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Need track day buddy eastern suburbs

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Hondamick, May 10, 2012.

  1. OK I'm not going to tell you that don't smoke and smell nice, but my usual track day buddy has piked on me a few times and I'm hanging for next track day....
    I dont have a car with towbar or trailer so I usually hire a ute and split the cost.

    I live in Bayswater and keen to split the cost of ute or pay for some good character with a spare spot on a trailer to take my bike to the track.
    If there's not enough room in the car for me I can drive which is a bonus for you as you won't have to deal with my BO after a day in my leathers.

    Welcome to call me 0403894438 to have a chat. I doubt I'm the only person out there that could do with a hand pushing bikes up and down a trailer/ute.


  2. Hell yeah - my brothers not always so keen and I'm in the same boat, love a hand getting it on the stands haha, I've got a trailer and car too so no stress there.

    When are you thinking of heading down?
  3. Holy crap I think I met you at braodford on Sunday! haha - too good!
  4. Thanks Sheeth. Yea you sure did see me the other day.
    Cool new bike.
    Not sure which is the next day im going? I have booked myself to my eyeballs for the next few weeks with all sorts of things. Also my usual track day guy seems to be keen as to go again more regularly. Still might work out for the best for us now and again.
    Were abouts are you in Melbourne? PM me or give me a call so I got your number and we can make something happen.
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