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Need to ask a favour (NSW)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hammered, May 5, 2008.

  1. Hey netriders

    Well i am a newbie to motorbikes and i just bought a hyosung gt250r from parramatta last weekend . And i can pick it up thursday .

    Problem is i dont have my licence untill june 3rd so i accually cant pick up the bike untill then , However i can pick up the bike if i have a mate that has a bike licence .

    So my favour is ...If you live locally or will be in parramatta at roughly 4:30 thursday arvo . Could i place get you just to write down your licence number and expiry date so i can take it home :) . I just need to tie it down to the back of my ute

    Would be much appreciated if you could help a future biker out
    pm me if your interested

  2. Hi Kyle,

    Not in the area so can't help with the request but won't they deliver it to you? I had my bike delivered, the salesman rode it over himself and I dropped him back in the car to the dealership. Much less hassle!

  3. PM sent Kyle
  4. would give you a hand and even ride it home for ya but if your picking it up on thursday cant help you ive got shit to do on saturday and dont know if 2 days is long enough to make the trip on a hyosung lol. nah just kidd'n if ya get stuck pm me...........
  5. if you brought it from bikebiz as i know they sell hyo's they deliver it to you. Or ring bikerboys and they will get the bike to you
  6. Why the hell do you need a license number to NOT ride a bike???
  7. hi kyle

    if you've purchased it why would you need a licence to throw it on ur ute? i maybe able to help but i just don't understand y u need the details. sounds a lil sus to be honest(no disrespect intended)
  8. PM sent. Don't know why you need those details but if the sales guy from BBiz (see PM) confirms why I'll be happy to help.
  9. Ktulu is correct. If you've paid fo rthe bike it is your property and they have no right to stop you taking it home. It's your bike.

    You do not need a license to own or collect a purchased bike so just go and pick it up.
  10. Maybe they just need a photo ID that can be traced to make sure they know who has taken the bike?
  11. hey guys

    I decided not to pick it up this thursday but the one after from money issues . So no real rush . But ill keep post

    i have a good few people that are willing to lend are hand and i thank them heaps

  12. Are you financing the vehicle through the dealership at all?

    Just wondering...

    If you're sorting them out with cash, or financial arrangements are with the bank: once they've been paid, you can do what you damn well please with your property, dude.

    Good luck getting on 2 wheels!