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need to fit oxford heated handgrips

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by lowercase, May 24, 2011.

  1. has anyone done them before? i've not worked on my Triumph before and do not intend on doing it on my own just yet.

    if anyone could help me fit them, i'll wash your bike, let you copy all the tv shows and movies i have on my harddrive and give you a beer for your efforts.

    i can travel to you, if you're close by in sydney, or you can travel to my place (i have 4 very happy dogs and one cat who loves pats)
  2. It should be the same as any other handgrip install w/ a side of electrics.

    If you need a hand let me know. I dont live too far from the hills
  3. i think i'm just going to have to farewell my money and pay a mechanic to do them. i don't know if i wanna see someone molestering my bike.

    thanks drewman xxx
  4. Sounds like the sort of job that will get palmed off to an apprentice... ;-)
  5. As I said on FB lowercase, make sure it's done via a relay....
    I've seen many shops fit them directly to the battery.

    I know the Oxford grips directions call for a direct install to the battery as they're supposed to auto cut off if the battery falls to a certain voltage but I'd rather they go off with the ignition.

    I fitted them to the gs and now on the tdm with a relay and never had any issues..
  6. Flat batteries are no fun when you forget to turn them off
  7. Hey Joe,
    these grips will prop be my next purchase. I want to install them myself.
    Question - can I splice it into say the power wire of the indicators so they are only on when the ignition is on? Would I still need a relay? Would this work?
    Not entirely sure how relays work - I will google it. Any info is appreciated.
  8. Oxford grips directions require you to connect them directly to the battery.
    Probably because they have a voltage sensor that will switch them off which could be an issue when connecting them to any wiring like your lighting, etc and could also cause you to blow some fuses if you overload the circuits.

    Relays are connected directly to your battery but have an internal switch triggered by current from another source that turns on when you turn on your bike's ignition..

    Diagram below is simple and explains the connections.
    Pin 30 goes to the positive (red) to your battery.
    Pin 86 goes to the negative (black) to your battery. (you can ground it anywhere but I prefer secure connetion to battery)

    Pin 85 (trigger) you can splice into a positive wire that's hot when you turn on your ignition.
    I used my tail light wire as it was convenient, close to the battery and space where I could locate the relay.

    Pin 87 is where you would connect the positive (red) of your heated grips.
    The negative (black) of your heated grips goes to your negative.
    You can splice it into the negative wire from pin 86 from your relay.

    Also many relays come with a pin 87a (or more) which is just an additional connetion for something else.
    I've used it for an accessories outlet for charging phone, etc..

    Just beware of which relay you buy because on some relays pin 87a is switched meaning that the pin 87 works with your ingitions on and 87a with your ingnition off.
    So make sure you have a relay where both pin 87 and 87a are on when you turn on your ignition....

    Oh and make sure you use red and black wires for your connections.
    Makes things easier.

    Another tip, use correct connecters, solder where required and use heat shrink to protect everything...

    Hope that helps...


  9. indeed it is, but i happen to have some good contacts in the world of mechanics ;)
  10. Thanks Joe, much appreciated.
  11. agreed!
  12. I bought the Oxford grips (sports version) and installed them with the relay as suggested. Install was easy and the grips work a treat. Thanks for the tip Joe. No chance of draining my battery now :)

    Did you end up doing yours lowercase?
    It is a nice addition to anyone who rides in all weather and not that expensive either.
    If you can take off your fairing and connect a positive and negative wire then doing this yourself won't be hard at all. If I was in Sydney I would be happy to help. Unless you want to buy me a return ticket :p haha.
  13. (y)
    Wise move using the relay too..
    Know they're supposed to auto shut off if you battery goes under 12 volts but regardless, I've heard of at least two people (think one on a recent learner ride I led...oops) who's bikes haven't started because the voltage drain due to leaving the grips on...
  14. Yeah, I have heard of this happening too. Plus the extra 87a was used for my LED lights. Just piece of mind knowing that everything is off when the key is taken out.
  15. I had heated grips installed directly to the battery to my previous bike, forgot them on a couple of times, and yes, battery went flat each time and had to roll start the bike, good thing a short ride on citylink recharged the battery each time. Oxford 'claim' their system will not flatten your battery, but thats crap. Always run them off a relay!!
  16. I seem to recall reading that they will turn off when the voltage drops to about 10.5V - not enough to start your bike, but enough to prevent really stuffing the battery. IIRC.
  17. My bike came with headed hand grips. I took them off!

    Hope this helps.
  18. Very useful guide Joe, helped a lot.