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Needed - Full licensed Motorbike riders for market research

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Flipper, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. I posted this in the classified section but it's not really employment or classifieds for that matter.
    I run a market research business from home and currently I have a Market Research group I am trying to fill that might interest some of you.
    I need Males who have a FULL motorbike licence!
    Come and have your say about riding motorbikes. 2 hour sessions to be held at a venue in StKilda on the evening of Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th.
    All participants will receive $80.
    Monday 12/9 at 6pm: Males aged 30-40 who currently own a motorbike. (only spots left for non jap bikes)
    Tuesday 13/9 at 6pm: Males aged 21-24 who currently own a motorbike (only spots left for non jap bikes)
    Tuesday 13/9 at 8pm: Males aged 25-30 who currently own a motorbike. (spots for both jap and non jap bikes left)
    We are keen to include a mix of different brands of motorbikes across the groups, I am struggling with the non jap bikes.

    If this interests you, please go to www.flippersmarketresearch.weebly.com and fill in a registration form. In the 'where did you hear about us' section, please put Netrider. In the comments sections, please put the bike you own and ride.

    You can email me at flipsresearch@optusnet.com.au with any questions.
    Sorry ladies, this particular groups only asks for males but there are many many groups for the ladies if you are interested
  2. Done! Available on the 13th and I live in St Kilda anyway ;)
  3. So being over 40 I am irrelevant ?
  4. and ignore my profile on nr, my birthday is nowhere near correct in there ;)
  5. I'm in.....13 8pm is my group then (y)
  6. Submitted however there are some pretty ****ing weird mandatory fields
  7. So does having a non-gap bike mean I'll get paid more?!! :p I need to check my uni timetable but I could use an extra $80!!


    **EDIT** I finish uni at 3:30! May as well put my name down!
  8. I thought that too, but the website says 35-70 y/o!
  9. Ditto this question... my old man wants to know if he can go earn himself $80. :p
  10. gonna try to get in hopefully work lets me go at 6 on tuesday
  11. Thanx everyone. I'll be making a few calls tho those who will fit the remaining spots.
    Re the website, 1 of the groups had changed the requirements but I had forgotten to edit the website to reflect that. Thanx for bringing it to my attention (y)(y)
  12. Done. I'm right for Monday evening and will see if I get a call.

  13. Got the call......

    Well I'm out - I was born in Canada (been here from the age of 2 though so I'm Aussie through and through (y)) and they've filled their "international quota"

    Enjoy the session guys......
  14. I've edited the original post to show what groups still have spots available :)
    An easy $80 if you fit any of the criteria groups.
    Unfortunately yes, we have filled the quota for people born overseas but you can still register for other groups.
  15. I got a call, I got a call!!! :p haha I thought I'd missed the cut, thank my lucky triumph I made the cut! :p
  16. We still need a couple more guys who ride a NON jap bike for tonight group at 6pm. 30-40 (or close to) year olds. If you know anyone, it's an easy $80.
  17. I've had a cancellation for the 8pm group tonight so need a male aged 25-30, can ride whatever but must be born in Aus (or at least sound it :wink: )
  18. Ahhh if I had Have known this before I left, I could have rang my brother to see if he would have been able to go!

    My group was good though, I had fun!


    (Daniel to those that were in my group & from netrider).
  19. yeah i could of rung a few people but got the message way to late due to riding there.

    was a good group and fun as grumpy said, i didnt contribute as much as others but was very interesting!

    (Ash to those that remember :p )