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Need to ride more corners!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by stokedpaz, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. Hi guys. I really need to get some experience up with cornering. I am having trouble selecting the right line and speed and have been told I look wobbly in corners.

    I know the best thing to do is to get along to a stay upright, HART or CSS course, but at the moment I can't really afford that.

    So for now I just need to get out there and practise.
    I was just wondering if there was anyone willing and able to come on a ride or two with me and possibly give us a few tips?

    It would also be good just to have someone to head out for a couple of rides with over the next couple of weeks as I have two weeks off work.

    I am going to go back over the cornering tips in the sticky threads now. Hopefully Tuesday is dry so I can try it out again.

  2. Read the cornering tutorials in this section... They are a really good start to getting on the right way. Make sure you get them right though. Learn the basics and practice continually...
  3. Il come for a ride mate pm me your number or something and we can arange something.
  4. Cheers mate. PM sent
  5. Also get a copy of Twist of the Wrist 2 and watch it so that the techniques sink into your head.
    I think there is a mentoring/tutor thread in the new riders section and some experienced rider may be able to go out with you for a day.

  6. I have heard good things about this Twist of the Wrist! The CCS is based on the same ideas right? What's the guys name? Keith?
    I will have to chase down a copy.
  7. CCS is Keith Codes riding school and the video is excellent as you can watch it over and over and over again and let methods taught really sink in. The CCS on the track is awesome. The way the instructors teach, the on track coaching and the way the levels are constructed are fantastic. Watching the TOTW 2 dvd is one thing but puting it into action at one of the ride days is another.
  8. A mate of mine has done level one and can not wait until he does the next. He said his riding and ability have improved no end.
    I will get into this as soon as I can. It is pretty expensive.
    Have you done all 5 levels?
  9. Can I tag along Trent? I gotta make use of my days off and im in serious need of how to corner properly. Like ive said in the Old Pac ride, I still cant pick the right gear, cant pick the braking, and the cornering.....the RS is sooooo much better at everything (apart from torque/gearing) than the XVS.

    Stokedpaz I can burn you the Twist of the Wrist video if you want.
  10. You sure can mal il put up a thread tomorow or something.
    Mal could u burn me a copy i got the book but too tight to buy the dvd lol too bisy splashing out on t.d n css booked another css and another t.d
  11. No probs dude, just tell me when you want it.
  12. Thanks for the ride today Azn. Was good to get some more corners under the belt!
    Getting a little more confidence, but still have a lot of technique to work on. Once we get the smoothness down pat, then we can add some speed! I watched twist of the wrist 2 before the ride, I think I might just watch it again now.
  13. If your wobbling in corners, Your too slow for it,
    Try going a tad faster round them,

    And I mean a tad, Just increase your speed a bit, It will take the wobble out, It allows the bike to run its self,
  14. I met up with Stokedpaz @ 11am and rode around till 2, Just going back and forth from the slab and Roadies with breaks in between.

    Stokedpaz wasnt wobbling at all, took the proper line, and didnt even brake for most of the corners. Was a great day for a ride..........:p to all those stuck at work lol.

    Stokedpaz I dont think I could go to Pizza night. One of the job I applied for last week wants me to do a medical this Friday :(. Have fun dude.
  15. Pick a piece of road you like, with corners, and ride up and down it a lot of times. A 3 ~ 5km stretch is good. Learn the road inside out. Then treat the run like playing a piece of music, doing your scales. Treat it like learning and perfecting a dance routine. It is chorography. It is calligraphy. It is science meets art meets applied mathematics meets music meets action hero. Once you start getting better at the line / speed / lean angle calculation on that bit - you'll find that you start getting better everywhere.
  16. I'd say you are going too slow.

    Twist of the Wrist is absolute gold. Watch it a few thousand times and you might get 90% of the info that is in there...

    Set your speed before the corner, then hold the throttle steady. When you hit the apex, slow roll on :D
  17. Thanks for the tips guys.
    Deadman: Yeah I think some of the corners were too slow, causing wobbles. Some were wobbly because I did a big no no of going on too hot and rolling off the gas a bit to correct my line. After watching twist of the wrist, I realise this is a big no no. I've stopped trying to go too quick and am just focusing on throttle control and line.
    Kneedragon: That is fantastic advice, I have never really thought of it this way. It makes perfect sense though. Like perfecting an instrument, dance, basketball shot, soccer kick, it all takes repetition of the same few skills over and over. I just need to break down the skills and get them all right.
    Modern Ninja: I know what you mean. There is soooo much information in TOTW. I have watched it three times now and have picked up a few new things each time. There are way too many to take on straight up though.
    Azn: There were a few wobbles there, I gained confidence each time we lapped. Thanks again. Bummer about Friday, but at least it looks like you may have some more work lined up. Good luck mate!!
  18. Yeah hopefully I get this job. Ill try to reschedule it for Thursday so im free on Friday. I can taste the Pizza already lol.
  19. It might not be speed that's making you look kooky.
    Sounds to me like your head is too stuck to your shoulders. Like your looking strait ahead and waiting for the bike to turn to where you want to look and go. Your fixated strait ahead with your eyes and head. I am only assuming here and making an ass of myself in the process.
    So if we are taking a right hander. You will want to enter it in the left of your lane. So 50m to 100m before the corner pick a spot on the left of the lane. As you approach that spot your next objective is the apex. LOOK to where you want that and put pressure on the right bar till the bike comes to you at the apex. Then look how you want to exit. Tight or flowing out and have your eyes there.
    Serious your eyes are the most important turning tool. If you look where you want to go you will go there without any other thought.
    Remember ... entry, apex and exit and have them marked out before your in too far
  20. Cheers Bretto. Have been trying to work on this too! When I first started, target fixation was a big problem for me.
    Am trying now to get my eyes tuned to riding and helping me choose the right line. Some corners I am fine with getting to the apex, some I am horrible though. I just can't seem to work out the apex of some corners.