can afford to buy a house - or at least, not the house they want. That means that folks are staying in the rental market for years longer than they used to. Each year young folks leave home and head out for life on their own, looking for a place to rent. If the same number of people don't drop out of the rental market to buy a house (or an apartment) then you end up with what we have now - a very tight rental market indeed.

    There are still rentals available in Southbank, but you see dozens of people at each inspection and the places are not cheap. Docklands is even more expensive. So the younger members of the market are often priced out.

    Jamie, one of the people at work was looking for somebody to rent her place or a room in her place. This was a while ago, so she may have found somebody by now, but I will check to see if it is still available. If it is I'll PM you with the contact details.
  14. Rental places are being sold for people to live in because of two factors; there are not enough new houses being built, and people fell for the two-card-trick of the nineties and bought an investment property 'for their retirement, :roll:' and now find they can not afford their main house, let alone something that's only making money for the shark that sold it...
  15. Ain't that the truth.

    (Though they may be more appealing than shares at the moment...)
  16. Hi Jamie I'm not sure if you're still looking but have you tried the university noticeboards? Also - in the classifieds sections of each of the newspapers (both print and internet). I also have recollections of there being a noticeboard in Readers on Lygon Street. You might have more luck if you scout around places like that (in areas you would like to live in) rather than simply trying the hugely viewed and picked-over places like domain.com.au
  17. If you find a place to rent close to the city that can handle three bikers, I'm sure Ben & I would move in with you.
  18. hiya, as per the random rant's of Sat night North Melb, and as per above 'readings' in lygon street, side ally, window, adds go up fresh every week either thu night / fri morning depending on the work load of the staff inside... for general info if you (anyone else also of course) are looking to chage house etc keep a look over a few weeks and you get the flow / feel of them, often the room up on the thu night is booked up with interviews by the fri evening.. second option (more green / enviro / hippy) is the smith st options, there are a few adds on the walls of the stores there, more 'communial' style house's often with out of street (motor bike' parking, but this is just through my experiance.. al