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Need to join the great unwashed! (4WD!)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mr Messy, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. Hey folks.
    Sadly I need to join the great unwashed and buy a 4WD....

    All i know about them is to hurl abuse at them whenever i see them! So looking for info on anyone who has one or can recommend one etc...

    Intended role:
    Truth be told itll do a whole lot more of onroad then offroad driving, however, to get to work, one needs to get along a slippery muddy half bush track thats rather uneven. Some people in cars JUST manage it, but when it starts raining here i suspect things will become rather nightmareish....

    So, it doesnt need to be a big offroader, just something thats capable of going half offroad without being destroyed.

    Ive been looking at a prado, but most reviews say while a reliable solid machine (which in its own is a huge selling point), its heavy and lumbersome which to me says not great on the highway...

    Anyway, any input other then to abuse me for mentioning the 4WD word on here is welcome! :p. Ta.

    Edit: Work says they will pay me for it, as it wasnt expected nor part of the contract, so dont let price hold back a suggestion!
  2. WELL! if price is not an issues ;)

    Lexus LX570 hehehe

    but i personally love land rovers...

    sorry i couldn't contribute :( i have no idea about 4WD's :-s
  3. word to the wise Mr Messy, because QLD has very liberal views on allowing cars on beaches, be very careful when buying "used" as salt water corrosion is a real issue up there with used 4bees.

    From a personal standpoint, go the 80series GlandBruiser .. bullet proof
  4. Better not blow their budget too much Hol :p. Was myself thinking ~60k tops but meh... lexus does sound nice :p.

    Hmm point taken nobby, might buy in NSW :D.
  5. If it's only really for traction that you need a 4WD, would something like (say) a Subaru Outback or Liberty do the trick?
  6. i do love the subies...
  7. Sounds like your main issue is traction, not ground clearance. What you need is a Subaru Forrester. It's derived from a Subaru Impreza so it drives and handles like a car but has significantly more ground clearance. All Subarus have permanent all-wheel drive (as opposed to part-time 4WD that most toy-SUVs have). The Forrester would be cheaper to buy and run than the Prado. Won't get you as much street-cred in a country town though.
  8. Hmm... forrester did occur to me... possible... will put it on the list to check out ;).
  9. Foresters are the greatest soft roaders, and more than capable off-road. If you want something with passangers in mind than an 4x4 Kluger, mitsubishi options are good as well.

    Although you cannot go past a Hilux if your not paying for it.
  10. That budget gives you plenty of options...a few suggested decisions for you?

    1. How much off road capability do you need, is a softroader/awd going to be sufficient or do you need the clearance, low range traction of a proper 4wd?
    2. What sort of body do you want? Ute, 2 dr or 4 dr?
    3. Are you going to want to tow anything substantial?
    4. Do you need to wade/cross running water?

    Some recommendations:-
    Ute - have a look at the VW Amarok, great onroad manners, very well built
    2 dr/small - Jeep Wranglers - small, soft top, fun vehicle that will go anywhere....stick to the diesel versions
    4dr/full size - Pajero especially the diesel auto, fully independent suspension means really good onroad handling and very capable for all but the daftest offroading
  11. get a nice dual cab triton or something like the hyundai santa fe?
    the tritons are nice to drive and have decent comfort inside. the santafe are reasonably priced and have the clearance and traction you would need.
  12. from the way you describe the location
    it sounds like a great opportunity to buy a 4WD ute.
    something suited to carrying a dirtbike in the back.

    personally, i really like my nissan patrol.
    with modified suspension and extractors
    it is as much fun to drive as it is to ride a bike.
  13. DUH! meant to say Outback or Forester not Liberty ](*,)

    The other option of course is to get an old bomb Landcruiser or Landrover etc, just for work and a decent car (and or bike) for longer trips.
  14. Having driven a Liberty up a steep muddy hill with a 200kg cast iron bathtub in the back, I can say that if ground clearance is not an issue then a Liberty would definitely be up for the job.

    If you decide to go a ute, get a proper man ute with a drop side tray - let's have none of this ute body foolishness.
  15. The son has an old Pajaro which he neglects and abuses and takes insane places off road. On road, it's over weight and under powered and as slow as a wet week, but it actually doesn't handle or drive too bad. Considering the level of abuse he gives it, that's high praise indeed.

    My mate the skipperAU has a $50k Jeep grand Cherokee, which goes a whole lot faster, but isn't any nicer to drive. In fact, I think it's not as good.
  16. Working where I do, I've had the opportunity to drive a fair few latish 4WD utes. My impressions are thus:

    Nissan Navara -- Feels cheap, gutless, no room in rear seats at all, nice gearchange though.
    Holden Rodeo -- Made of rubber, constant niggling faults, unbelievably thirsty.
    Toyota HiLux -- Very solid, competent, nice interior, reasonable space in back, goes well, survives minesite use well.
    Mitsubishi Triton -- Nice drive, comfortable front and rear, dash is a bit plasticky but OK, feels a little fragile for site but would be fine for domestic use.
    Prado -- Like the HiLux but in a more car like package. Very nice and good on the highway.

    All the above are the turbo diesel versions and the Nissan is the previous generation.

    Make of it all what you will.
  17. I've been gazing lustfully at Toyota FJ40 Landcruisers, a lot like a Jeep Wrangler but rougher and cooler. They're 30 years old though (unless you get the somewhat plasticy looking reboot that just came out) so if you wanna ream your employer for as much as you can, not too suited I suppose, go for something new
  18. Thanks all.
    Hehe Landcruiser would be awesome but even with work paying maybe a little steep.
    Ive driven a new model hilux for work - was a raised one, and damn if the suspension didnt do my back in on the road! Perfect on the dirt it was though...
    Thats where i like the prado, suspension seems nice for both.

    Pat- like the triton myself, you are not wrong about the interior of the one i saw though, but hey if thats its main fault i can probably live with that!

    Still lookin... :). oh and jazz, definitely will be getting a bike too :p.