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need your input here guys...******** neighbour.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 87crisis, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. long story short i've lived in and around this area on and off for my entire life (sub-division of mount druitt if you must know- yes it's a shithole but it's my shithole ...and there are some nice lil pockets that aren't filled with dickheads/bogans/junkies)

    now...said person lives down the street....which this street is often populated by a group of islander kids playing in the street...or people walking on the footpaths - i've watched perhaps once or twice a week on average ...this guy hoon up or down my street (no it's not a main road by any means) previously in a worked vt/vy commodore and more recently in what i presume to be a 180sx/300zx ....the only reason i've gotten to my boiling point here is he's overstepped the mark today after a buddy of his tears off with a small burnout in his commodore ute ....he reverse's out and then about a house before mine speeds up and starts to drift/fishtail the car....very nearly missing a elderly lady walking her dog and my neighbours daughters car (amusingly enough she's a cop)

    so my question is....(not my favoured idea) ...do i go to the cops? ....or should i aim to simply tamper with his car of the late night? or turn up and tell him to pull his head in?....i'm just thinking as i write this that i'll probably be told to start recording the incidents if possible ...regardless i will start doing so

    i got no problems with hoons...i enjoy speeding and having fun...but there's a ****ing time and a place ...

    /end rant.:nopity:

    edit: also remembered a time about a month back...he came around the corner at the top of the street pretty much sideways....i was out the front yard n as he went past i noticed he had a child in a child seat ...perhaps a year or two old at absolute best....does my ****ing head in...wipe yourself out not others
  2. Chat to your neighbours daughter
  3. tried but the ms's is always cockblocking me :)

    lol seriously though yes i will be when i see her next, they witnessed a good part of it - unsure if there's issue's with her being based elsewhere and bothering LAC *shrugs* doubt there is either way i'll find out what she's got to say
  4. go with the cops - make your tax $$ work! and less risk on you.

    The only place to hoon is off the street or in some little dark hole where no one can see you. When you start messing with other people's lives you change from an insignificant person to a burden on society.
  5. Call the cops/ council. How will you feel when this cockhead kills someone while you sat by and did nothing?
  6. Start doing wheelies down your drag, that'll show 'em...
  7. mmm yeah thinking i'll have words with the neighbour chicky & see if perhaps getting witness statements from other neighbours will add weight to my accusations when i present them to the cops
  8. Serious question: In accident threads people say the police don't respond because no one was hurt etc. How will they respond to this?
  9. I enjoy doing skidz but there is a time and place. Residential streets are not the place and when other people are close by it is not the time.

    In theory reporting his rego number to the dob-in-a-hoon hotline should get him a talking to. It will also go onto the police intelligence database so when he gets pulled up for something else they are less likely to be lenient.
  10. The cops looking catching them hoons
  11. FFS!! Man up and be a decent neighbour and talk to the guy.

    Sick of people in general hiding behind someones skirt in order to avoid simple comminucation.
  12. Another option is to go have a meeting with someone at the our local Council. If you have enough people and witnesses you can ask the Council to install traffic islands or those small speed humps you see everywhere these days.
    Also next time get the ergo number of the idiot hoon and speak to your neighbor the cop and see if you can lodge a complaint.
    Worth a try.
  13. It took 10 posts and a chick (no offense Holster...) to tell you to man up?
    You don't need to be all macho and "Fucken listen to me!" about it, but you need to talk to the guy if you have a problem with him.
    If he tells you to go fuck yourself, you then decide whether to smack him on the spot, call the cops, or toddle off for some lube...
  14. Not always true... in single vehicle motorcycle accidents they sometimes show up and book the rider!
  15. i say place a large heavy object in the middle of the road after hes left.......
    and watch his reaction as he sh1ts himself when he cant pull it out of a slide quick enough......

    or hope he leaves it open some time and pull every fuse out of the fusebox
  16. Leave a note on under his windscreen wipers.
    "I know you have a small penis, however if you continue to drive like this your tyres will be slashed and windscreen broken. Yours sincerely Julia"

    Put a burning bag full of dog poo on his doorstep and ring the bell.

    Leave meditation fliers in his mail box

    Next time he drives past wriggle your little finger at him re: the "Noone thinks big of you" ad

    Wait for karma to sort him out

    Talk to him assertively and resonwith him.

    Talk to the cop chick... Is she hot? Maybe line her up for some handcuff action with you and the ms...
  17. Don't mess with his car.. how would you like it if someone messed with your personal property?

    Either report it, or talk to him like an adult express your concerns for the safety of everyone.
  18. Above comment were obviously tongue in cheek. Will post clarification tags next time I joke around.

  19. not a council problem :)
  20. Talking to him, like a person, would be a good start. If that doesn't work, well there's options, but that's the place to start.

    Don't f*ck with the car, don't f*ck with the road, just talk to him.

    You don't have to be a prick about it, he's a father or carer for a small child, I'm sure there's some leverage there.