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Need to stop bad habit ASAP - front brake and corners...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by dangerous_daveo, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Hi all.

    I go in to corners with the front (and most often rear) brakes on. Not hard, but obviously reaction in a bad situation would be pull, and probably pull hard. I really don't want that to happen, it will hurt.

    I dont ride with my hand covering the brakes normally, so in a way its odd that I do it while in the corner. I do however know that it comes from the car thing, where if I'm not trying to make the car go forward, I'm either slowing it down or ready to if I need to.

    So any ideas to try and help me break (pardon the pun) this bad habit. Assuming it is a bad habit...!

  2. Get your braking done before the corner.
  3. As Zealt said, practice getting braking done before the corner and going through at either constant speed or slightly accelerating.

    Motorcycles, like most mid-engined RWD vehicles, are generally meant to corner like this. (And as a very general rule, braking while cornering is a habit to avoid.)

    If it's a fear thing, perhaps you could practice by entering the corner at a a conservative speed you know you can safely enter at, and concentrate on maintaining constant throttle or gently rolling the throttle on. No brakes.

    (Now, all that said, trailing brakes is a valid technique that advanced riders sometimes use... But they've learned how and when the 'rules' can be bent or broken.)
  4. Take the front brake lever off until the habit is broken.

    Ok, the above advice will work but I'll cop flack for being irresponsible so here's the compromise... it's not fcuking rocket surgery. You know you're doing it but you know you shouldn't do it, so just don't fcuking do it. ...Clear enough? :)
  5. the bike must be feeling like crap in a corner if you're braking throughout.
    find a corner/set of corners you know well and are comfortable with, and rolls through them without brake or throttle. then try it with throttle cracked open slightly.

    the latter should feel so much better, that alone is enough reason for yo to begin to change you habit once you feel it. apart from that, what seany said. you know wats going on, so dont do it. simple. THINK actively in a corner. keep practicing till this becomes automatic.
  6. Just don't do it?? :?
  7. u need a advanced riding course, go do 1, they will teach u heaps
  8. And do a car one at the same time because the same rules apply, you shouldn't be braking in a corner, all your braking should be completed before the corner.

    The hand on the brake is a bad habit, i used to do it as well until it was drummed out of me at my P's practice session. Once you realise that the bike is much more stable if you're actually accelerating slightly through the corner you won't have much trouble breaking the habit, its just that first trust issue to get past.
  9. choose wisely tho some courses are shit. ive heard hart is really good, wish i hadnt wasted my money elsewhere.
  10. huh? wrong, in a car with decent tyres in the twisties you start your turn, then brake, allowing the cars weight to transfer to the front wheels, therefore giving you more downforce/grip.
  11. I think he needs a basic one. A very basic one.

    Or go riding with some mates who you know can ride and follow their lines. Dont worry about their speed until you are confident but you will learn a lot from watching others closely assuming you're bike is up to the job.
  12. I think that would depend on what kind of car you have...

    On a mid-engine car with a slight rearward weight bias one might use a little trail braking to eliminate understeer during turn-in, but if you've already initiated a turn and then lift off the throttle or get on the brakes, you had better be wanting some oversteer behaviour. ;)

    Mind you, lifting off or trailing a tiny bit of brake in a mid-engine car can be useful for decreasing-radius turns...
  13. opps yes, does depend where the weight is located and what drive train it is :oops:
  14. And fun :grin: .
  15. yep back on topic, yep go do a course, they will show you how to brake in corners, but while learning, i still reckon it's a better habit to get into brake straight line (set entry speed) release brakes and tip in with steady throttle, once you can see the exit (ie looking through the turn) get back onto the throttle to drive you out of the turn.

    Start with a slower corner speed then you can and normally and just go through the process (even talk it through in your head, as you are doing it) after a while it will become second nature, then the next part is to learn to read a corner before you get to it.....landscape can give you clues as to what/where the corner might be going, also a few corners before might give you a brief look further down the road (ie as it wraps around a bay/side of the hill).

    Best of luck

    Cheers stewy :)
  16. While trail braking can be quicker, I can almost guarantee you that it's not on public roads full of bumps, dust, gravel, etc. Also, it depends as people have noted on the drive train, suspension setup, yada yada yada.

    Personally, given we dont all drive racecars with rock hard suspension and instant power on/off capabilities, I find myself going faster when braking hard in straight lines then letting the car corner hard, accelerating about midway through the turn, than from people trying to "trail brake" and taking that much longer to get back on the throttle. Slow in, fast out.
  17. I find this 'car' concept intriguing - what is this 'car' you speak of?
  18. You need to train your Brain.

    Consciously practise telling your brain 'Corner equals no braking' so that when you see a corner your Brain will use that association...picture your fingers not going near the lever through corners.

    Also, you're only braking in corners because you're going too fast.

    Set your speed before you get there.

    Play MotoGP on 'simulation setting' for a few days to really show you about not braking in corners, the ruddy thing is brutal.

    I made the mistake of braking mid corner on my first ever track day...fear made me do it, and luckily the only thing hurt was my enormous ego, and tiny bank balance afterwards.

  19. Can you recommend one in Melbourne? I've been looking around for something appropriate for myself (I also want to improve my cornering skills) - I've looked at HART Advanced 1 but it seems like a 'P's test course tbh.
  20. do the HArt Inter course, from what i have been told it's very similar to the advanced etc the advanced you spend most of the day in the training room, with the inter you spend almost all day on someone elses hornet 6 :wink: you won't regret it, i plan to head back again for another crack this year.