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Need to run bike, but cant ride it? options

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Unconnected, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. Hey all,

    so recent government deparments have transpired to keep my bike and myself off the roads for the next few weeks. The bike because it got defected (see thread) and me, at least in a few days time, will be suspended (see thread $550 and 4 points for filtering...i lost) anyway, the problem now exists that my bike will kill itself if i dont use it at least once a week, especially as its getting colder.

    While long term i will probably give the bike to a mate to love while i am suspended, currently in its un roadworthy state, i cant ride it anywhere, well i could ride it up and down my street as its extremely secluded and private, however that would still be breaking the law as its not a private road, just a very unknown one. (seriously food delivery people cant even find my house, i have to get pickup every time)

    My current solution is leaving it running on my carport for maybe 20 mins or so at a time, giving it a good blip and so on. But is this really good for it? any other suggestions?
  2. If you use the drive way option put it on a pick up stand and kick thru the gears and keep everything moving freely.
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  3. Won't hurt just cranking it over now and then. Maybe put it on a truckle charger and put some stabiliser in the fuel.
    A few weeks is nothing.They "winter" bikers in Europe for many months with no issues.
  4. I wish i could have some kind of rear stand but sadly there are no solutions to that problem that dont involve importing an abba stand from NZ for a few hundy.

    its nearly out of fuel, its best to keep it full isnt it? to avoid rust?

    I might just go up and down the street a few times, stuff the police, and i dont think the secret service goons have ANPR in their ford territories. (i live near a politician)
  5. Long as you havent upset any neighbours lately, the dobbing kind.
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    Yup on keeping full. The issue is the moisture in the air gap that condenses and can tend to promote rust and also water in the fuel. Forget the name of the fuel stabilser I've used in the past. Isn't Stabil or Seafoam, might be Techron. Helps break up any condensed water and prevent gum etc.
    Edit: Additive I've used is Startron
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  7. how long will it be sitting for ?
    keep the fuel full But shake it up every week to keep the mix stabalised,
    ride the bike around your home ? make a path ,up and down driveway ?
    a bike does'nt have to do miles to be kept in Good running order,remember,we don't all ride every day ,a weekly turn over is much the same as a quiet block ride ,just without the scenery going by ,when you are nearing road riding again ,drain and change all fluid's :) why give your precious to someone else all you will do it worry moreso than need be ;)
  8. My track bike just sits for a while sometimes, so every 2 weeks or so I just run it and let it get up to full temp, and then on the stand run it tHru the gearbox. Job done
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  9. If you're really worried, just keep the battery alive with a trickle charger and start it up every couple of weeks.
    What do you reckon happens when they leave the factory crated up?
    They spend weeks at sea, more time at the docks then however long crated up at the warehouse perhaps months or a year.
    Then they get assembled and do more warehouse time and then sit on a dealer's floor for however long.
  10. If your neighbours aren't whingey, and you haven't done anything to upset them, I'd be be warming it up and then going for a gentle gallop down the street.
  11. How long are w talking? A few weeks? And you're worried enough to start a thread???

    Few weeks and it will be fine.. Maybe let I warm up once every couple of weeks to top up the battery and get he water flowing.
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    Not sure if you read the op where i said my bike must be started at least once a week to stop it from actually never wanting to start again. More so in winter.

    EDIT: the real reason i posted this thread was to find out of just idling it was a good thing or a bad thing.
  13. Loading things up and cycling the revs and gears s better.... But idling should be ok, let it warm up though.... Open the thermostat and get its juices flowing.
  14. Why does this happen? It shouldn't be a problem...

  15. Was wondering the same thing. It wouldn't hurt to just start the bike up, although running it through the gears would be better.

    While leaving it parked, can you work on it and sort out some of the issues? You can remove the fuel tank and have a look at the fuel tap. Put it in the off position and see if any fuel leaks out. If there is fuel leakage, this could be one of the causes of a hard start after a long time sitting...NC24/30 have fuel tap leak issues, given the age, it could be worse. While the tank is out, have a geezer at the carburetors. If you don't have money, spend time to remove it, clean and inspect it. Can make a hell of a lot of difference.

    If you are confident, give the valve clearance a check, bad clearances can cause start up issues.

    You can do the fuel tank and carbies in a weekend.
  16. It's not going to 'kill itself' from not being ridden/started. How long are we talking, 3 or 6 months?

    Before you store it;
    • disconnect/remove battery and get a charger for it (store the battery up off the floor on some wood, do not leave it on concrete)
    • fill the fuel tank and put some fuel stabiliser in and run it for a while so the 'stabilised' fuel gets into the carb bowls
    When it comes time to ride it again;
    • drain the carb bowls
    • drain the tank
    • fill with fresh fuel
    • dump the oil, put a new oil filter on, refill (optional depending on how long it's been sitting)
    • brake fluid flush (again depending on how long it's been sitting)
    • connect freshly charged battery
    • start bike
    Other than that roll the bike a little every week or two so the tyres don't sit on the same contact patch for the whole time, and cover the bike if possible so the brake rotors don't rust.
  17. If it's that temperamental then maybe you should consider replacing it. Seriously, any bike should be able to be left untouched for a few weeks without a problem. Just check the battery charge and the tyre pressures. Modern fuel is pretty stable and should be fine for a few weeks. Just make sure the tank is full.
  18. if its more than a month or so get a trickle charger and fuel stabiliser. keep the tyres of concrete as apparently than can damage the tyres. I've left bikes for 6 months like this with no problems.
  19. Do you think that you cant use a standard paddock stand for a single sided swingarm? If your axle is a straight through tube get a large thick piece of bar and put it through and then use a standard hook stand to lift it. Not that hard really
  20. As for it not starting after a week of not being run, this has only happened one or two times in the year i have owned it, but generally i ride it daily so the problem rarely has a chance to crop up, it could have just been an anomaly the two other times, it runs very well generally and has been endlessly reliable, except for those two times.

    As for fuel tap, its working perfectly i recently had it rebuilt with new rubber and plastic parts, so no issues there.

    Depending on if my suspension actually comes through, there is a small chance it wont, maybe someone can clear this up actually, i know for a fact demerit points dont come through until you pay a fine, i lost in court and am waiting for the new fine to come through in the mail, does this also mean the points wont come through until i pay that? i get my greens on the 15th of april or thereabouts, might just be able to jump up to 7 points and keep it before it kicks in. I will probably try to take the tank off and at least try to de rust it (afaik you just empty it, do some electrolysis and then swish some sealant stuff around, doesnt sound too hard)

    as for the carbies im probably too nervous to take them apart, a lot of moving parts that need to be set exactly right for it to run nicely (afaik), but ill see if anyone i know is willing to run me through it and give me a hand, they would definitely be up for a good scrubbing. The valves should be fine, i had them adjusted last september, they are tappets though, not shims.

    As for the stand, i have considered chucking a bar through and using my rear stand, but the issue is, on the left side of the bike, the hub has about a 1" diameter hole through it, but the actual wheel itself on the right side is closer to 2", so i worry about it flopping sideways and then all going to shit. Abba stand is probably the best option, they are not too pricy, just right now even a haircut is too expensive for me.

    cheers for the help guys, and no TonyE, selling this bike is never an option, its too rare to let go.