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Need to get out of a Licence Suspension!!!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Miss_dj, Jul 11, 2006.

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  1. Situation:

    Learner Clocked doing 134ks
    Fine: $278.00
    Suspension: 1 Month

    Im getting the photo of it mailed to me...

    If anyone has any tips for disputing, please let me know. :shock:

  2. Well if you did it then i guess you'll have to wear it!

    I assume you cant just say it wasn't you? In WA they brought in "owner onus" laws so the registered owner has to pay the fine if they cant prove who is driving/riding.
  3. depends

    well It depends on your circumstances how fast were you going? if you were doing that speed cop the fine and dont be stupid on your L's or at least not in front of a camera
  4. It's only a month FFS, take it on the chin!
  5. I agree with everyone else. I sympathise with you, but if you were caught doing the wrong thing... you only have yourself to blame for it.

    Actions and consequences.
  6. Miss, it sucks that you got caught out.

    Can't think of anything to help out unfortunately.
    What zone were you in? I assume the freeway or so.... I did 140k's the other day on the SE from Narre Warren to the city, but luckly pulled back the speed when I realized how fast I was going.
    I'm just off my license 1 year probation for going over 12 points, and I guess the only thing to do here is to not speed.... :-(
  7. Bugger.

    Was this on the way to AceKarts?

    You don't mention what the speed zone was either...I assume it was on a freeway?
  8. your lucky its just a one month suspension at that speed. I dont know how you would get out of it :/ but i wish you luck in doing so!
    if your boss is nice you can get a temp licence so you can still ride to work...
  9. there's a sneaky way out, maybe. pm'd you coz i agree with everyone above, do the crime pay the time.
  10. Glad you aren't on a big bike then. 150/160 km/h on the 675 feels like about 80-100 km/h on the vtr250. So so easy to lose track of the speed you are at.
  11. Hahah, 134. I think that's close to the best I've been able to get out of the GT250R as well ;)

    But yeah, just cop it. We live in a land with laws, and at that end of the scale, they're not unfair laws. If we get caught, we gotta cop it.
  12. HAHA :p :p :p :p :p :p

    Should of kept your speeding for the go-kart track :p

    Seriously though there aint no way to get out of it, unless you have someone wanting to take the blame. You could always fake your own death and get a new identity though, that would work.
  13. I can do over 140 on the GPX. Yes, I have done it. No, I didn't get caught. Even when on the highway from Wagga to Canberra on the Queen's Birthday weekend, double-demerits and all.
  14. 34k over, on L plates ONLY 1 month.
    To bad, so sad. take it like a woman
  15. Does weight matter? I'm just under 100kg, so I dunno if that would effect the top speed of the bike...

    But yeah, the GT250R ain't among the quickest of the 250s, that's for sure!
  16. Well sonja's comment has just proved that all bike riders are not careless idiots but there are alot of riders that give us a bad name thats nothing to be proud of I may be alone in this comment though!!
  17. dsss, The mighty ZZR will do twice that, on one wheel, lane splitting in a school zone !!! and Im posting it on a public forum for all to read !! :grin: :grin:
  18. It's not something I care to repeat. Needless to say I was busting to get to a loo.
  19. Oh sonja the number of rest stops with toilets along that stretch of road are to numerous to count, needless to say you wouldn't be able to get your bike to 140km\h between the toilet stops they are that close to each other lol
  20. Well, actually...

    Trust me, I was looking hard. I wound up stopping at a "Driver Reviver" not far from Yass.
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