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Need weighted Bar Ends

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by AznCruiser, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. Well ive been having some painful riding lately with sore and numb hands and arms within 20 minutes of riding..................IMO its all because of vibrations or as Mav pointed out might be "heart problems". Being a fan of the keep it simple stup1d (KISS) I thought id look into reducing handlebar vibration before going to the doctors lol.................

    Now, ive tried riding the Ninja 636 by not gripping the bars too tightly, ive even been riding with two fingers on the bars. This same style of riding hasnt been an issue with the Aprilia 125 and even the XVS650.................

    Its the high frequency vibrations coupled with my highly sensitive hands/arms that doesnt seem to know how to harden the fuc* up.

    One thing I have noticed though is that the bar ends for my Aprilia is heaps bigger and heavier (stock) than my zx6r (stock)......................I was thinking of swapping them around since comfort is more important for me on the road bike than feeling every single miniscule jolt and vibrations..............

    Does anyone know where I can buy a weighted (i.e. properly heavy) bar end that could deliver the product to my door for the zx6r 636 ASAP or do you think I should just make the screw hole bigger on the bigger (aprilia) bar end and swap them around?

    Big (Aprilia) Small (Ninja)

    Big (Aprilia) Small (Ninja)

  2. There are millions of sites selling bar ends, (among other things) but congratulations on finding the right answer. While 'blinging' a bike many people replace the stock bar-end weight with light alloy versions, and then find they are victim to H-F vibration.

    Funnily enough, the manufacturers of the bikes spend millions on R&D and put bar-end weights on for the exact purpose of deadening the vibrations they KNOW their engines produce......
  3. bar end weights don't do anything anyway.
    you will probably need to alter the clip-ons on the ninja for better comfort. maybe something like heli bars http://www.helibars.com/
    you also need grips with gel in them, like pro grips http://www.progrip.com/duo-dens.-road.html
    can also get gel insoles for your boots from the chemist to lose the vibes through the pegs.
  4. I just put a set of heavy throttlemeisters on mine. Happened to be the same weight as the stock ends so no difference there :p but looks better and holds the throttle for me - which the bike holding speed while not holding onto the throttle is taking some getting used to! :D.
  5. You've just set a new personal benchmark for stupid posts :roll:
  6. Welt, tried looking for aftermarket barends at Team Moto today with no luck, all they had was tiny but fancy looking ones.......................as a good filo, I went all ghetto and went to bunnings and bought some galvenised M8 bolts, some nuts, drill bits for metals and some tapping tools (didnt really need this).

    Made the hole in the Aprilia barend bigger and fitted them into the Ninja. This is the result. And let me tell ya, the difference it made to lowering the high freq vibration was noticeable..........im lovin my ghetto barend.

    All it needs now is some scrubbin and some paint.



  7. Yeah well done ANZ.
    I put slightly heavier ones on my 636 too. Nice gold ones to match the forks lol.
    Do you have a steering damper on it ??? Helps big time too. Mine use to luv shaking it's head a lot.
  8. No not yet, but will be on once funds are available.