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NEEDED: Bike Transport Service NSW>Cairns

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Rashpocket, Oct 1, 2009.

  1. Just got a new job and i cant ride my RS125 from Cetral NSW to Cairns haha.
    so i need a decent (cheap) mob to cart my nike up there for me.
    I dont want to sell it for less than what its worth but i dont wana lock it up in parents garage either.


  2. Pfft, it's not that far!

    Liz rode her Vespa 250 scooter up from Brisbane....
  3. the furtherest iv ridden her in 1 hit would be about 600kms non-stop.
    and wow i was shagged
  4. I can imagine..a peaky 125 2T for 2,000km would test most people.

    When you moving, where you moving and what ya doing? We moved here last January, Stookie and Lil came up in August and Angx a few months before that.
  5. Moving to Cairns from NSW Central West for work.
    Just secured a mining job in gove and they fly me in and out of cairns/gove 2weeks on, 1 week off.
    If i cant move it up there im going to have to sell her.sigh. after only 600~700kms after a top end rebuild.
    i dont know what ill buy to replace her.
    All i know is that money probably wont be an issue.
    but paying $1300 to move it up there ( thats what i was quoted) is like 1/4 the price of the bike. so it just doesnt make sense.
  6. It cost me $900 from Melbourne to Cairns using MTL. MTL are a Melbourne based company, but that's an indicator price for you.
  7. Do they have a website or phone number?
    ill try some local carrier companies too, i might have to throw it on a pallate.
  8. I don't think they'll quote for a journey starting outside of Melbourne but call them anyway, they may have other options for you.


    Either way, $1300 for a journey half the distance is nuts.
  9. yeah i know
    maybe i should just ring up Lindsy Fox and ask him for quick favour.
    i might just have to sell it.
  10. Why would you sell it?

    If you can move it for less than a $1000, it's just part of your overall moving costs. I suspect that a proper quote from one or two companies will have that price down to less than $1000.

    If you sell it, you'll end up buying another bike and the money you'll lose on the bike would go some way to paying for the transport. And with 2 on and 1 off, you'll want something to have fun with during your off time. Great roads around here and you'll have a ball on some of the tight and twisties where the little RS would be a real great ride.

    I'd happily have one for the times when I don't want to take the T out.
  11. what is the area around Cairns like? i hear the tablelands are near by and there are sweet twisties going to and from the tablelands.(just what iv heard from mum and dad)
    Im either going to be my Rs125 or buy a newish 08 kwaka 250r (1k-3k kms) with warranty. either way the bike has to reliable coz i dont wana have to spend my week off in the shed.:facepalm:

    Im definately not going to buy a second hand 2T again for a few years until i start getting alot of time off for fiddeling with it. Maybe it is time to put away the 2T and go for the four stroke, but i will miss that pure adrenaline rush from smoke/noise/sheer top end screaming!

    choices choices
  12. I don't know what central NSW roads are like, but up here there are quite a few runs around. Gillies Highway is good, Kuranda Range road is good, Port Douglas road is good fun, run up Mt Molloy is fun, and that's just the coastal roads. Haven't gone inland too much yet.

    RS would be more fun that a 250 4T.
  13. Central NSW is dry flat and straight haha.
    I bought the bike whilst living in orange which is sitting on a Mountain. and is near Bathurst and 200kms from Blue Mountains.

    I would rather keep the RS125 tbh BUT if they want to charge $1300 and the such then they can stick it in their ass. With the new NSW L's lagislation changing L plater bikes are sooon going to be worth heaps because people have restrictions for 3 years intead of 1. So it might have to stay in my Parents shed for a few months or something until i can get a decent price on it or i can move it cheaper.

    Damn it this all after i just rebuilt the top end! lol
  14. Did you get a better quote?