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Need Wheel Spacers Machined

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Whiteyy, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. Hey all

    I need some spacers machined for my motard project, I have all the measurements but I can't find anyone to do it. Does anyone know any places in Melbourne that could help me out?

    Thanks for reading.
  2. What kind of material do you need them machined from, and is it just lathe work?

    Christian at Modern Motorcycle Company in Keele St. Collingwood has a small metal lathe and may be able to do them for you.
  3. I think so, they're steel cylinders, is that what lathes do?
  4. Sure is.

    Post the dimensions up here for us - could be there is another solution other than having to fabricate a specific part.
  5. Here there are, I think they do need to be properly fabricated

  6. Forgot the caliper spacers

  7. Good news everyone, I've got everything except the sprocket side rear spacer and the caliper spacers.

    But couldn't I just use 4mm thick washers? Do they make washers 4mm thick?
  8. Thats a hell of a thick washer...I doubt you'll find it at a standard hardware store.
    You may want to try the fastners place.
    Keables, ramset or metro bolts...
  9. Theres a bolt store on Waterdale rd in Heidelburg, I got all my other bolts from there so they might have em.
  10. Hey - that is where I go for my bolts too - they will have 2mm washers, just get 2 of 'em.

    BTW - where did you get all these parts you needed?
  11. The guy who wrote the motard conversion guide i'm using had some left over spacers, not a complete kit though, i'm still missing the axle side rear wheel.

    As for using two 2mm washers glued together, is that safe? It's for my brake caliper.
  12. Dunno!

    If the washers are acting as spacers, why glue them anyway?

    What difference will one piece of metal the right thickness make compared to two pieces that make up the right thickness combined?

    Good question to ask though.
  13. I have the same thoughts...
    Two washers are just like one! once their tight its fine. Remember to use some threadlock, the red stuff (is stronger than the blue)
  14. um sorry to say it guys its not good practice. Its too easy to loose count or misplace one during a pad change = stuffed pads and twisted caliper it will give a false sense of pad feel as well
  15. If you run a caliper over them, washers usually aren't that uniform. I'd be inclined to find somebody with a lathe to do 'em.

    Might be worthwhile trying to find a machine shop that doesn't deal with motorcycles. If you take them to the modern motorcycle company they might come back trendily rusted and weathered, but he might make a poster of it.
  16. He's not running brake pads over the washers!
    He's using the washers to offset the calipers from the disc!
  17. :-s

    (I just felt the sting of your glove)
  18. Use washers if you want if you don't wana pm me and ill knock u up.something at work and send Down won't cost me much.just a few cents for a envelope and stamp other wise.go to.any machine shop or engineering joint and they will knock you somethingup for some cash or a few beers
  19. Nah, I love their stuff. But I know there's some fans on this forum who'd get upset.

    Nice bloke, too.