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Need to redo my Basic SA Learners Course :/ Help needed PLEASE!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Havnacrack67, Sep 16, 2016.

  1. Good morning all,
    Well the learning curve was SIGNIFICANTLY steeper than I anticipated.
    Despite -
    a) EVERYONE tell me how easy it is (if you can ride a pushbike you can ride a motorbike)
    b) having ridden a pushbike (albeit MANY moons ago)
    c) having what I consider good balance and motor skills for a fat 49 year old
    d) having driven manual cars and semis (with 18 speed crash boxes) for over 30 years
    I still managed to flunk out on my Ridersafe A course :poop:
    Issues -
    a) low speed cornering - put my foot down maybe 3 times:banghead:
    b) managing the friction point (when slipping the clutch has always been a bad thing)
    c) 99.99% lack of previous experience
    d) everything happening VERY quickly over 3.5 hours
    Other issues!
    a) self doubt storming in - questioning do I want to continue
    b) really having a LOT of conflicting thoughts re above atm:unsure:
    c) 25km/h in second and felt vulnerable - is this normal??
    d) having a sexy bike I can't be with :spitoutdummy:
    e) having NFI how to upload a pic.....

    So yeah......
    feeling tired/confused/+everything else
    All thoughts/advice/input/cake appreciated,

    A more frustrated than usual Jamie.

    PS Just noticed the file adding button...FML!!


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  2. Just be chill, ol' mate. Have a week off and give yourself a chance to regain perspective and remember what motivated
    you to take to motorcycling in the first place.

    You'll find that a few lessons in coming weeks will help with both skills and confidence.
  3. No panic, just get some practice in (even starting/stopping in your drive), best if you can get to a car park and also get familiar with some of the drills, low speed bike control, figure 8's,c cones , etc.All this helps get used to it and also build confidence. Most importantly don't stress, relax while riding - tense arms don't help...

    You may also get lucky if EricEric is around he may be able to give you some mentoring help.
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  4. As above find a big empty carpark and practice practice practice.

    & remember just relax you'll get it :)
  5. Hey Jamie,

    I'd be happy to help you. Send me a personal message with your phone number and I'll give you a call.

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  6. I remember when I finished my pre-learners I could not believe I passed and was able to go out and ride on the roads, I felt like I stuffed up everything!
    After a couple of rides in a quiet area I started to get the hang of it, so don't worry it isn't just you. As the other have said just practice and you will get the hang of it and wonder why you ever felt this way.
  7. Hi Jamie, do you have a quiet space that you can play in ?
    Contact ST59ST59 and see if you can find time to get together.
    Ideally somewhere around your home, with a bit of space so that you can get used to the basics.
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  8. Oh dear you really are having a downer. Do not worry as everyone here has also had downers....I have had heaps and heaps...still have them. I am a chubby 52 year old and this month marks my first year on a full license....It is a learning curve, do not ever doubt yourself. Bad days and good days are the norm. You can do it ( as Arnie says)...best of luck (but you wont need that will you????)...keep smiling
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  9. Hi Stever42Stever42,
    I have sent PM to ST59ST59 but I'm royally screwed with lack of bike, space and time...
    Great trifecta lol
  10. Hi caz64caz64,
    Thanks for the kind comments
    Jamie :)
  11. Hi d_n2blued_n2blue,
    I can totally relate to that feeling!
    What state are you in when you say pre-learners?
    I was given the option of continuing onto the second day but was smart enough to accept that I wasn't ready.
    No extra cost to re-book but I now have another fortnight to wait :banghead:
    Thanks for the kind words :)
  12. Most important question, Jamie: Do you really want to ride?

    Quite often: Yes. That goes away after a couple of rides. You build up your speed, as you get better.

    Reason enough...

    See... You're better than you thought, mate.

    If it was easy; everybody would be doing it.
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  13. Hi Mick MMick M,
    I feel it is something I need to do.
    Whether I'm any good or not is TBC lol
    I'm pissed off and frustrated for many reasons, mainly everyone saying it would be easy
    This is most likely why I'm being so hard on myself
    Good things come though coz I have re-evaluated the bike position and now downgrading from CBR650FL to CBR500RA
    New vs demo for slightly less $P/M and I just found out it has a lower seat height so a win for CoG right there (y)
    Now for another 2 weeks impatiently waiting for another go at it :banghead:
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  14. Hi JeffcoJeffco,
    Would if I could but bikeless till I get learners
    Got a 0600am start for work tomorrow so will see what I can Google tuition wise in Adelaide after work.
    Not holding out much hope as this would mean private range+bike ($$$$)
    Ohh well working all weekend means I can buy extra lotto tickets lol
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  15. Cheers olrenceolrence,
    Best I can manage atm is some low speed manuevering videos on YouTube.
    Will watch the :poop: out of these lol(y)
  16. Hi chillibuttonchillibutton,
    actual practice is out as I'm bikeless until I sign on the dotted line and I need Ls for finance to go through, cruel but very effective Catch 22!
    Ohh I will need to change my avatar, not going tricolour 650 now but a new charcoal/black 500R:woot:
  17. Pre-learners course is for NSW, it's also 2 days (well half days) so it is probably similar. Good luck with it!
  18. I am going to be away for 2 weeks. But when I am back I can help you out a bit. Do you have week days off work and if so which day's.?
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  19. G'day Havnacrack67Havnacrack67, when (not if) you beat the blues and yips, you will understand that riding is better than sliced bread, the invention of the wheel and, some say, even sex!

    A lot of us are or were late starters, and starting is nervy and has "that awkward feeling". But if you persist and riding becomes part of who you are, you will never regret pushing through the newbie barrier.
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  20. And it's better as a new rider to buy second hand, and not get the biggest bike you can get.