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Need your opinion on the best 'L' bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Sugar, May 29, 2006.

  1. I have a friend who wishes to get their license and was wondering what the most user friendly, forgiving, not over powered, not under powered 250cc bikes are out there.

    Over to you.............
  2. you cant beat the venerable Honda CB250 for a good, safe (soon to be boring) bike. I thnk many people wont admit to owning one for some reason, but they are easy to learn on and get confidence on, prices dont srop a lot as everyone seems to want one. I had for for 9 months and sold it for what I paid for it as did the guy before me (so he says).
    Virago 250's are good learners as well but look too small for a cruiser INMHO, Honda Rebel 250 are similar, I thought the EL250 and the similar Suzi 250 cruisers are less toy like in appearance.
    Stay Upright ! :cool:
  3. ok sugar... that sounded so bad... we need to get a few ideas of you... god I'm not off to a good start this morning... and I need coffee so I'll try and keep my feet on the foor instead of in my mouth and make it simple we need basics so:

    height? 6'8" 'gorrila on a tricicle?
    weight? the apple ona stick principal
    daily commute?
    weekend warrior?
    are you strong or have I.T. strength?

    Its hard to recomend a bike without knowing the person... the last thing we want to do is get a tiny ril ona race bred bike... unless you want to live quick and end up flat and or squid....

    Unseen good leaners are safe learners... ones that are no class cheap whores that can take punisment and drops... not '98 cbr600's and triumph tt600's :cry:

    anything over 250 is crazy as a learner, I tried nearly killed myself. The learning curve on a 600 is unreal and so unforgiving... but then again you have people riding on this website who started on 600's and have never had a crash...

    so if you could please give us some info on yourself then we can open the can of worms...
  4. And how old are they ,over 30 and gold licence.?

    And my 500cc learner legal is easy to ride after a few hours in the back streets.
    Remember NSW lam's you get a 850cc learner bike.
  5. Errr, I think you mean 660cc.
  6. Hi john,
    I have two 250's for sale that you may be interested in.
    My own yamaha xv 250 virago and my son's susuki tu250x(see www.bikesales.com.au)
    They are both great bikes to learn on.
    The virago 250 is limited for tall or heavy riders.
    My advice is don't spend heaps of cash, but get a good clean, reliable bike that can hold its value, as you will want to upgrade quickly.
  7. vt250 spada or the vtr 250. both veetwin. low torque band. easy to ride and smooth power delivery with out the need to rev the crap out of em compared to other 4 cylinder 250s. i have jsut gone thru the procees of riding a heap...
    i think the spada is better due to is seating position and clip on bars and my wife has decided this is the bike for her.
    if you are a taller than average then the vtr is a little higher, but is also more upright.
  8. Thanks for the replies. The individual in question is about 5'10", female, around 30yo.

    My thoughts are for a CB250 or a Spada as she isn't interested in ending her life on a crotch rocket like so many of our brethren have in the past.

    She was going to ask her husband to teach her but I managed to convince her to do the Stay Upright courses instead. That way she would be less likely to pick up his bad habits.
  9. If you have LAMS available then I'd go for a GS500 or similar. Cheap bike, easy to ride, good on fuel, cheap to insure, reasonably light and low seat height and can sit on Hwy speeds (+ a bit more :wink: ) with no dramas. Also you won't grow out of it in 5 seconds like some 250's.

    250's are so overpriced (in my opinion only!) but hopefully LAMs will restore balance in NSW at least.

    Look at the LAMs bikes and you may find something that suits you.

  10. i'd say the spada, GPX or ZZR. all go hard enuff for a learner and all have decent power down low (at least compared to the inline 4 250s). they get a bit atshmatic up the top end but thats your trade off for useability and economy (dunno about the spada, but a GPX/ZZR will get you over 350kms before reserve)


    your in syderney.... theres much better bikes available that will keep you interested much longer and may see you not needing an upgrade. my other half has an XJR400 and thats a top little bike. gruntier and with better suspension and brakes than all but the 2smoker 250s.
  11. and not the CB.... you want ease of use, not outright boredom :LOL: :LOL:
  12. I'm sorry, I like newbies to the bike scene, but really does the search button not work?

    Ahh well, back to trolling :roll: ;) :p
  13. I agree with booga......now aren't u a good friend Sugar?

    We all have to do a little searching in life , now push that button:)

  14. +1 vote for the spada/vtr... nice lazy vtwin power.

    Maybe stay clear of the cb250's for a while? From memory, honda is just about to update the model in Aus, the new bike looks a bit like the hornet 250, and is pretty much the same price as the current model- a bit over 5k.
    I'm guessing the second hand cb prices are going to take a bit of a hit as a result...
  15. if your after a 250 go gpx, its great for learners. can treat it like crap and it will still be a loyal friend.. mostly anyway.
  16. VTR250 all the way. Second one holds its resale. More poke than a CB250 or a Zeal and more comfortable than a GPX.
  17. Everybody always forgets the Hornet.
    Im 5'10 and its a great bike.
    Handling is great and your not hunched over.
    Got more guts than a spada, looks bigger than the VTR.
    Great for long rides and plenty of power in the range to get out of trouble.

    In the cruiser range there is the VT250c, another bike that went missing on the list. Big cruiser thats a bit of a tug boat to corner on but on looks and power has a lot to offer.

    VTR is a good bike but very expensive to own one just now .

    I dont like the faired sports bike thing so this is only my opinion.

    Fat chunky bikes help you blend in with the bigger bikes.
  18. I found the GPX waaaayyy more comfy than vtr. plus its cheaper ;)
  19. I thought the handle bars were a bit low..........[/quote]
  20. nope (cept maybe the CB comment)....

    Zeal whoops the VTR:
    and so does its older sibling, the spada (with an extra gear)

    and resale is directly proportianal to what you pay. ie, say you buy a VTR250 for $6k and sell it for $5500 or you buy a spada for $3000 and sell it for $2800. which has better resale??

    and comfort... well thats up to the individual isn't it. my other half found the GPX to be the most comfy 250 she sat on (posture, seat, controls) so it will differ person to person....