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Need to source an oil catchan for my GPX250 - what are some wreckers to try?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by pengo, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. Hey

    As a stop gap measure, I need to add a oil catch can to the end of the airbox drain hose for my gpx. I'll need to get one from a wrecker, so can anyone recommend any wreckers (if not in SE QLD can post interstate)?

    On some Kawasaki Ninja ZX6Rs I have noticed them having it, but I don't know if this is stock standard.

    All it is, is a small plastic bottle added to the end of the airbox drain hose, secured by a metal clip.

    If you know of any wreckers that might be worth a try, please let me know.


  2. Standard on the GPX is simply a plastic plug at the end of the hose secured by a clip, which only occasionaly needs to be removed to drain. If the engine's running so bad that the airbox is filling with oil regularly probably best to just leave the hose open. The small amount of excess air being drawn in is hardly going to affect performance more than whatever issues are causing the airbox to fill with fluid.
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  4. JD anywhere from 25-75ml of oil needs to be drained, so prefer to drain it into a bottle instead of straight out onto the rode while riding.. not to mention thats quite dangerous! At the moment I'm manually draining the airbox via the tube with the cap you have referred to. What I was unsure was standard was the catchcan plastic bottle on ZX6rs.

    Airbox is filling with oil from the crankcase breather hose, due to a compression issue in the crankcase (compression seals are most likely stuffed). Increased pressure in the crankcase results in oil being transported thru the breatherhose and into the airbox. To fix this would cost about as much it is to buy another GPX! Since I can get my R's in about 6 months time, I can just get this catchcan as a bandaid fix to tie me over until the bike is replaced.

    As I said this is a short term solution until I come off REs so about 6-9months, so as far as I'm concerned is the best solution until the bike is replaced.

    Goz, thanks for the link!
  5. Just use a Red-bull can, looks cool too.
  6. Too big. The space where it'll reset is very cramped. A poptop container would be good but I prefer to get the plastic bottle seen on zx6r as it looks proper. Also good when I trade the bike in, the dealer won't think much of it :)
  7. It's no different to what the diesel 4wd/truck in front of you in traffic is doing.
  8. Yeah that maybe the case but I can avoid oil on the road if I see the shimmer, where this tube would exit the bike onto the ground my rear wheel will go directly over it. Its just not a good idea.
  9. Use whatever is cheap, works and fits.
    When your finished with the bike remove the 'catch' bottle and restore to the original configuration....
  10. Even a car wrecker mate, the principles of a catch can are the same no matter what you use it for.