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need ute, price range too optimistic?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by jlyon9, Dec 11, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    Been looking for a 2x4 2.5 turbo diesel ute (hilux, courier, navara or bravo) to cart the bike to the track and may start commuting when it rains.
    I know i've only been looking for a week but i mustve spent a good 3-4 hours a day scouring carsales, gumtree and trading post, and can't seem to find what i'm after.
    Started with a budget of $2k (i know, but i'm from nz where thats actually possible to find something good)
    Went up to $5k, $7k, and now standing firm at $8 as i really can't justify spending more than that on a car im going to use as secondary to my bike.

    Is it reasonable to expect to get something newer than 2000, with less than 150 clicks for that price or should i just save and get to $9k where the good ones seem to be?

    Also, are there any other classifieds i should check?



  2. Cut back your expectations: Why 4WD? more weight, moving parts etc. Diesel Turbo, Fuel efficient but more expensive to buy and service. 150k klicks, still a baby you need to be looking at 200k klicks up in your price range.
  3. They're all very high at the back too - PITA loading and unloading a bike...
    What about a Hiace or similar? Plenty of room for a bike, easier loading and unloading, and no need to tie all your spares etc down...
  4. 2x4 guys, rwd :)
    thought about a van, but the thought of having to drive one around makes me cringe :p
  5. You should look at a Ford Falcon Ute - plenty of these available at low prices especially if you can live with the aesthetics of an AU (make sure its a series II though as there were fewer mistakes on those). You could get either a tray back or styleside as susits your preference.

  6. Ok Sorry the phrase didn't click. I would say don't dismiss a van as Nitekreeper suggests, although they may not be aesthetically pleasing they have their advantages.

    Lower to load and unload as stated by NK
    Somewhere to kip down between races.
    Cheap place to stay overnight saving money for race tyres, fuel etc.
  7. Mate of mine picked up a hilux dual cab turbo diesel for around 6k. It's possible. I think it had high kms, but he never had any issues with it.

    Personally i'd be going the land rover defender because they are a real mans car. But you can get rodeos and the like for the money you are looking it. It's only a second to the bike, anyway, just needs to get you from a to be reliably.
  8. Sedan or wagon + trailer?
  9. Good point on the van, and yeah i definitely see the positives, and I could live with the aesthetics, but by make me cringe i mean having so many blind spots. I think I would feel a lot more open and have better visibility in a ute.

    After a single cab with tray.
    Considering sucking it up and chasing $9. Hate waiting around and at least i'll get something good i won't have to worry about for a while.

    Have actually thought about the land rover they are very nice!!!! but im about 10 years too young for one of those yet :p
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  11. Bahaahahaha!!!
  12. maybe look at something with more k's ?? and spend some money on fixing it up a bit.

    I bought a 94 Ford Courier for $500!.... but the gearbox was knackered. Single Cab, alloy tray - even had a big toolbox on the back, and an aftermarket Stereo! (and no dints!)

    spent about $3k to fix the gearbox, and few other small items, add power steering, and add air conditioning to it...

    Now it goes like a dream, had it for couple years now without problems :)
  13. I just bought a BF series 2 sedan for $4,000. It's an ex-taxi, it has 550k on the clock and it drives great. Dedicated gas. Everything works (radio, cruise...) I spent $850 to get new (lowered) springs and shocks in the front, and a new battery. I spent $970 to get it registered for a year. I spent $150 to get the interior detailed, and $340 to get a tow-bar installed. Now I'm looking for a trailer. So far - no luck.

    Looking for a trailer online is like looking for a mail order wife! There are no cheap prices. The things which may interest you, don't have a price on them. The things which do have a price are twice as expensive as you want. Everybody tells huge great f*cken lies because it's just the normal order of business. If I had more time I'd buy the steel and build the f*ckken thing myself!
  14. I bougt a xf falcon ute with 90,000 klms on it (dual duel) for 3k 3 yrs ago, did 60,000 more klms on it, and sold it for 3k this year.

    Seriously, consider a gas one, as they are cheap to run.

    Mine was very ugly, even bullet holes in the tailgate, but aircon, pwr steer, and a bench seat.

    Did the job, and cost me almost nothing.
  15. I'm not sure about UnZud but over here usage is 4x4 or 4x2 (not 2x4).

    Back on topic, I suggest having a look at one of the auction houses for an ex government ute and see how much you can get one for. The 4x2's aren't exactly popular so you should be able to get a decent deal.
  16. Wouldn't be a falcon without bullet holes.
  17. Touche!

    A few of the high 9's just dropped their prices on carsales (can you tell i refresh it about 20 times a day?) so will check them out.

    that $500 ute is fkn amazing slideways, but my time spent underneath a car are far, far behind me, i just absolutely cannot be bothered working on a vehicle these days. Even on my bike I do the oil and filter and let the dealership take care of the rest - that's the extent of my laziness.