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Need to vent{moved to business and service providers}

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Lukerutten, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. SO, Never ever buy anything from performance accessories online in ebay.

    This guy is a total douchebag!!!

    They had remus slip ons for 400 bucks for my bike (gsr 600)


    Then it began, said he had posted it, when it didn't turn up he said he had none in stock (still on ebay with 2 in stock)
    Asked me if I wanted refund or another exhaust for $500 "mates rates"

    I took the refund, but it took him a fortnight, plus paypal dispute and a chargeback warning from my bank to get my money back. After which he states he can supply the other exhaust for $305 now.

    told him basically to piss off but now keeps heckling me :censored:

    I want to knock his block off I swear!!!!!!!

    So I left negitive feedback because I hadn't had the refund, when it was supplied he wanted me to change it to positive.

    I gave neutral,

    Now he is bugging me to change it to positive......

    This guy just doesn't quit!!!

    Warning to all not to buy from him.......
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  2. Re: Need to vent

    if you changed it to neutral and he kept bugging you, I'd be changing it back to negative.
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  3. Re: Need to vent

    Sounds like "neutral" was fair. Ignore him or put in a report to Ebay.
  4. Re: Need to vent

    Ignore him and he'll go away eventually.

    There's always some F@CKER out there ready to pi$$ you off next though. I hear your pain.
  5. Re: Need to vent

    it's driven you to a point where you've written up on here about it warning other's to steer clear...it's pretty obvious your experience was bad and let your feedback reflect that +1 negative.
  6. Agree with all of you..... I actually contacted the handful of others with bad experience (he has a 99% good rating) and it was all the same reason. Just felt the need to warn other riders as he has a lot of motorcycle exhausts on there
  7. Life sucks enough . Asshats in clownshoes like this guy don`t help .

    Advice , Send him a link to his thread .Then Block / ignore him.

    Slowly rebuild your life ,
    Lately I have sworn off all Internet product`s , also Chinese made crap.

    I had something much more disturbing written -- pre edited by morbo
  8. mmmm, Well just an update,
    He got quite aggrivated by my last e-mail to him so he sent one back.

    this is following the fact of breaking about 5 of ebays rules.

    I rang ebay and reported him...

    Ebay have looked into it a little bit and took my side, lol, They are going to discipline him.

    a couple more quotes from douchebag

  9. the 3 refund e-mails are across 4 days in total. last 2 were within a 24 hour period
  10. also if your first option you offer is refund, bloody well do it, not string me on
  11. "Sorry for the delay when i get back to our hotel we are on holidays i will log into paypal and process your refund ."

    That does not look good, He can log into ebay / email but not paypal?

    Even i`m not retarded enough to think their is any truth in that sentence.

    Good luck with your refund ,thanks for reassuring me i made the right life decision,DON`T BUY CRAP OFF THE INTERNET
  12. Life decision? Really?
  13. Yup , I may have to save some extra for quality gear that is actually on a shelf.

    Instead of spending money on moon pies and penny whistles & Praying to jebus that i will get anything but a bad taste in my mouth!
  14. don't get me wrong, I have had nothing but great experiences with internet and ebay purchases, this guy is just that 1% that are out there, so best to warn others than let everyone get duped.

    It actually sounded like he had spent the money, and then went shit when I wanted a refund as apposed to the Better quality unbranded exhaust
  15. Agreed , i got good stuff i could not have gotten without the net . but either my luck or the net seems to be getting worse.

    I will use it, only when i exhaust all other possibilities