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need to replace a chain, can I borrow a cutter?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by goddie, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. Hi guys,
    chain is worn and have bought a DID off ebay, have been told it is good for my bike, I havent changed a chain in ,my life but have heard I need to cut the chain with a proper tool..
    Anyone got one I can borrow or recommend a place to get is done. Live in Essendon and dont mind gettin my hands dirty..

  2. Nothing an angle grinder can't fix :)

    Did you buy a clip link or rivet link chain? If it's a clip link, the open end faces away from the direction of travel.
  3. Yeh giz a yell I'm over in pascoe vale.
  4. It's all pretty easy, even a nub like me figured it out :]

    The only really important thing like mekros said - is (assuming you got a clip type) have the clip facing AWAY from the direction of travel - so it can't get pushed off if it hits any other part of your bike.
    Very very important See here

    I bought a chain breaker from a bicycle shop $30
    then got home and found it was too small for my motorbike's chain
    So I used the angle grinder on it, made a few modifications myself, then it fitted :]

    My chain was also too long, so with it off the bike I again used the angle grinder to cut a link off (Is there anything angle grinders can't do) ....
  5. sorry meant to say - i'm in chelsea if you want to come round
  6. good link there for chain maintenance!