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Need to sell a Diamond ring (Any jewellers or knowledgeable!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Banga, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. Hi guys,

    Need some help here, i have got a ring that i want to sell. Brand new never used. Its encrusted with diamonds and basically a gold ring with a platinum or some sort of coating on top...

    Anyways i don't need it anymore and am wondering how is the best way to sell it/get rid of it, I have had it valued by a couple of jewellers (not official w/papers), but they have said its worth upward of $1500.

    Only catch is that there is engraving on the ring, so i don't know how much that will effect the value; hopefully not too much.

    Anyone know much about this kind of stuff???


  2. Where did this ring come from ?
  3. Condolences.
  4. The engraving will decrease the value I imagine...

    Good luck with it
  5. Jewlers will generally be the best place to sell it to.

    The engraving will lower the value but it depends on what is engraved. If it's generic shouldn't by to much. But say someones name it will probably have a significant impact.
  6. Brought as a set of rings from India (I think thats what you mean 2up?), Custom made to my wanted specs

    Had it checked out here in Australia by a few jewellers
    Both are legitimate, real high quality diamond etc.

    Dw not stolen, paid for in legitimate currency l :LOL:.

    Cheers Brownyy,

    Not much you can do sometimes.
    fcuk, you can do anything and everything and still get fcuked over... LOL
  7. You'd better still have the original receipt.

    Any decent jeweller can easily remove the engraving, but they'll want evidence that it's yours.
  8. On the engagement ring its my name, not very generic :LOL:

    And on the wedding ring it has a more generic name a bit more widely used i'd say. Hence i might get rid of the wedding ring since i can use the engagement one if that makes sense.

    I don't know about the receipt, will check. If not can be done in India for a fraction of the cost i'd imagine.
  9. The rings are useless. You might be able to get them melted and get something for them. Take out the diamond and go to somewhere like Diamond Traders and see what you can get. If the rings weren't engraved, you'd be ok. Since they are, your chances of offloading them as is are minimal.

    I wish I didn't leave the engagement ring behind (she doesn't deserve to keep it to be able to sell it like I'm sure she will). The diamond in it cost me $2.6k from Diamond Traders.
  10. do you just want the cash? could always have your jeweler melt them and make you new rings from them, that's what my mates in-law does after each marriage :)
  11. Thanks Go team,
    I guess that makes sense, I'll talk to some jewellers about it melting it, if engraving is the issue i could possibly get rid of the engraving by sending back to India to get it dun, that said it may just be a better option to melt it.

    Yeah diomac, i was thinking of getting cash for at least one of them that way i can give my dad back the money i borrowed off him for my bike :LOL: .
    Wouldn't mind keeping the engagement ring but want to get rid of the other one.

    I don't think there blood diamond or crap like that, but i'll find out and let you know. Personally i hate diamond, pathetic fake monopoly not worth the cash by any means. However at the time i could have got these diamonds, other precious stone or diamond look-a-likes however tried to make it special by going 4 diamond.